News 2016

MTR - September 2016

Golden 2 Hours

Watch how MTR uses AI, developed by Dr. Chun, to schedule the precious "golden 2 hours" for the critical RailGen 2.0 project [video] 

MTR video on the golden 2 hours for engineering works

Washington Post - 10 August 2016

If Metro Had an Artificial Brain, Maybe It Wouldn't Be So Dangerous

The paper analyzes maintenance problems at Washington, DC's Metrorail system, and suggests the possible use of artificial intelligence to help solve safety issues. It uses the AI system developed by Dr. Andy Chun for HK's MTR system as a comparison. [read] 

Washington Post article on how AI might improve service for Metro trains

A+ magazine - July 2016

I, Auditor

A+ is the official magazine for the HK Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In its July issue, it interviewed Dr. Andy Chun to explore how artificial intelligence might impact the future of auditing, and whether robots might eventually replace humans in the auditing process. [pdf] 

A+ magazine article on AI and Auditing

cerasis - 28 June 2016

AI Technologies: The Role of Humans & The Application of Logistics

This article talks about applications of AI in logistics. Dr. Andy Chun's work was cited for using AI to maximize and compliment logistics resources in Hong Kong. [read] 

cerasis - article on AI and logistics

TVB Scoop - 17 March 2016

Alpha Go and AI

On 15 March, DeepMind's AlphaGo program stunned the world by beating 18-times Go world champion Lee Se-dol 4-1, using an artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. TVB's Scoop TV show interviewed Dr. Andy Chun to understand the significance of the win and its potential future impact to mankind. [video] 

TVB Scoop on AI and Go Game

The Economist Intelligence Unit - February 2016

Advanced Science and the Future of Government

The Economist Intelligence Unit interviewed Dr. Andy Chun for a report on how advanced science, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, might impact the government of the future. This report was released during the 2016 World Government Summit in which President Obama was a keynote speaker. [pdf] 

The Economist article on advanced science and the future of government