Student Exchange

Student Exchange (Outbound)

Student Exchange (Outbound)

Student exchange provides an opportunity for students to enrich their university life by studying and living outside Hong Kong at a partner institution for a period of time. It broadens students' international horizon and enriches their university education with cross-cultural exchange experience. During that period, students are registered as full-time students in overseas institutions. Credits earned can be transferred to the academic programmes students are studying.

Student exchange can be a valuable experience and play a vital role in the whole person development. We have received excellent feedback from students who have been on student exchange. You can read their sharing here.

Institutional-Level Exchange Programmes

CityU has over 200 exchange agreements with high education institutions worldwide. All full-time undergraduate students enrolling at CityU from all compatible disciplines can apply for those programmes. The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is the central coordinating unit to provide a wide range of services and support to student exchange. For admissions information and more details, please visit the GEO website.

College-Level Exchange Programmes

The College of Engineering (CENG) has exchange agreements with high education institutions overseas and in mainland China. All full-time undergraduate students enrolling in CENG programmes of relevant disciplines are eligible for applying for those programmes. For admissions information and other details, please visit the website of College of Engineering.

Departmental-Level Exchange Programmes
Semester-long Student Exchange

The Department has signed student exchange agreements with the following universities to provide students with ample exchange opportunities.


Students are required to meet the Minimum Requirements for Application for Student Exchange Programme stipulated by the University.


Normally, there are two rounds of applications each academic year. Students are advised to consult the Departmental Exchange Coordinators before submitting applications through AIMS (under "Student Services"). For application details, please visit the GEO website and CENG website.

Financial Support

The Student Exchange Fund provides financial support to CityU full-time students in government-funded bachelor's degree programmes who are Hong Kong permanent residents. The Special Fund for Non-local Outbound Exchange Students (SF) patronises CityU non-local students who study in full-time, government-funded bachelor's degree programmes. For details, please visit the GEO website.

Note for Outbound Exchange Students

  1. Selected candidates must provide all necessary documents and pay a Caution Money of HK$1,000 when they accept the exchange offer from the University. Caution Money is refundable upon programme completion to the full satisfaction of GEO and the Department.
  2. Outbound exchange students are expected to maintain a full-time status at the host institution. The full-time credit load requirement for each institution may be different, but in general, students are required to complete and pass at least 12 credit units (or 20 ECTS) for a semester-long exchange.
  3. Within one month after the exchange, the Department requires students to
    • complete an online survey about the exchange experience
    • submit a 500-word reflective journal
    • upload 4 high-resolution photos representative of the exchange experience
    • submit the transcript issued by the host institution
    • submit the approved Credit Transfer Pre-approved Application (Non-GE Courses) / GE Courses Credit Transfer Pre-Approval Application, if students would like to transfer credits back to CityU (Note 1)
    • give a presentation about their exchange experience in a sharing session if the exchange coordinator organizes it
  4. If the student fails to fulfill the requirements of GEO or the Department (listed above), any fund previously approved for the student will be withdrawn and the caution money will not be refunded to the student.

(Note 1):

  1. Only transfer courses with at least Grade C or equivalent will be considered for credit transfer.
  2. For some countries (e.g. Europe) using ECTs, Grade D not the lowest passing grade will be considered for credit transfer.

To find out more

You should check out the CS Student Exchange Canvas page (only available for current undergraduate CS students) that contains a lot of useful information about the outbound student exchange programme. Students should refer to this Canvas page before/during/after their exchange.

You may contact the Departmental Outbound Student Exchange Coordinators if you cannot find the answers to your questions regarding student exchange from the above Canvas page.

Outbound Student Exchange Coordinator

Dr LEE, Kenneth


Sharing of student exchange returnees is available here.