Talks 2020

Hong Kong x Taiwan Economic Co-operation Forum (Taiwan) - 22 December 2020

Digital Transformation Applications and Business Opportunities

The Hong Kong Economic, Trade, and Culture Office (HKETCO) is a government office to facilitate the trade collaboration between Hong Kong and Taiwan. This forum is an annual event organized by the Hong Kong and Taiwan government to promote economic co-operation. Andy Chun was invited to join this delegation to Taiwan and gave a talk on digital transformation and the role of AI. [web] 

website of the HK x Taiwan Economic Co-operation Forum

Pandemic Innovation Digital Solution Awards 2020 - 18 December 2020

AI Use in Healthcare and AI Use Against Pandemic

Chun was a member of the judging panel for the Pandemic Innovation Digital Solution Awards 2020, organized by the HK Computer Society and supported by the HK Government. Chun gave two talks at the awards ceremony, one on the use of AI in healthcare, and another on AI use to fight the pandemic. [web] 

website for the Pandemic Innovation Digital Solution Awards 2020

The AI Summit (New York) - 9-10 December 2020

Customer-Centric AI Digital Ecosystem for Health and Wealth

The top concerns for most people during this Covid-19 pandemic is how to take better care of themselves and how to manage their money better. Andy Chun's talk highlights how Prudential used data, AI, and ML to create a customer-centric digital ecosystem to help people stay healthier and wealthier, as well as provide great customer experience. [web] 

website of the AI Summit New York

Oman Business Resilience Symposium (Oman) - 7 December 2020

How AI is Shaping Up the Banking & Finance Industry

Andy Chun as a member of this panel to discuss how AI is disrupting the banking and finance industry as well as opportunities it may bring. With the FinTech revolution and emergence of virtual banks, the role of AI and other emerging technologies may bring about transformational changes in banking business models. AI governance and ethical use is also important consideration for BFSI. [web] 

website of Oman Business Resilience Symposium

Digital Summit: IOT Solutions World Congress (Barcelona) - 2-3 December 2020

How AI is Disrupting the Insurance Industry and Helping Customer Become Healthier

Andy Chun gave the opening keynote on the AI Day for the Digital Summit. He shared how Covid-19 has impacted corporations with an urgent need for digitalization and transformation. Chun shared how the insurance industry has been adapting through newer technologies. Chun also shared how Prudential has created an all-in-one AI app to help customers become healthier. [web] 

website of the IOT Solutions World Congress

CIO Leadership Forum - 3 December 2020

AI for Digital Transformation and Improving Customer Experience: Use Case in Digital Health

Andy Chun gave a talk on the urgency of Digital Transformation amid Covid-19 and role of AI. AI has been improving digital customer experience and streamlining processes. Chun shared practical use of AI in the insurance industry, and use case of how Prudential created a free all-in-one AI app to help users stay healthy. [web] 

website of the CIO Leadership Forum

Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education Conference - 27-28 November 2020

What's Beyond Gen Z?

How has AI and big data analytics disrupted what healthcare and biomedical science graduates can expect from the workplace in the next five years and beyond? As educators what have we, can we or should we be doing to future ready our students? In this panel discussion, leaders from both industry and university will be asked to address these and other thought provoking issues relevant to our evolving health industrial landscape. [web] 

website of the HKU Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education Conference

World CX Summit (Jakarta) - 24 November 2020

How AI Will Shift Customer Experience to the Next Level

One technology trend that has caught everyone's attention in recent years is the way artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving. Its disrupting nature has given it an enormous potential with countless applications. Among the many possibilities that AI promises customer experience (CX) seems to be completely overhauled. Andy Chun was the moderator that lead the discussion on how AI, data, and machine learning, improve customer experience, [web] 

website of the World CX Summit Jakarta

World Cloud Show (Singapore) - 19 November 2020

Data Management and Storage in the Cloud

Andy Chun moderated the panel that explored how Covid-19 with increased demand on digital might have changed the behaviours and habits of users and customers, and consequently impacted cloud usage and data management needs. With a trend for WFH, many organizations had to prepare themselves to ensure secured access to data. With increasing use of AI and machine learning, cloud infrastructure and storage needs had to adapt as well. [web] 

website of the World Cloud Show Singapore

Robert Walters Webinar (Asia) - 7 October 2020

AI in Practice: How AI Drives Business

Andy Chun was a panel member in this webinar organized by Robert Walters on practical aspects of AI transformation in business. The panel explores factors in developing AI strategies, practical aspects of AI development, as well as talent and skills needed. [web] 

Robert Walters Webinar website

CXO Forum - 24 September 2020

CXO as Transformational Leader

Andy Chun was a panel member in the 2020 CXO Forum that explores crucial factors for successful digital transformation in this age of Covid-19. The panel explores different types of digital transformation and the roles of C-suite and stakeholders in digital transformation initiatives. The panel also explores key skills needed as well as how to acquire and nurture such talents. [web] 

CXO Forum webpage

Hong Kong Computer Society - 23 September 2020

AI and the Future of Healthcare

Andy Chun was one of the speakers in this webinar that explores current uses of AI in healthcare. Chun shared how Prudential's all-in-one AI app Pulse, used AI to help users become healthier through better fitness, dieting, chronic illness management, etc. Pulse uses AI for AI symptom checking as well as facial analytics for BMI prediction, skin disease detection, blood oxygenation level prediction, etc. [web] 

HKCS Events page

Waters Tech Asia - 22 September 2020

In the Post-COVID age: Making the best business case out of data and technology

Andy Chun is a panelist in this Business Strategy & Leadership stream at the 2020 Wates Tech Asia conference. The panel discussed how to identify business opportunities in the rapid changes brought about by post-Covid age. Panel discussed approaches to innovation, digital transformation, and business case for emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning. [web] 

2020 Waters Tech Asia website

World Cyber Security Show (Asia) - 10 September 2020

Cyber Security and Data Protection for Bank and Financial Institutions

Andy Chun was the moderator for this panel of IT and AI experts on cyber security and data protection for the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) as well as the healthcare industry. Chun shared how Pulse by Prudential app balanced data privacy protection while supporting a digital ecosystem for health, fitness, and wellnesss. [web] 

2020 World Cyber Security Show website

World Cloud Show (Jakarta) - 8 September 2020

Ramping up Remote Work in the Cloud

Andy Chun was the moderator for this panel of CIOs to discuss how they ramped up on infrastructure, collaboration tools, bandwidth, security, etc. to support the sudden need for remote work from home due to Covid-19. Chun shared his experience in how Prudential provided a virtual selling platform for its agents, who can now sell over 90% of Prudential's products in non-face-to-face mode. [web] 

2020 World Cloud Show website

World AI Show (Philippines) - 25 August 2020

Assessing the Industries where AI/Ml has caused a Disruption: Journey of Digital Transformation

The World AI Show Philippines highlights the potential in driving the next phase of AI and development in the Philippines. Andy Chun will share Prudential's digital transformation journey and how AI/ML is causing a disruption for the insurance industry. In particular, Chun will highlight the all-in-one AI app Pulse by Prudential that is providing easy access to healthcare and services to all. [web] 

website of 2020 World AI Show Philippines

Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science - 18 Aug 2020

Using AI for Better Health and Well-Being

AI, together with technologies like IoT and wearable devices, have the power to transform the way we manage our health as well as the future well-being for the human population. With potential 24x7 monitoring of fitness, health, and wellness factors, AI can help track progress towards health goals as well as alert us on health conditions, through the use of big data analytics and machine learning. Andy Chun's talk explores recent AI developments and applications in personal healthcare. [web] 

Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science website

HackerRank (India) - 13 Aug 2020

Developer Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Andy Chun was part of a panel to share his opinions on developer trends as well as topics such as talent development, learning culture, and talent retention. Chun shared how Prudential developed a cuilture for continuous learning and non-stop innovation. [web] 

HackerRank webinars website

AI Summit - 5-6 Aug 2020

Accelerating Customer Experience Through Human-AI Interaction

Businesses are interacting with customers in three major functions: sales, marketing and customer service. With the help of AI, companies can improve customer experience dramatically for every customer interaction. Andy Chun will share how Pulse by Prudential all-in-one AI app provides outstanding customer experience through AI and machine learning, helping customers become healthier and wealthier. [web] 

2020 AI Summit Hong Kong website

World AI Show (Malaysia) - 23 July 2020

How AI is shaping up the Banking & Finance Industry?

The World AI Show is Malaysia's biggest confluence of tech, partnerships and go-to-market strategies. This year, the event has been converted into a virtual gathering that will discuss the future of AI & ML with a special on Malaysia. Andy Chun will share Prudential's experience in applications and use cases of AI for the financial and insurance industry. In particular, Chun will highlight the all-in-one AI app Pulse by Prudential that is providing easy access to healthcare and services to all. Pulse was first launched in Malaysia in 2019. [web] 

website of 2020 World AI Show Malaysia

Hong Kong Computer Society - 13 July 2020

AI, Innovation, and Talent Development

Chun was a member of a panel with Mr. Lavine Hemlani and Mr. Sankar. S. Villupuram, and moderator, Dr. Albert Wong. Panel shared how AI innovation is re-inventing the engineering/construction industry as well as the insurance industry and also the challenges in nurturing AI talent to support AI growth. Chun talked about how Covid-19 has impacted the insurance and financial services industries, and why digital transformation with AI is now a must, as well as the need for organization-wide AI talent development. [web] 

HKCS Events page

Finovate Asia Digital - 6-10 July 2020

Harnessing The Power Of Artificial Intelligence To Delight Your Customers In The New Normal

AI and machine learning play an important role in the future of finance. The emerging technologies are changing how financial institutions generate and utilize insights from data, driving business model innovation and creating opportunities for new revenue streams. Andy Chun shared how Prudential is using AI technology to re-imagine the customer experience through its all-in-one AI Pulse app that helps customers stay healthy as well as provide a frictionless experience for insurance products/services. [web] 

photo of Andy Chun at panel session at the 2020 Finovate Asia Digital

Oracle - 19 Jun 2020

Maximize Value of Your Data With Innovation

With Covid-19, businesses from all industries are racing to digitalize and transform the way they design, create, and deliver products and services digitally to their customers. Big data and AI/ML are the main drivers for this to happen. Andy Chun shared how Prudential accelerated its digital transformation and AI adoption to create its Pulse app that has been downloaded millions of times during the pandemic. [web] 

photo of Andy Chun giving talk at this Oracle webinar

Adobe (Asia Pacific) - 11 Jun 2020

The Future after Crisis: Building a Process Around Digital

This Adobe webinar explores how organisations adapted to the change brought on by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, as well as it has changed how companies connect with customers. This session is a part three of the 'Driving Change' series and look at how organisations develop a digital-first approach to customer engagement, and outline how business executives can look to harness digital innovations long-term. Andy Chun shared Prudential's digital strategy and how its Pulse app is changing how Prudential connects with customers, helping them stay healthy during Covid-19. [web] 

photo of Andy Chun at panel session at the 2019 Insurtech Insight Conference

Amgen (Asia Pacific) - 4 Jun 2020

AI, Covid-19 and the Pharmaceutical Industry

AI is truly transforming every aspect of our daily life from how we work, live, and play. AI is now used practically across all industries to drive digital transformation and improve customer experience. Andy Chun's talk highlighted the many recent advances in the field of AI and explores how AI is transforming science and healthcare. In particular, the talk shared use cases and examples of how the pharmaceutical industry is benefiting from AI as well as how AI is helping combat the current Covid-19 pandemic. [web] 

Amgen website

CXO Forum Virtual Panel - 3 Jun 2020

COVID-19: An Engine for Digital Transformation

Andy Chun was a member of this CXO panel that discussed the effect of Covid-19 on digital transformation. Chun gave use cases on how the insurance industry quickly adapted, and in particular examples from Prudential on virtualizing its sales process as well as the use of its Pulse by Prudential all-in-one AI app for healthcare to help communities in Asia Pacific region stay healthy. [web] 

photo of Andy Chun at panel session at the 2020 CXO Forum

CityU EMBA - CEO Forum - 20 January 2020

Digital Transformation and AI: Future Trends in 2020

The CityU EMBA - CEO Forum is a platform for business leader sharing, hosted by City University of Hong Kong's EMBA Program. Dr. Andy Chun shared current developments in digital transformation (DX) and AI and their impact to business and customer experience. Chun shared use cases of DX and AI in the financial services industry in Hong Kong, particularly relating to recent developments in virtual banks and virtual insurance companies. [web] 

website of CEO Forum