Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing promises to provide better agility at lower cost and has the potential to become the next generation model of utility. To fulfil the potential of cloud computing, there are many fundamental research issues to be investigated such as availability, security, privacy, and dynamic elasticity. The cloud computing research group is engaged in the solutions of cloud security and privacy, congestion control, load balancing, service-level traffic management using SDN, and dynamic resource provisioning.






  • Cloud Security
    • Confidential Cloud Computing and Trusted Cloud Environments
    • Assurance, Audit, Certification, Compliance
    • Fault Tolerance, High Availability, Reliability
    • Privacy-aware Data Management
    • Cloud Applications of Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Systems and Architectures of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing
    • Cloud Storage and Data Architectures
    • Cloud-centric Network Architectures (SDN, NFV, etc)
  • Cloud Applications
    • Large scale cloud applications and Edge applications
    • Microservice-based, Containerized, and Serverless Applications
    • Applications across Edge-Cloud-HPC Continuum
  • Cloud Management
    • Distributed and Parallel Query Processing
    • Resource, Energy, Data Management
    • Cloud Service Adaptation and Automation
    • Sustainable Cloud Computing

Research Centres