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Business Today (Taiwan) - 22 December 2020

E-Commerce is fashionable | 電商一定成時尚

Article highlighted talks given at the 2020 Hong Kong Taiwan Economic Cooperation Forum, that was co-organized by the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office and Taiwan Business Today. Andy Chun was part of the Hong Kong delegation to share developments in digital transformation and potential for collaboration between Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chun shared how Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation for years to months, as well as the role that emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, blockchain and 5G play. [read] 

article about the HK Taiwan Economic Cooperation Forum

South China Morning Post - 9 December 2020

Why the future of Hong Kong's economy lies in digital transformation

Innovation and technology advancements are crucial for any economy, especially in the new normal after Covid-19. Companies must embrace digital transformation to survive. Government and NGOs' efforts to hasten this transformation deserve support. Chun shared his views on why the future of Hong Kong's economy lies in digital transformation, as well as the importance of leveraging on AI and machine learning. [read] 

Dr. Chun's article in SCMP on digital transformation in Hong Kong

Asia Times Financial - 21 November 2020

Balancing Tech and Privacy in Coronavirus Fight

Chun was interviewed by the Asia Times Financial to share his views on how AI is being used to curb Covid-19 as well as challenges in the wider adoption of AI. Chun pointed out the importance of data privacy, ethical use of AI, and AI bias as well as the role of Government in defining an AI governance framework for Hong Kong. [read] 

Asia Times Financial article with Chun's interview

TVB - 1 October 2020

Seeing a Future: Future Mankind | 看出個未來:未來人類

Chun was interviewed on TVB's TV series on the future of work and play. The episode that Prof. Chun was in explored the future of mankind and the role of AI. Chun shared his thoughts on AI's abilities to think and potentially feel like a human. The question of whether the human brain can be 'uploaded' into an AI machine was explored. [read] 

The TV episode that Chun was highlighted in

Open Gov - 13 September 2020

HKSTP Launches Robocon 2020 to Train Young Innovators

Robocon is an annual contest organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp (HKSTP) as a platform to encourage future engineers to explore robotics and AI. Both AI and robotics are emerging as fundamental enablers of the sustainable economy. Chun was interviewed on his views on AI development in Hong Kong and future potentials for young people in this field. [read] 

OpenGov article on Robocon and interview with Chun

Oriental Daily | 東方日報 - 17 July 2020

Banking sector accelerates digital transformation | 銀行界加速數碼轉型

Chun share his thoughts on how Covid-19 has changed consumers' behavior forever, and Hong Kong's banking and financial services industry urgently needs to respond and adapt. Those companies that don't want to change will be abandoned by the new wave of digitalization. Digital transformation with AI has quickly become the number one priority for enterprises. [read]  [] 

Chun's article on Covid-19's impact to banking and financial services

South China Morning Post - 13 July 2020

How the coronavirus is turbocharging Hong Kong's fintech revolution

Forced to adapt quickly, Hong Kong's banking and financial services industry has hastened its adoption of digital transformation and AI in the name of survival, supported by a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Dr. Chun shares his views on how this industry needs to change quickly. [read] 

Dr. Chun's article in SCMP on Covid-19's impact to banking and financial services

Hong Kong Institute of Bankers - Banking Today - May-Jun 2020

Covid-19 Has Made Some Feel 'Naked' Without Digital Transformation and AI

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers is the professional body for certified bankers in Hong Kong. Dr. Chun was invited to write an article on how Covid-19 has affected the banking and finance industrties, and why Digital Transformation together with AI is more important than ever before. [pdf] 

Dr. Chun's article in Banking Today

JUMP Ming Pao - 19 June 2020

AI and big data talents are in hot demand | AI、大數據人才炙手可熱

Andy Chun was interviewed in this special issue that highlights career opportunities in data science and artificial intelligence. He explained various roles that data engineers, data scientists, and AI machine learning scientists play within an organization, providing use cases and examples. He also suggested career development paths to take. [image]  [web] 

Ming Pao's JUMP supplement interviewed Chun on AI/data science career

nesta - 18 May 2020

Breaking the Iron Triangle: AI in China's healthcare system

Nesta is an UK innovation foundation (formerly UK's National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts). This is Andy Chun's article on China's use of AI in public service. Chun explained how over the past decade China has shifted rapidly from a manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, with technology and innovation a major policy focus. In particular, the use of AI is allowing China to break the Iron Triangle in its healthcare system. [read] 

nesta article special report on China's use of AI in public service

KPMG - 30 April 2020

Future Hong Kong 2030

As the 3rd annual report from KPMG China focusing on HK's smart city development, Future Hong Kong 2030 analyses the internal and external factors shaping HK's smart city transformation. Andy Chun was interviewed for his opinion on how AI might be shaping education in the coming decade. [read] 

KPMG report titled Future Hong Kong 2030

Bloomberg Businessweek - 7 April 2020

The Virus Gives AI a Chance to Prove It Can Be a Force for Good

The article explores how AI is being used to fight the coronavirus, at the risk of potentially impacting freedom and privacy. AI might a force for good, but this can be a double-edged sword. Andy Chun was interviewed on how China is using AI to combat the virus. [read] 

Bloomberg article on AI and the coronavirus

South China Morning Post - 18 March 2020

In a time of coronavirus, China's investment in AI is paying off in a big way

In China, AI is being used to fight the virus on all fronts. With its ability to learn quickly, AI saves humans time in sequencing the genome of Sars-CoV-2, designing lab tests, analysing CAT scans and making new vaccines. Andy Chun summarizes how China is using AI to combat the deadly Covid-19. [read] 

Andy Chun's article in SCMP on China's use of AI to combat the coronavirus

IT Pro - March 2020

Applications of AI in HK's financial industry | 香港金融服務行業應用AI之展望

Andy Chun shared his projection of AI developments in Hong Kong's financial services industry (FSI) in the coming year. Chun reviewed HK's rapid progress over the past year in chatbots, robotic process automation (RPA) and robo-adivsors. He projected increased use of AI for hyper personalization, frictionless customer experience, and optimized processes. [read] 

Andy Chun's article in IT Pro magazine on future of AI in HK's FSI

OpenGov Asia - 7 January 2020

Making AI a long-term R&D investment in Hong Kong

OpenGov's exclusive interview with Andy Chun on how Hong Kong is embracing AI in government services and fintech. Chun highlights HK Government's investments into AI as well as local AI talent development. Chun also explains misconceptions around AI and provides words of guidance on how to create great user-centric AI applications. [read] 

OpenGov's interview with Andy Chun on AI in government services

Hong Kong Institute of Bankers - Banking Today - 1 January 2020

AI Paves the Road to Smart Banking

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers is the professional body for certified bankers in Hong Kong. Dr. Chun was invited to write an article on the application of AI to banking and finance, as well as future trends and directions. [pdf] 

Dr. Chun's article in Banking Today