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Economic Times CIO magazine (India) - 14 December 2023

Flashback 2023: Best of AI from Experts

Chun shared his insights on the impact of generative AI on the BFSI sector. This year has been a remarkable one for BFSI firms, as we begin to explore the potentials of generative AI to transform our operations, products, and services. However, generative AI also poses new challenges and risks, such as bias, privacy, transparency, robustness, cyberattacks, and systemic implications... [read] 

Flashback 2023 article in ET CIO magazine - 17 Novemember 2023

Higher education must adapt to the age of generative AI | 高等教育必須適應生成式AI年代

Chun shared his views on how Generative AI is changing the way we work, and how we work with these powerful tools to discover, design, and create new possibilities; and higher education around the world needs to quickly adapt to this new technology, such as fundamentally redesigning curriculum, teaching methods and assessment methods to help students better prepare, meet and move towards the new needs of the future... [read] 

Chun's article Gen AI in Education in

LinkedIn - 12 September 2023

The Rise of Private Generative AI Models: Implications for Business

Chun wrote an article on The Rise of Private Generative AI Models, where he explored how generative AI services can help businesses create original and engaging content, but also pose some challenges in terms of data privacy, security, and intellectual property rights. He proposed that a possible solution is to use private foundation models that allow businesses to have full control over their data and content generation. The main advantage of these private foundation models is that they can produce unique and valuable content and IP based on the business's own data and knowledge base, giving them a competitive edge over their rivals who may rely on public generative AI services. [read] 

Chun's article the rise of Private Gen AI in LinkedIn

Bloomberg - 15 August 2023

Beijing Tries to Regulate China's AI Sector Without Crushing It

Chun was interviewed in this Bloomberg article on AI regulations in China. The article compares China's approach to AI regulation with that of the U.S. and Europe. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the new generative AI guidelines that China is implementing this week, which aim to balance state control and support for its AI industry. It also discusses some of the challenges and risks that China faces in its AI development, such as ethical, legal, and social issues, as well as international competition and cooperation. [read] 

Bloomberg article on AI regulation in China

Oriental Daily 東方日報 - 18 July 2023

Enterprises Using Gen AI Should Beware of Risks 企業應用GenAI留意風險

According to studies, Gen AI has the potential to automate 18% of the workforce. Chun shared his thoughts on risks enterprises should be aware of when planning to adopt Gen AI to automate business. [read] 

Oriental Daily article on risks of Gen AI for businesses

South China Morning Post - 1 July 2023

What would Einstein have said about the impact of generative AI on higher education?

Chun shared his thoughts on how generative AI can transform higher education. Generative AI is reshaping the future that students are preparing for, so we need to rethink how we educate them. Instead of fearing or banning generative AI, higher education institutes should embrace it and teach students how to use it effectively. Generative AI can be a powerful ally for students, if they learn to collaborate with it and harness its potential. [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on gen AI and higher education

South China Morning Post - 14 May 2023

Why companies are reluctant to jump on the ChatGPT bandwagon

Chun shared his thoughts on ChatGPT and generative AI and highlighted some of the challenges and risks faced by companies in adopting this new technology as well as current developments and opportunities. [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on ChatGPT