News 2021

Khmer Daily (Cambodia) - 17 November 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is crucial to the success of your business and here is why!

This article quotes Chun's on the importance of AI and Big Data to the development of Cambodia's digital economy as well as the importance of these technologies to the digital, transformation of businesses in Cambodia. [read] 

Article on importance of AI and big data in Cambodia

Khmer Times (Cambodia) - 17 November 2021

Big data and AI are keys to business success, according to Prudential

This article summarizes Chun's keynote speech at the annual Camtech conference in Cambodia. Chun explored Cambodia's digital development and highlighted the importance of developing talents in Big Data and AI to meet needs for digital transformation. [read] 

Article on Chun's keynote at Camtech

Choiseul Magazine (Paris) - 22 January 2021

Perspectives franco-russes sur les données et l’IA en santé – Florent Parmentier

This article explores similarities and differences between France and Russia in how they approach health data and AI amidst Covid-19, as well as China's perspective. Chun was cited on applications of AI and data to healthcare. The article points out, in the future, health data will have an increased role, due to the environmental and health challenges that lie ahead. [read] 

Chun quoted on AI applications to healthcare

Business Today (Taiwan) - 7 January 2021

Technology value-added enhances customer experience | 科技加值增進客戶體驗

This article highlighted Chun's talk at the Hong Kong Taiwan Economic Co-operation Forum. Chun explained how Covid-19 has accelerated digital and digital transformation across the globe. He pointed out how AI, machine learning, data have been improving customer experience through personalization and streamlining processes. He gave the insurance industry as an example of how AI has modernized and changed customer experience. [read] 

Chun's interview on AI and customer experience

Hong Kong Economic Times | e-Zone - 4 January 2021

可解釋 Explainable AI

e-Zone magazine interviewed Chun on the next big trend in AI research and development - Explainable AI (XAI) and its importance and challenges, as well as potential impact of AI on businesses in Hong Kong. Chun highlighted the shortage of AI talent in Hong Kong due to high demand. [pdf] 

Chun's interview on XAI

Business Today (Taiwan) - 4 January 2021

Hong Kong's victory over Covid-19 through digital transformation | 數位轉型扭轉危機 香港決勝後疫情

Chun was interviewed on his views of digital transformation and Covid-19. Chun shared how Hong was uniquely positioned to leverage emerging technologies with its pool of quality talent, and access to capital and market. Together with Hong Kong Government's various support scheme Hong Kong has come up as a winner in the battle against Covid-19. Chun was also positive on potential cross border digital transformation collaborations between Hong Kong and Taiwan. [read] 

Chun's interview on HK and Taiwan digital transformation opportunities