CS Alumni Events

CS Alumni Events
CityU-CS Alumni Get-together 2019 (November)

A joyous occasion with 80 students, mentors, alumni and staff spending the evening together on 6 November 2019.

CityU-CS Alumni Get-together 2019

A relaxing occasion for alumni, students, mentors and faculty members to get together and have sharing on their insights and experience!



CityU-CS Alumni Get-together 2018 for Graduating Classes 2008-2018

The alumni gathering for Graduating Classes for 2008-2018 cum First Gathering of CityU-CS Professional Mentorship Programme 2018-19 was successfully held on 29 October 2018 with 60 mentors, staff, alumni and students having a wonderful evening together.

CityU-CS Alumni Get-together 2018

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by over 75 alumni, students, IT professional mentors, CS faculty and staff to reconnect with one another as well as make new connections. Thank you to all who attended the alumni gathering on 22 March 2018!