Exchange Course List

Exchange Course List

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Inbound Student Exchange Course List

Application Term: 202402

Course Code Course Title Unit
CS1102 Introduction to Computer Studies
CS1302 Introduction to Computer Programming
CS2204 Fundamentals of Internet Applications Development
CS2311 Computer Programming
CS2312 Problem Solving and Programming
CS2402 Introduction to Computational Probability Modeling
CS2403 Data Management and Cloud Storage
CS2468 Data Structures and Data Management
CS3103 Operating Systems
CS3334 Data Structures
CS3342 Software Design
CS3346 Software Testing and Maintenance
CS3402 Database Systems
CS3481 Fundamentals of Data Science
CS4182 Computer Graphics
CS4186 Computer Vision and Image Processing
CS4286 Internet Security and e-Commerce Protocols
CS4293 Topics in Cybersecurity
CS4296 Cloud Computing
CS4348 Software Quality Management
CS4386 AI Game Programming
CS4465 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
CS4486 Artificial Intelligence
GE2313 Global IT Case Studies
GE2324 The Art and Science of Data
GE2338 Internet Applications and Security