07 OCT 2015

Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong Ranked 16th Globally by US News and World Report

US News and World Report has just released its widely followed 2015 ranking of global universities and subjects. Computer science at City University of Hong Kong is ranked 16th globally; this is not just the highest ranking achieved to date but is also indicative of a continual rising trend. The ranking is based on academic reputation and research in the field, with strong emphasis on research publications and citations.

09 JUN 2015

高等學校科學研究優秀成果獎-自然科學獎 (二等)

Dr Jacky Keung has recently received the高等學校科學研究優秀成果獎-自然科學獎 (二等) awarded by the Ministry of Education of the People Republic of China for his collaborative research project titled “Quality-Driven Methods for Software Evolution Management and Fault Detection”.

The project is about sustainable software quality assurance techniques developed for managing software development lifecycle, and to ensure long term success of software evolution and change management required in practice. The research results have been successfully patented in several areas and published in many papers.