Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science


IT Professional Placement

Information for Employers


  1. Every year invitations to join the scheme are sent to companies around November.
  2. The placement period is 9 months and it starts in summer, earliest in July and latest in September.
  3. Students work in placement 4 days/week, with Fridays off to attend classes at CityU.
  4. Employers will interview students prior to confirmation of placement, and the company will assign a working supervisor for the students afterwards.
  5. The performance of the students will be jointly assessed by both academic and working supervisors.


For NEW Placement Company: 

Event Action By Date

Invitation Letter to Placement Companies

CityU CS Department November / December
Companies request placement students by:
Create job post; or
Contact Us directly
Placement Company December / January
Interview Arrangement CityU CS Department
Placement Company
March - May
Employment Confirmation Placement Company May - June

For EXISTING Placement Company:

Event Action By Date
Student Performance Review (Interim) Placement Company Start of December
Student Performance Review (Final) Placement Company April
Student Assessment CityU CS Department Academic Supervisor May

Roles of Placement Company

  • Assign work supervisor;
  • Initial meeting with academic supervisor;
  • Conduct regular student performance assessment (in December & April);
  • Market rate trainee/intern salary;
  • Welcome to keep close contact with the academic supervisor.

Roles of Our Department

  • Assign academic supervisor;
  • Initial meeting with work supervisor;
  • Conduct regular student performance assessment (in December & April);
  • Support placement company in student coaching & counseling.


Contact Placement Coordinator