16 MAY 2024

Highly Ranked Scholars™ by ScholarGPS

Prof FANG Yuguang Michael, Prof WANG Jun, Prof WU Dapeng Oliver, Prof ZHANG Qingfu and Prof WANG Shiqi have been named Highly Ranked Scholars by ScholarGPS.  ScholarGPS, a California based company, is a leading online platform for the analysis of scholarly activity in the academia and beyond.  Highly Ranked Scholars™ are celebrated for their exceptional performance in various fields, disciplines, and specialties.  

09 MAY 2024

ASPLOS 2024 Best Paper Award

Prof HUANG Heqing, in collaboration with scholars from a local university, has been awarded the ASPLOS 2024 Best Paper Award for their paper titled GiantSan: Efficient Memory Sanitization with Segment Folding.  This paper successfully reduces the querying complexity of the most widely-used runtime vulnerability detection tool, sanitizer, from O(log N) to O(1) with theoretical analysis.

The ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS) is the premier academic forum (CORE A*, CCF A) for multidisciplinary computer systems research spanning hardware, software and their interaction.  ASPLOS 2024 was held in San Diego, California, USA from April 27 to May 1 2024. 

10 APR 2024

Smart Traffic Fund

Prof Jianping WANG’s project, titled Integrating Virtual and Real-World Testing Environments for Autonomous Vehicles, has been awarded the Smart Traffic Fund, managed by the Transport Department and Hong Kong Productivity Council.  The approved funding for this project exceeds HK$18 million

Prof Wang’s project aims to develop a comprehensive autonomous vehicles (AVs) testing system to facilitate extensive testing of AVs in a controlled environment.  The system comprises a simulation platform and a real-world testing site facilitated by mixed-reality technology focused on evaluating the perception, localization and planning capabilities, as well as other critical aspects of AV performance. 

01 FEB 2024

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) for 2023/24

Two Collaborative Research Project Grant (CRPG) Proposals, led respectively by Prof Jianping WANG and Prof Dapeng WU, have both been awarded the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) for 2023/24.   

The primary goal of the CRPG is to promote collaboration in research across various disciplines and universities among research groups in UGC-funded universities.  This is aimed at boosting the research output of universities in terms of achievement level, quantity, dimensions and impact.  This year, CityU is awarded CRF funding for four CRPG proposals as the coordinating university.  Two of these are projects proposed by Professors from the Department of Computer Science: Prof Wu's project, "CILo: Cellular Indoor Localization", received HK$6.5 million, while Prof Wang's project, "Knowledge-Driven Digital Twin Networking for Autonomous Driving", received HK$6.1 million.