15 AUG 2023

Best Paper Runner-Up at the First IEEE International Conference on Mobility: Operations, Services, and Technologies (MOST 2023)

Our PhD Computer Science student Mr LI Ruoxiang, under the supervision of Prof Guan Nan and Prof Xue Chun Jason along with collaboration of Dr Jen-Ming Wu of Hon Hai Research Institute and Prof Zheng Dong of Wayne State University, won the Best Paper Runner-Up at the First IEEE International Conference on Mobility: Operations, Services, and Technologies (MOST 2023) held in Detroit, United States in May. 

In their paper titled “Modeling and Property Analysis of the Message Synchronization Policy in ROS”, the authors reported on the research outcomes of the project on autonomous driving systems, which was led by Prof Jianping Wang. The team further contributed valuable insights to the field by conducting experiments on hypothesis raised from discussion on the Robot Operating System website, while formally proving various ROS properties as well as addressing the time disparity issue in the message synchronization policy. 


11 AUG 2023

InfoTech Job Market Driven Scholarship of InfoTech Services (Hong Kong) Limited

Our BSc Computer Science student Ms Zou Huiqi, under the supervision of Prof Song Linqi, won the InfoTech Job Market Driven Scholarship of InfoTech Services (Hong Kong) Limited on 21 June 2023.  

The selection process of the Scholarship was based on the quality and relevance of the CS undergraduate student’s Final Year Project in adopting the most sought-after skills in the contemporary IT job market.  Ms Zou was nominated in recognition for the outstanding performance in her FYP “Artificial Intelligence for Affective Computing” and her ability to illustrate its relation to the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), in front of a selection panel consisted of experienced InfoTech recruitment consultants and professor specializing in relevant subjects. 

20 JUL 2023

Bronze Award in the ASMPT Technology Award 2023

A team comprising three 2023 BSc Computer Science graduates, Ms Ng Sin Yung, Mr Pang Chun Hei & Mr Azim Mohammed, under the supervision of Prof Howard Leung, won the Bronze Award in the ASMPT Technology Award 2023 held on 7 July. The team would receive a prize of HK$10,000, along with an additional donation of HK$30,000 to CityU as ASMPT Scholarships to be awarded to other students with outstanding academic results.

The team presented their final year group project CityU Metaverse at the Hong Kong office of ASMPT Corporate, a global high-tech semiconductor company, where they competed with nine shortlisted teams from five local universities. The team tackled various challenges in creating a fully functional VR platform, including the accurate creation of a 3D model of our campus, customization of full-body avatars and networking interaction for Metaverse players.

12 JUL 2023

First prize in a cross-regional computer innovation competition

Ms Wang Yiwen, a 2023 BSc Computer Science graduate under the supervision of Prof Qingfu Zhang, has won the first prize in a cross-regional computer innovation competition (2023 泛珠三角+ 大學生計算機作品賽總決賽).

Ms Wang’s innovative project “A Decomposition Based Hybrid Multi-objective VRPTW System” was accredited in the preliminary round held by the Internet Professional Association (iProA) in Hong Kong and advanced to the final round. The Grand Final took place in July 2023 in Macao Polytechnic University, where 60 shortlisted teams from universities in the cross-strait four regions exhibited their innovations under the review by a judging panel. Ms Wang finished top for her research on the vehicle routing problems with time windows and in search of ways to enhance the present-day algorithm.