Information Security

Information Security

In the Department of Computer Science, we have a strong group of faculty and research students working on various topics within information security at large. We aim to develop new solutions for security and privacy in the era of ubiquitous and growing computing and communication infrastructure, by addressing security issues related to several areas of interest, such as cloud computing & big data, networking, software, machine learning and the Internet-of-Things. Our research includes applied cryptographic problems, security protocol design, software & hardware security, trusted networking & computation, secure connectivity, and user authentication.



  • Applied cryptography and secure computation
    • Searchable encryption and encrypted databases
    • Multi-party computations
    • Oblivious data structures and applications
    • Reputation-based information sharing
  • Network security
    • Metadata-private communications
    • Secure and trustworthy network middleboxes
    • Trust-based routing algebra and formal analysis
  • Privacy and anonymity
    • Privacy-preserving data analytics
    • Decentralised ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies
    • Privacy-preserving profiling and data search for social networks
  • Machine learning and security
    • Secure and trustworthy federated learning
    • Machine unlearning
    • Inference attacks and countermeasures
    • Data-driven security and measurement studies
  • IoT Security
    • Device pairing
    • Key management
    • Side channel attacks
    • Cyber-physical systems
  • Authentication
    • Biometrics
    • Behavioural authentication
    • Cross-domain authentication
  • Wireless Security
    • Jamming and countermeasures
    • Eavesdropping attacks and defence
    • Localisation privacy and security
    • Wireless standards (Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.)
  • Software security
    • OS security and trusted computing
    • Mobile app analysis
    • Binary and firmware code analysis
    • Vulnerability discovery
    • Software hardening

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