Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science


IT Professional Internship

Aims & Objectives

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to appreciate working in a real (computer oriented, commercial or industrial) working environment; to relate the concepts and principles of the behavioural and organisational disciplines learned from study to that 'real' environment; and to put into practice some of the methods, tools and techniques of the computer related disciplines.

Upon completion, students should be able to have:

  • gained in confidence, maturity and self discipline;
  • improved their communication skills and gained insights into group and organisational behaviour in a work environment;
  • increased their level of competence in professional skills;
  • gained the ability to cope with the more analytical and critical aspects of the final year of study;
  • acquired the will to take up responsibility in a professional manner.

Benefits for Sponsoring Organizations

In addition to providing training opportunities for students, sponsoring organisation should be able to have:

  • helpful IT staff without incurring permanent head counts;
  • a preliminary, prolong period to observe and find the right staff;
  • possible collaboration with our department to initial other new projects.

Teaching Pattern

The IT professional internship is a 9-month full-time employment in the computing industry where students will work in areas related to their program of study. Each student will be assigned an academic supervisor who will, at the start of internship, establish contact with the student's company supervisor to review the progress of the student and at the end, assess the student's performance taking into considerations of the employer's feedback.

From meetings with the student the academic supervisor will coach the students and ensure the objectives of the internship programme are met.

Assessment Pattern

Assessment will be on a Pass or Fail basis. Student's performance will be based on the following:

  • Student Performance Review (Interim) in December;
  • Student Performance Review (Final) in April;
  • Internship Report;
  • Student participation and attendance at review meetings with academic supervisor.

Based on the above evidence the academic supervisor will recommend, via the Internship Coordinator, that the student be awarded either a Pass or Fail grade.

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