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South China Morning Post - 1 June 2022

The metaverse market is expanding so rapidly, creators will need the help of AI to keep up with demand

Chun shared his insights on the future of the metaverse where generative AI will be creating content, activities, virtual avatars, etc. Where building new digital spaces manually would take too long, creative AI can automatically generate images of practically anything, given enough data. Perhaps the greater challenge will be for regulation to keep up with this pace of growth, with a need for policies on data privacy and AI ethics. [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on AI and metaverses

South China Morning Post - 21 April 2022

China's plan to fully automate taxes puts it ahead of the global digitalisation curve

Chun shared his insights on the the use of AI and big data for smart taxation in China as well as advances in its digital economy. China's smart tax system will cut out the need for form-filling and help prevent fraud or tax evasion. Other countries plan to introduce similar systems, but China's robust digital financial market and rigorous data protection laws give it a clear head start. [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on China's smart tax system

South China Morning Post - 8 March 2022

Europe's AI regulation seeks a balance between innovation and risk. Is Hong Kong ready?

Chun predicted that 2022 will be the year of AI regulations. Data/AI governance and MLOps will be crucial. Coming soon, EU's AI Act may well become the world's gold standard for trustworthy AI. Companies need to prepare themselves now! [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on EU's AI Act and Hong Kong

South China Morning Post - 18 February 2022

Metaverse's NFT- and cryptocurrency-fuelled boom a gold mine for banking and finance sector

Chun shared his thoughts on how metaverses, which are built on top of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, are become fully functional digital economies and will bring about new and exciting opportunities for banking, finance and insurance firms. [read] 

Chun's article in SCMP on metaverses and BFSI

Oriental Daily | 東方日報 - 18 February 2022


Chun shared his thoughts on developments in metaverses and what it may mean to Hong Kong's BFSI sector. He pointed out that the metaverse needs frameworks and guidelines to satisfy banking and financial demands, and HK can be a leader in this area [read]  [] 

Chun's article in Oriental Daily on metaverses and BFSI