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British Council: Global Education Dialogue (Korea 2015) (Seoul, Korea) - 26 February 2015

Educating Generation Alpha

Dr. Chun was one of the keynote speakers in this British Council event in Seoul. Dr. Chun talked about the impact of technology on the future of higher education. [video] 

Dr. Chun giving a talk in Seoul on about educating Gen Alpha

The Digital Education Show (Asia 2014) (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - 27 May 2014

Keynote Closing Address: Creating Classrooms in the Cloud: Interconnecting Physical and Online Spaces to Maximise Learning

Dr. Chun gave the closing keynote address for this leading digital education conference in Asia. Dr. Chun highlighted the importance of engaging students with flipped classrooms, anytime anywhere learning / sharing, and leveraging cloud for collaborative/social learning. [web] 

Dr. Chun giving the closing keynote at 2014 Digital Education Show

Information Systems Departmental Seminar Series - 11 Mar 2014

World-class IT for a World-class University: Achieving the Discovery-enriched Curriculum Vision

In this seminar, Dr. Chun outlined how CityU's 5-year IT Strategy led it to become one of the leaders in this region on the use of ICT for higher education, and to support the university's unique vision of empowering students to discover and innovate.

HK CIO Board Meeting - 20 Jan 2014

Educating Gen-Y: Challenges of a Higher Ed CIO

The Hong Kong Computer Society's CIO Board consists of key CIO leaders in Hong Kong. Dr. Chun was invited to speak on CityU's ICT strategy and the challenges of a higher education CIO in supporting the various adminstrative and teaching needs of a modern university.

The HP Asia-Pacific and Japan Industry Analyst Summit (Singapore) - 28 Aug 2013

Information Security Panel Discussion

Dr. Chun was a member in this panel to share CityU's experience on its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) implementation. Dr. Chun shared CityU's project objectives, implementation timeline, challenges, and benefits. The panel also discussed general information security issues faced by their respective organizations.

CIO Summit 2013 - 27 Aug 2013

Nurturing Next Generation Professionals: Challenges of a Higher Education CIO

Dr. Chun shared CityU's journey in using ICT to transform its teaching, learning, research, and administrative computing environment to leverage mobility, social media, cloud, and big data. Dr. Chun also shared the challenges of providing a rich ICT environment for the new Internet generation that is more conducive for their particular learning needs. [web] 

Dr. Chun giving a talk in the 2013 CIO Summit

CityU Library Senior Management Retreat - 8 Aug 2013

Trends in Higher Education e-Learning

Dr. Chun shared his views on the evolution of teaching pedagogies and changes in student learning needs over the past centuries. He also shared his views of the role technology plays in supporting teaching and learning, particularly for the Internet generation. Dr. Chun introduced the flipped classroom pedagogy and explained how libraries can support this and other new approaches to teaching/learning.

The Technology-Enabled Higher Education Revolution Conference (University of New South Wales, Sydney) - 31 July 2013

Technology as Better Pedagogy?

Dr. Chun joins an international panel to discussion MOOC and online education, and the role of technology in supporting modern pedagogies. The conference was organized by the United States Studies Centre at University of Sydney NSW.

Dr. Chun participating on a panel in Sydney on higher education revolution

FutureGOV Forum Singapore (Singapore) - 23 April 2013

Digital Inclusion and Web Accessibility

Dr. Chun gave a talk on CityU's IT journey in converting its hundred more websites and half a million webpages to be digitally inclusive and supporting the newest web accessibility guidelines. CityU is probably the first University in the world to show this level of commitment to digital inclusion.

IT Leadership Forum Series - 26 Mar 2013

Roles and Challenges of a CIO

Dr. Chun shared his views of the evolving roles of a higher education CIO as well as the various challenges faced and opportunities for transformational changes when technologies are leveraged properly.

Dr. Andy Chun giving a talk at the IT Leadership Forum

McGraw-Hill Education Asia (Penang, Malaysia) - 29 January 2013

Higher Ed CIO's Perspective: Transformation in the Face of Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is changing the business landscape for many industries, such as music and publishing. Dr. Chun shared how disruptive innovation is also affecting higher education and CityU's stragies in leveraging this to create transformational changes.

Cloud World Forum Asia - 12-14 November 2012

The Future of Cloud in Higher Education

CityU is an early adopter of cloud services for higher education in Hong Kong. At this gathering of cloud technology providers and users, Dr. Chun shared CityU's experience and strategy in leverage cloud services to support teaching/learning. [web] 

Launch Ceremony cum Seminar on Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme - 30 October 2012

Search Engine Optimisation and Web Accessibility

Dr. Chun was invited by the HK OGCIO to give a talk at this inaugural launch ceremony of the Hong Kong Government's Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme. Dr. Chun presented CityU's journey in transforming over a hundred university websites and half a million webpages to be user friendly, web accessible and responsive for mobile as well as search engine optimized.

Universities UK, Annual Conference 2012 (Keele University, United Kingdom) - 11-13 September 2012

3+3+4 Higher Education Transformation @ CityU

This is UK's annual gathering of university presidents, provosts, and senior leadership. Dr. Chun was invited to give a talk on CityU's ICT strategy in supporting Hong Kong's 334 transformation and CityU's new "Discovery-enriched Curriculum."

photo of Keele University where Dr. Andy Chun gave a talk on higher education in HK

HP Networking Solutions Day - 5 September 2012

CIO's Perspective: Leverage Technology to Achieve New Vision & Transformation

Dr. Chun was a Keynote Speaker at the HP Networking Solutions Day. He highlighted the challenges faced by modern universities in leveraging technology to create a teaching and learning environment that is transformational to better suit millennials. He also outlined the various IT infrastructure and security innovations implemented at CityU.

Dr. Andy Chun giving a talk at the HP Networking Solutions Day

CIO Connect, A Knowledge Cafe with the 2012 CIO of the Year award winners - 31 August 2012

IT for the Next Generation: A Business Transformation

Dr. Chun, being the new CIO of the Year for Hong Kong, gave a talk to a group of local CIOs to share his views. Dr. Chun talked about the various challenges faced by higher education CIOs and CityU's IT strategy to provide a technology environment to support teaching/learning for a new generation of learners. In particular, he shared CityU's development in mobile and social learning.

DatacenterDynamics Converged - 29 June 2012

The Design of a Modern University Data Center

Dr. Chun gave an overview of CityU's new green data center design that will be saving the University millions of dollar annually in reduced energy costs. The new data center will eventually hold up to a thousand servers. [web] 

Dr. Andy Chun giving talk at Data Center conference

CIO Asia Award 2012 Conference - 9 March 2012

The Roles of CIO and CEO

Dr. Chun was a panel member in this discussion on the roles of CIO and CEO, their working relationship, and whether a CIO should consider moving into a CEO role as a career path. [web] 

Dr. Andy Chun as a panel member at the CIO Asia Award conference

CITE Research Symposium 2011 - 30 June 2011

Mobile-Learning Developments at CityU

Dr. Chun introduced CityU's new "Discovery-enriched Curriculum" that promoted discovery and innovation, as well as the use of e-learning tools and technology as an integral part of that strategy. Dr. Chun provided an overview of e-learning developments at CityU, particularly progress in supporting mobile-learning.

JUCC 2nd Information Security Conference - 19-20 May 2011

Artificial Intelligence and Information Security

Dr. Chun was a Keynote Speaker at the information security conference organized by the Joint Universities Computer Centre. Dr. Chun presented a brief history of the evolution of AI and how AI concepts and techniques influenced developments in the information security field. [web] 

Dr. Andy Chun giving a talk at the 2nd JUCC Information Security conference

Blackboard Day Hong Kong 2010 - 25 March 2010

Realigning e-Learning Strategy: Planned Open Adoption

Dr. Chun presented CityU overall e-learning strategy and ecosystem as well as how it achieved its remarkable 80% adoption rate of its e-learning platform. He also presented CityU future e-learning plans.