Messages from
the Head

Messages from the Head

In recent years, the rapid development in information and communication technology has catalyzed the development of a global information economy, and facilitated a transition towards a knowledge society. In computer science, as in modern life, change has become a constant. Big data, cloud computing, social media and other emerging technologies have brought an unforeseen dynamism to life, from doing business, to finding friends, to keeping in touch with family. To achieve general literacy and to develop a professional workforce, education in computer science has ascended to new heights of importance.

The Department of Computer Science at City University places student development at the forefront of our priorities, and strives to equip our graduates not only with expert knowledge, but also the technical skills to utilize and develop their knowledge, and a sense of professional ethics to guide them in their career and personal development. The Department achieves this not only by recruiting and developing high-calibre staff and maintaining high standards in our pedagogy and research, but also in fostering internationalization, participation in industry, and awareness of cutting-edge developments in the field. Through this, we hope to nurture in our students not only the knowledge and skills for the future, but also the perspectives of tomorrow, which is of paramount importance to a dynamic and rapidly evolving field such as our own.

Our research endeavours have led to the establishment of applied research centres and laboratories. The Centre for Innovative Applications of Internet and Multimedia Technologies (the AIMtech Centre) promotes applied research and development in the areas of multimedia and Internet technologies in collaboration with industry partners. The Multimedia-software Engineering Research Centre (MERC) contributes to the development of technologies of multimedia and emerging media-types in Hong Kong and Mainland China. A number of research laboratories are also set up for conducting a wide range of research projects. Currently, the Department is actively conducting over 90 research projects related to information and communication technologies vital to the future, such as multimedia coding/analysis, cloud computing, machine learning and bioinformatics. Our research underpins the academic programmes which prepare our students for the challenges they will face in their professional lives. Our students have achieved outstanding accomplishments in recent years, including winning awards in numerous prestigious competitions and top-notch conferences, as well as securing positions in well-known establishments such as Google, Thomson Reuters and IBM. This demonstrates the quality and dedication of our staff who help develop the pedagogical experience for our students. In recognition of our successful research and pedagogical development, a recent US News investigation ranked our Department as the 20th best Computer Science Department globally.

This prospectus highlights the range of programmes offered, research and pedagogical achievements of students and staff, and the future development of our Department. We look forward to prospective students joining our Department for a stimulating and holistic learning experience. Looking into the future, we will continue to pursue excellence in conducting the computer science research of tomorrow and cultivating the computer science talents of tomorrow. Much like the world has been transformed by the global sharing of ideas through digital technology, your thoughts and ideas are invaluable to the further development of our department in research and pedagogy, and will be welcomed warmly by the CS Department.

Prof JIA Xiahua

Professor JIA Xiaohua
Head, Department of Computer Science

JAN 2019