Overseas Learning

Overseas Learning

Overseas Learning Funding Scheme

To broaden students' global perspectives, gain an in-depth knowledge of a different culture in an immersive environment and promote holistic personal development through participation in learning programmes e.g. summer schools, research internships etc. taking place outside Hong Kong for an extended period of time.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • To cultivate an international perspective in an increasingly globalized environment.
  • To experience and appreciate a different culture in an immersive setting.
  • To enhance language proficiency and intercultural communication skills.
  • To develop independency and maturity.

Recommended features of the learning programmes

  • A wide variety of teaching and learning activities comprising classroom learning, hands-on exercises, sports activities, social interactions, cultural exploration and excursions etc.
  • Vibrant cultural exchanges with local community and people from different backgrounds.
  • Comprise intellectual elements to hone students’ problem-solving skills, and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Feedback from participants

From all the things I had learnt during the last two months, the most important one must be how to formulate a question in a mathematical model, and transfer the programming expression into mathematical formula. Apart from that, my ability of researching and reading academic articles has greatly improved. The Music X Lab has amazing members with various backgrounds, ranging from automation to digital art media. But we all share one thing in common- we all love music! During the internship, we discussed about music all the time and every member was encouraged to show his/her music talent. I even joined the lab's jazz ensemble and performed at the lab's mini concert. It is music that bridges the distance between us, and I developed great friendship with each member in the Music X lab.

QU Yang, Year-3 BSc Computer Science student
Research Internship at New York University Shanghai in the summer of 2021

I have learnt a lot about the cultural differences. The most representative one is the teaching style. In Stanford, the professors teach in a very interactive way. Students and teachers are learning together. Students ask a lot of questions in the lectures and raise open-ended questions for discussion. Students are also open to all opinions and ask extended questions. Everyone is willing to put forward their opinions, listen to opposing views and revise their own opinions. This is a very good and positive way of communication, and I was very impressed.

Overseas Learning 02

YEN Hen-Chen, Year-3 BSc Computer Science student
Summer School at Stanford University in the summer of 2021