Talks 2021

International Innovation Summit - 9 December 2021

Key Success Factors to Running Internal Innovation Labs and Supercharging Your Business

Chun gave a keynote on the importance of innovation, and best practices in driving internal innovation within a corporation. He shared Prudential's experience in creating a culture for continuous digital innovation and its unique innovation methodology that brings together talent from across the globe to work together and deliver new capabilities to customers at pace and scale. [web] 

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Hash Innovation Asia Summit (Asia) - 19 November 2021

Embracing the Next Normal & Overcoming Digital Disruption with Robotics, Automation & AI

Chun was a member of a panel on the new normal with digital transformation and AI. He shared how Prudential leveraged new digital technologies such as data, AI, and machine learning to create a digital ecosystem to help our customers become healthier and wealthier in this age of new normal. [web] 

website of Hash Innovation Asia Summit

CamTech Summit (Cambodia) - 11 November 2021

Bridging the Skills Gap to Succeed in the Age of Digital Transformation

The CamTech Summit showcases Cambodia's FinTech and Tech landscape through inclusiveness. This year's CamTech was sponsored by Prudential. Chun gave a keynote on strategies to bridge the skills gap in the age of digital transformation. He shared how Prudential created a culture for continuous learning and innovation, particularly in the areas of data, AI, and machine learning. [web] 

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World Cloud Show (Egypt) - 27 October 2021

Cloud Sovereignty: Protecting Cloud Data Centers in the Cybersecurity Age

Chun moderated a panel of distinguished speakers on the topic of cloud sovereignty, cloud security, data privacy, compliance, and other important issues faced by major corporations in cloud deployment and digital transformation [web] 

website of World Cloud Show - Eqypt

CIO Innovation Forum - Building Long-Term IT Resiliency - 20 October 2021

Cultivating a Talent Pool for the Next Decade

Chun was a member of a panel that discussed shared strategies and approaches to attracting, retaining, and nurturing digital talent in this age of rapid digitalization and great demand for skills in advanced technologies such as data, AI, and blockchain. [web] 

website of CIO Innovation Forum - Hong Kong

World AI & RPA Show (Manila) - 16 September 2021

How is AI Enhancing and Rewarding the Financial Services Industry?

Chun was a member of a panel that discussed how AI is enhancing and rewarding the financial services industry, through various use cases and best practices. Chun also gave a keynote speech on Prudential's digital AI ecosystem for health, wealth, and enterprises. [web] 

website of World AI Show Manila

Bimalab Insurtech Accelerator Program (Kenya) - 8 September 2021

Customer-Centric AI Digital Ecosystem for Health and Wealth

Bimalab is an accelerator programme launched by Kenya's Insurance Regulatory Authority together with insurers to help innovators accelerate insurtech development and create a platform to share global best practices. To help Kenya innovators and startups better understand latest technology developments in global insurance, Chun shared Prudential's experience in creating a customer-centric AI digital ecosystem for health and wealth. [web] 

website of Prudential's BimaLab

IDC Conference: Financial Insights (Hong Kong & Taiwan) - 27 August 2021

Managing Innovations for Financial Services

Chun shared on what it means to be a technology company and the importance of having an innovation culture as well as the importance of being a learning organization. He also shared why Prudential created a digital ecosystem and how it is helping customers become healthier and wealthier using data, AI, and machine learning. [web] 

website of the IDC Financial Insights conference

Hong Kong Designers Association - 20 August 2021

Creative AI is Here

Chun spoke on how AI may impact the design and creative industries. He shared how leveraging latest developments in deep learning and generative algorithms can provide designers with capabilities not imaginable before. He also touched upon copyright, ownership, and NFT. [web] 

website of the Hong Kong Desingers Association

The Economist (Singapore) - 13 August 2021

Coming of AI-ge: How financial services can innovate like big tech

Chun was a member of a panel of speakers from banking and financcial services industry (BFSI) to share on how large corporations are innovating like big tech and leveraging data, AI and machine learning, as well as challenges facced. [web] 

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Dell - 25 June 2021

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the New Normal: Respond, Recover and Thrive

Chun was invited to share on how corporations are accelerating digital transformation driven by the pandemic and the new normal. Chun shared how Prudential leveraged AI and ML in its Pule by Prudential app to create a digital ecosystem and tranform customer experience as well as help customers become healthier and wealthier. [web] 

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Finovate Asia (APAC) - 23 June 2021

Leveraging emerging technologies and digitisation to reimagine a hybrid customer experience

Chun spoke on how Prudential leveraged emerging technologies, such as AI and ML, to deliver better outcomes for our clients, which are better health and wealth through our Pulse by Prudential digital ecosystem. He also shared ways AI and ML are used to improve customer experience. [web] 

website of Finovate Asia

World AI Show (Egypt) - 31 May 2021

Covid-19 Outbreak: How Cloud Technologies, AI, ML are helping us deal with the pandemic

Chun moderated this panel that shared how technologies such as AI and machine learning are helping corporations deal with the pandemic. Panel members were from diverse backgrounds in government, banking, ceramics, automobile, and critical infrastructure to share their insights. [web] 

website of the World AI Show Egypt

12th BankTech Executive Virtual Summit 2021 - 25 March 2021

How Will Coronavirus Accelerate the Digital Agenda in FSI?

Chun was a panel member speaking on how the Coronavirus accelerated digital transformation in the banking and financial services industries. Chun shared the growing importance of digital in the new norm, and how AI is an important element to improving customer experience and allowing businesses to better understand customer needs. [web] 

website of the 12th BankTech Executive Virtula Summit 2021

Hong Kong Forum of AI and Robotics - 20 March 2021

Application and Development of AI and Robotics in Hong Kong

This is the inaugural forum of the newly established Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Chun was a panel member to discuss AI developments in Hong Kong, challenges, as well as opportunities brought by the Greater Bay Area. [web] 

website of the HK Forum of AI and Robotics

World CX Summit (Singapore) - 11 March 2021

Exceeding New Expectations in The New World of Digital

Chun was the moderator for this panel that explored changing consumer behaviours post pandemic and challenges faced in terms of customer experience and customer expectations. The panel discussed the role of AI in improving customer experience and automating processes. [web] 

website of the World CX Summit