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LinkedIn - 20 Apr 2024

The Cyborg Evolution: How AI Smartphones Are Reshaping Humanity

Elon Musk once said, 'We are already cyborgs,' and it's never been more true. Our smartphones have become extensions of our minds and bodies, constantly active and catering to our every need. And they are getting even smarter with on-device AI processors that supports GPU, NPU, and LLM! These advanced AI chipsets transform our devices from passive tools to active partners, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our daily existence. And that's just the beginning. Imagine a future where you have a personal LLM on your device for life - a digital confidant that knows you better than you know yourself. That future is not far off. Read Chun's full article below: [read] 

Chun's article in LinkedIn on How AI Smartphones are Reshaping Humanity

Cathay Pacific inflight Discover magazine March 2024 - 28 Feb 2024

Travel by AI

Chun was interviewed in Cathay Pacific's March 2024 Discovery inflight magazine. Chun shared his insights and views on the transformative potential of generative AI in shaping future of air travel. [read] 

Cathay Pacific inflight Discover magazine interviewed Chun

LinkedIn - 4 Feb 2024

How to Become a Corporate Jedi in the Age of Generative AI

Chun wrote this Star Wars inspired article on How to Become a Corporate Jedi in the Age of Generative AI. The article explores how generative AI can help us become leaders and innovators in the future workplace. In this AI-powered 4th industrial revolution, we are not only transforming products and services with AI, but also the capabilities and opportunities of human knowledge workers. However, using generative AI effectively requires not only great AI prompting skills... [read] 

Chun's article in LinkedIn on Generative AI's impact to the Future of Work

LinkedIn - 27 Jan 2024

Phantoms, Ghosts, Undeads, and Frankensteins - A New Breed of AI Deepfake Threats are Coming to the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Sector

Chun wrote this article on AI Deepfake Threats to the BFSI Industry. Deepfake technology is a new and dangerous form of identity theft and fraud that uses generative AI to create highly realistic fake or altered images, videos, voices, or texts of people. Fraudsters can use deepfakes to impersonate customers, employees, or executives in the BFSI sector and perform illegal or harmful actions, such as... [read] 

Chun's article in LinkedIn on AI Deepfake Threats to the BFSI Industry