Talks 2024

CityU College of Business MBA SHARP Forum - 29 April 2024

AI-Empowered Education: Augmenting Human Intelligence for Effective Teaching and Personalized Learning

Chun was one of the speakers at the CityU College of Business's MBA SHARP Forum on AI in Education. He delved into the synergy between AI and education, discussing its transformative potential and the imminent reality of having a personal generative AI tutor, enabling learning anytime, anywhere, on any subject. He joined a panel of distinguished peers including: Mr. Eric Byron, Mr. Tommie Lo, and Prof. Cecilia K.Y. Chan. The panel was moderated by Prof. Leung Alvin, Associate Head (IS) at CityU. [web] 

CityU CB SHARP Forum website

PolyU Business School FinTech Forum - 27 April 2024

The AI Disruption: Emerging Trends and Challenges in FinTech

Chun spoke at the FinTech Forum, organized by the PolyU Business School. This year's theme was: FinTech in Hong Kong: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges Ahead. The forum brought together industry leaders and academics to explore the dynamic landscape of financial technology. Chun's talk delved into the transformative impact of generative AI on the financial industry. In addition, he joined a panel with Dr. MENG Zhaoli and Prof. QU Qiang. [web] 

PolyU Business School website

AI and Future of Printing - 27 April 2024

AI-Powered Design: The Magic Wand for Modern Creatives

Chun spoke at the 35th Hong Kong Printing Awards launch ceremony. This is the most prestigious annual award that celebrates the achievements in design, printing, and publishing sectors. Chun shared his perspective on the influence of generative AI in the print and design sector. In addition, he joined a panel discussion with esteemed speakers, including: Michael Cheung and Anthony Tong. The panel was moderated by Dicky Choy, Honorary Chairman, Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong. [pdf] 

Agenda for AI and Future of Printing

CityU College of Business MBA Masterclass - 13 April 2024

Navigating the AI Revolution: A Guide for Future Business Leaders

Chun conducted an MBA Masterclass at the CityU College of Business. He shared insights on the transformative potential of generative AI and its impact on the future of work. Chun believes that as we embrace this technological evolution, human-centric competencies will become increasingly vital. [web] 

CityU CB Masterclass website

Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation APAC 2024 - 21 March 2024

Embrace Change and Stay Agile

Chun was the moderator for the panel on Discover the Future of Insurance with Generative AI. He facilitated discussions that delved into the vast potential of generative AI within the insurance sector. The panellists provided valuable insights into emerging opportunities, practical use cases, and established best practices. They also explored strategies to navigate risks and adhere to regulatory standards effectively. [web] 

IAAI APAC 2024 website

15th BankTech Executive Summit 2024 - 14 March 2024

Change, Disruption, Opportunity: Digital Banking in 2024

Chun joined a panel on AI and The Consumer - Impacts, Expectations and Opportunity. He shared insights on the evolving maturity of generative AI within the banking industry; the introduction of the RAG framework to enhance accuracy and reduce hallucination; the strategic advantages of private LLMs; the critical role of guardrails to ensure unbiased, safe, and secure conversation; the innovative use of promptathons and design thinking to harness generative AI's potential in solving business challenges; and the transformative impact of conversational AI agents in enriching customer interactions. [web] 

15th BankTech Executive Summit 2024 website

Data Science & AI Trends Hong Kong Summit - 6 March 2024

The Roadmap for Data-Centric AI

Chun joined a panel on Can GenAI Adoption be Localized? It was a rich exchange covering enterprise applications, best practices, fostering trust and reliability in technology, the intricacies of private LLMs, and the evolving responsibilities of a Chief AI Officer. [web] 

Data Science & AI Trends Hong Kong website

2024 Global Virtual MarTech Summit (Global) - 21 February 2024

Elevating MarTech Globally: Where Ideas Transcend Boundaries

Chun joins the APAC+EMEA Summit on a panel on Ready for 2024: What We Learned From 2023 in APAC & EMEA. He discussed how generative AI is transforming the field of MarTech and creating new opportunities for marketers. He also highlighted some of the potential pitfalls and ethical concerns that come with using this technology, such as data privacy, content quality, and intellectual property rights. He explored how the future of MarTech will be shaped by AI agents, both on the supply and demand sides. He argued that marketers need to adapt to an AI2AI world, where they will have to leverage AI to reach and persuade consumers who will also rely on AI to make their purchase decisions. [web] 

2024 Global Virtual MarTech Summit website

Hong Kong Productivity Council - 25 January 2024

Get Ready for Next Internet Revolution - Web3 Conference

The 'Get Ready for Next Internet Revolution Web 3.0' is a series of activities organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council that includes Web3-related workshops, company visits, and seminars. The Web3 Conference is the grand finale for the program and is co-hosted by Chun and Alex Chan, GM Digital Transformation at HKPC. In the conference, Chun moderated a panel on Embracing Web3: Promoting Ecosystem Development in HK to share best practices for Web3 applications and future trends, and opportunities for Hong Kong's Web3 development. [web] 

HKPC Web3 Conference website

Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals - 20 January 2024

Generative AI and Copyright Law Forum

The Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals (AMP4) organized this forum to explore the impact of AI on traditional copyright law and human creativity. The forum aims to build a platform for discussion for HK and the GBA with legal experts, scholars, workers in the creative industry, and government officials. Chun joined a panel with HK's legendary producer, writer, and actor, Mr. Raymond Wong, and other distinguished speakers to discuss the impact of Gen AI in the movie and creative industries, and the need for legislation on its use in movie script writing. Chun shared how the US writer and actor strikes led to agreements on the use of AI in script writing and acting, which protected the rights of the writers and actors with fair compensation even when generative AI was used. [web] 

PolyU Design news website on Gen AI and Copyright Law Forum