Postgraduate Certificate in
Information Security


Programme Structure

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Courses in the programme include one core (required) course and several Electives (elective courses). There are two groups of Electives: Group I and Group II. To obtain the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Information Security, students are required to take

  • 3 credit units of the core course CS5285 Information Security for eCommerce, and
  • 9 credit units of Electives, including at least 3 credit units of Electives in Group I.

Refer to Taught Postgraduate Catalogue for more information of individual courses.

Core Course - 3 credit units

Code Title Credit Units Remarks
CS5285 Information Security for eCommerce 3  


Elective Courses - 9 credit units

Group I Electives - at least 3 credit units

Code Title Credit Units Remarks
CS5293 Topics on Information Security 3  
CS5296 Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice 3  
CS6290 Privacy-enhancing Technologies 3  
CS6534 Guided Study 3  


Group II Electives

Code Title Credit Units Remarks
CS5222 Computer Networks and Internets 3  
CS5288 Cryptography: Theory and Practice 3  
CS5294 Information Security Technology Management 3