Dr Andy Chun

AI Pioneer and former CIO for CityU

Dr. Chun is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer in Hong Kong and global technology visionary with over three decades of AI innovation experience in a variety of industries. Today, his primary focus is in empowering organizations through improving customer experience and digital transformation, leveraging AI and enterprise optimization. He is a highly trusted consultant for many of the largest organizations in Hong Kong. Dr. Chun is a sought after speaker and has presented talks on a wide range of technology-related topics, such AI, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, blockchain, etc. Dr. Chun has received numerous AI and ICT awards, as well as the HK CIO Award and the Top 5 Greater China CIO Award. Dr. Chun has also been a senior advisor to the HK Government on AI and IT strategies, and leads the AI Group for the HK Computer Society.

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AI Success Stories

For over three decades, Dr. Chun has been involved with the design and development of numerous mission critical AI systems around the world. These systems empower organizations to operate at their highest efficiency while remaining agile to cope with any unexpected change. AI technologies used includes decision making, planning, scheduling, optimization, rostering, machine learning, etc. This site contains success stories of various AI systems developed for a wide variety of industries, such as transportation, government, health, and food. These operations research (OR) related problems are solved using advanced AI algorithms and techniques combined with robust and scalable fault-tolerant architectures. AI technology helps corporations streamline their day-to-day operations and maximize their productivity, efficiency and quality of service/product.

hk immigration department - intelligent e-government decision support

HK Immigration Department

Intelligent e-Government Decision Support - Using AI to streamline approval and decision making. [read]

hk hospital authority - nurse rostering

HK Hospital Authority

Staff Rostering - AI used to ensure adequate staff levels at all times. [read]

hk mtrc - possession/engineering works scheduling 2010


Possession/Engineering Work Scheduling - Allows MTRC to optimize its engineering resources. [read]

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Dr. Andy Chun is a global thought leader and has been consulted and interviewed by various online, print, and television media around the world on a wide range of technology-related topics, including artificial intelligences, deep learning, fintech, edtech, healthtech, lawtech, regtech, big data, government policies and strategies, cloud, information security, etc.

Unwire article on 2018 HPE Tech Summit

助企業迎接新科技機遇,HPE 創新峰會 2018 探討人工智能應用

February 2018 Unwire.pro - Dr. Andy Chun gave keynote at HPE Tech Summit. [read]

Computerworld HK article on new HKCS specialist groups

HKCS Consolidates Special Interest Groups

February 2018 ComputerWorld HK - Dr. Andy Chun heads HKCS AI Specialist Group. [read]

The Atlantic article on urban mobility

Building Sustainable Urban Mobility

January 2018 The Atlantic - Dr. Andy Chun's AI work contributed to HK's high mobility ranking. [read]

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Dr. Andy Chun is a frequent speaker at various local and international conferences on a wide range of technology-related topics. Recently, he has given talks on AI, fintech, blockchain, data privacy, digital transformation, digital twin, etc.

website of UN ESCAP

2018 Asia-Pacific Business Forum (APBF)

10-11 April 2018 United Nations - Dr. Chun shares his view of AI impact at UN forum [read]

website of the DSS Schools Council

Educating Gen AI

16 March 2018 Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council - Dr. Chun talks on educating Gen AI [read]

website of HK Baptist U - Center for HR Strategy and Development

Is the Future, Human Resource or AI Resource Management?

10 March 2018 HKBU HRMers Forum on AI and HRM - Dr. Chun talks about AI and the future of HR [read]

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Videos of Dr. Andy Chun's AI projects as well as some of this talks/speeches.

Late Night Golden 2 Hours

Video shows how MTR uses AI, developed by Dr. Chun, to schedule the precious "Golden 2 Hours" of late night engineering works for the critical RailGen 2.0 project. [video] 

AI: End of Humanity or The Beginning of A New Era?

Dr. Chun explores the fascinating journey that AI R&D has taken over the past few decades from its humble early days of tackling simple toy problems, to its present-day proliferation in practically everything we touch. [video] 

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