Data Science

Data Science

Since 2020s, data science is a rapidly growing field that can offer promising career prospects and better opportunities . Specifically, a data-driven world offers great possibilities and opportunities as characterized by 5 V’s: Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety, and Value. The data science area is intersected among computer science, statistics, and specific domain knowledge; it can enhance our abilities to process and analyse large and complex data. Researchers are exposed to different challenges from machine learning, optimization, large-scale data processing, natural language processing, computational statistics, interdisciplinary quantitative methods, data ethics, and data-intensive system design for real-world data.



  • Statistical Modeling
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Descriptive Analytics
    • Prescriptive Analytics
    • Generative Modeling
    • Information Theory
  • Data Processing and Mining
    • Big Data
    • Data Engineering
  • Data Mining
    • Graph Theory and Analytics
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Knowledge Discovery
  • Interdisciplinary Data Science
    • Healthcare Informatics
    • Policy Data Science
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Recommender Systems
    • Computational Finance

Research Centres

  • Centre for Innovative Applications of Internet and Multimedia Technologies (AIMtech)
  • Centre for Complexity and Complex Networks
  • Interactive Multimedia and Virtual Reality Laboratory
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering Laboratory (AiSE)
  • CORIL (COmputing Research for Impact on Lives) Group
  • Data Intelligence Laboratory
  • Multimedia Analytics (MA) Laboratory
  • Algorithmic Information theory and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory