The CityU CS department conducted an educational trip to Japan during 3-7 June 2024 where the students were exposed to several universities and an IT company and also cultural activities. The trip was led by Dr. Howard Leung and Dr. Kenneth Lee.

The first leg of our journey was a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. The academic part began on June 4 with a visit to The University of Tokyo, where a representative from the University's Information Science faculty gave us a brief tour of the campus. In the afternoon, we were greeted by Prof. Jin Qun and his team at Waseda University Tokorozawa campus and had a fruitful discussion on the use of computer science for humanitarian causes. The next day, we headed to the University of Tsukuba where we spent the day listening to presentations on mathematical modeling by the university's research students. On this day, we paid a visit to the IT Innovation Inc. where we learnt about the IT solutions industry through a discussion on consultation practices. The tour also had one day, June 6, which was free for cultural exploration, and we could explore Japan on our own. The combination of theoretical knowledge and cultural experience offered a comprehensive understanding of Japan's technological advancements and social values.

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