Distributed Systems and Networking

Distributed Systems and Networking

The department has a group of researchers in distributed systems and networking, who are engaged in the theory, modeling, and system design of distributed systems and computer networks. Researchers are interested in various research topics in this field, including distributed computing, parallel computing, mobile computing, Internet of things, fault tolerance in distributed systems, computer networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh networks, mobile ad hoc networks, and Internet technologies.



  • Distributed and parallel computing
    • Models of parallel and distributed computation
    • Numerical, combinatorial, and data-intensive parallel algorithms
    • Scalability of algorithms and data structures for parallel and distributed systems
    • Multicore processors and many-core systems
    • Petascale and exascale systems designs
    • Novel big data architectures
    • Network and interconnect architectures
    • Parallel I/O and storage systems
    • Architecture of the memory hierarchy
    • Parallel and multicore programming languages and compilers
    • Runtime systems and OS for distributed and parallel computing systems
    • Parallel programming environments and tools
  • Computer networks
    • Cloud computing
    • Fog computing
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Internet economics
    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking
    • Quantum Internet
    • Content-centric networking
    • Fault tolerance in distributed systems
  • Internet of things
    • Mobile computing and sensing
    • Artificial Internet of things
    • Wearables and smart health
    • Edge and embedded AI
    • Wireless sensing
    • Location-based services
    • IoT security
  • Wireless Sensor, Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks
    • Low-power wide-area networks
    • Wireless networking
    • Power-efficient and green computing architectures
    • Performance modeling and evaluation
    • Internet computing and web services
    • Cross-technology communications

Research Centres

  • Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks (MACS)
  • Embedded and Mobile System Laboratory
  • Group of Distributed Systems and Networking