Master of Science in
Electronic Commerce


Programme Structure

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Based on the aims of the programme, graduates should be able to evaluate, build and manage eCommerce services and operations. We therefore take the approach that students should be well-prepared in both the technology and business aspects of Electronic Commerce. Hence, the curriculum presents and integrates essential components of eCommerce and offers a relatively structured set of courses rather than a variety of loosely structured separate study streams. This approach is expected to be very effective because it allows a tight focus and integration of the relevant aspects of eCommerce. In addition, a set of electives is provided to allow the students to pursue more advanced topics based on their own interests.

The programme consists of 33 Credit Units with a core of required courses of 15 credit units. Up to 9 credit units can be transferred based on the student's previous study. For credit transfer application, students have to demonstrate that the previously obtained qualification is still relevant (e.g., via submission of course syllabi or similar information).

The required courses are intended to build knowledge and skills for developing eCommerce services or systems. They include a group of business-oriented courses and a group of technology-oriented courses. In addition, the course Introduction to eCommerce gives students an overview and perspective of the various aspects of eCommerce.

Technology-oriented course set:

  • CS5281 Internet Application Development
  • CS5285 Information Security for eCommerce
  • CS5488 Big Data Algorithms and Techniques
  • CS5489 Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications

Business-oriented course set:

  • IS5314 eBusiness System Integration
  • IS5414 Analysis and Design of eCommerce Systems
  • IS6321 Business Intelligence Applications
  • IS6400 Business Data Analytics
  • IS6640 Information Systems Planning and Strategy

The elective set consists of both technology-oriented courses and business-oriented courses, which allow the students to pursue alternative or advanced topics related to eCommerce. A student must take at least 18 credit units from the elective set. No credit transfer is allowed for elective courses.

The eCommerce project, which is optional, provides for the student to practice and integrate the knowledge and techniques learned to actually analyze, design, and implement a prototype of an eCommerce system.