Master of Science in
Electronic Commerce


Offering Departments

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is a leading Computer Science department in Asia, and one of the major departments in Hong Kong to offer computer science degrees. More than 150 graduates receive their degrees at all levels each year. The Department has more than 30 academic staff, with expertise in areas closely related to eCommerce: Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, Computer in Education, Computer Networks, Computer Vision, Database, Embedded Systems, Information Security, Mobile Computing, Multimedia Technologies, Parallel Computing, Software Engineering, and Web Technologies. Our academic staffs not only are active researchers, well connecting to the international academic communities, but also maintain strong ties with the industry. The Department provides an excellent learning and computing environment for students. It also hosts R&D centres and laboratories related to eCommerce, including the Centre for Innovative and Multimedia Technologies, the Internet Security and PKI Application Centre, the Information Security Laboratory, the Cloud Computing and Distributed System Laboratory, the Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Laboratory, the Laboratory of Software Engineering and Methodology, and the Video, Image, and Sound Analysis Laboratory.  

Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems is a leading academic department in cultivating business managers and professionals who possess up-to-date training and frontier knowledge of business technologies and services needed by companies and other institutions in Hong Kong, China, Asia Pacific and beyond. The department is a pioneer in teaching and research innovations and is well-resourced with state-of-the-art laboratories. Started in September 1990 with 15 faculty members, the IS department now has about 40 research and teaching staff, and is recognised globally as one of the best information systems departments in the world. The research of our faculty has been supported by governmental funding agencies in Hong Kong and China as well as corporations. Our staff members have diverse research interests in the areas of business intelligence, consumer information technologies, electronic commerce, service research, and social computing among others. In addition, our colleagues are dedicated to student-centered learning; with exceptional performance, academic staff members from the Information Systems Department have won City University’s Teaching Excellence Awards in 11 of 15 years.