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The Economist Intelligence Unit - December 2017

Risks and Rewards: Scenarios around the economic impact of machine learning

The Economist Intelligence Unit interviewed Dr. Andy Chun for a report on the potential economic impact of advances in machine learning in different regions of the world. The report also interviewed Dr. Chun on the risks and rewards of the use of AI and machine learning for the transportation industry. [pdf]  [한국어] 

The Economist article on economic impact of machine learning

ZDNet Korea - 22 November 2017

"AI이론과 논문 등 50여편 발표"...지능정보시스템학회 27일 추계 학술 대회

ZDNet Korea covered the annual Fall AI conference organized by the Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society held in Seoul. The conference focused on AGI (artificial general intelligence) and XAI (explainable AI). Dr. Chun was an invited keynote speaker, where he talked about "Technology Convergence" of AI, digital twins, IoT, and blockchains. [read] 

ZDNet Korea magazine article on AI conference in Seoul

Artificial Intelligence Times (Korea) - 21 November 2017

한국지능정보시스템학회, AI의 현재와 미래를 조명하는 ‘2017년 추계 정기학술대회’ 개최

The Artificial Intelligence Times magazine in Korea reported on the AI conference organized by the Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, where Dr. Chun was an invited keynote speaker. The conference focused on AGI (artificial general intelligence) and XAI (explainable AI). [read] 

Korea AI Times magazine reported on AI conference in Seoul

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (Italy) - 22 October 2017

C'è un'app per diventare buoni comunisti. Made in China, ovviamente

This leading Italian news media talked about China Communist Party's new apps that used AI to determine party members' loyalty by analyzing their online activities. Dr. Andy Chun's comments were quoted as: "Non è chiaro che tipo di dati raccolgano queste app, e questo credo spingerà molti a esprimersi con cautela." [read] 

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - article on China Communist Party AI app

TechRitual - 19 October 2017

EMC促進業界就「Modernize」議題 進行分享及交流 加快本港數碼轉型步伐

觸目的IT業界年度盛事「 EMC Forum Hong Kong 2017」在10月17日(星期二) 假香港JW萬豪酒店舉行。今 年的論壇以「Modernize」為主題 ,吸引近1,000位與會者出席。 在行政人員對話環節中, EMC香港及澳門區系統工程總 監羅偉文與香港城市大學 副教授及前資訊總監陳漢 偉博士探討人工智能技術 如何影響數碼轉型。 [read] 

article on EMC's annual forum and Dr. Andy Chun's as executive guest speaker

Quartz - 17 October 2017

The Communist App Store

China's Communist Party developed apps to educate and promote social networking among party members, focusing on "party construction." Quartz interviewed Dr. Andy Chun to get his opinion on the potential AI technologies behind the Smart Red Cloud app that uses AI to educate and evaluate party members. [read] 

Quartz - article on China Communist Party AI app

GovInsider - 6 October 2017

Hong Kong's Vision for Artificial Intelligence

Hong Kong Government CIO, Allen Yeung, presents plans for smart city using data, IoT and AI to tackle climate change, ageing population and city management. Dr. Andy Chun's AI work for Hong Kong hospitals, metro system, and immigration, were mentioned as examples of current AI use in Hong Kong government. [read] 

GovInsider - article on Hong Kong's AI use and smart city plans

acxiom - 22 September 2017

A Global Perspective on the Application of Data Ethics

Sheila Colclasure writes on the implications of AI and ML on data ethics and how to ensure sustainable innovation with effective data protection, Dr. Andy Chun was invited to give the AI technology perspective on this matter. [read] 

article on applications of data ethics and AI

Future of Privacy Forum - 20 September 2017

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Ethical Applications

The Future of Privacy Forum and the Information Accountability Foundation will co-host an event at the International Conference of Data Protection Commissioners in Hong Kong. The event follows IAF's publication of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Enhanced Data Stewardship. Dr. Andy Chun was one of the invited guest speakers to talk about AI and its impact to privacy and ethics. [read] 

article on FPF website on AI, ML, and Ethical applications

Curbed New York - 19 September 2017

What New York City's Subway System Can Learn From Ones Around the World

This popular NYC online media lists railway and transit success stories around the world that NYC subway might be able to gain insights from. Dr. Andy Chun's AI system for Hong Kong's MTR subway was also mentioned. [read] 

article listed railway success stories around the world for NYC to consider

ComputerWorld HK - September 2017

Envisioning the Future Data Centers

Data centers in the future will be AI-driven, software-defined, resilient and sustainable. Dr. Andy Chun shared his views of how AI will help manage the data center of the future, at this major annual data center conference. [pdf] 

Computerworld - article on AI and data center

AI Business - 24 July 2017

How AI is Transforming Enterprise: A View from Hong Kong

AI Business magazine interviewed Dr. Andy Chun to see beyond the hype and how AI is really transforming business in Hong Kong and this region as well as how AI will be changing the game in the future. [read] 

AI Business - article on AI business transformation

The College for Adult Learning - 20 July 2017

Supply Chain Automation and Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Supply Chain automation is well established, but the increased use of AI in logistics is rapidly reshaping how companies think and plan. Dr. Andy Chun's work on AI optimization is used as course material and case studies in logistic management. [read] 

College for Adult Learning - article on AI and logistics

Sin Chew Daily - 星洲日報 (Malaysia) - 18 June 2017

Artifical Brain and Human Brain - 機械腦與人腦結合不是天方夜譚

This newspaper article interviewed Dr. Andy Chun and explores current AI developments and trends, as well as the much debated topic of singularity and whether one day human brains might be augmented with or connected to AI in the future. [image] 

Sin Chew Daily - article on AI and singularity

LinkedIn Pulse - 15 June 2017

Calculating the Real Value of Virtual Design and Construction Technologies

This article highlights how the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry has been slow on adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, and virtual design and construction, despite ROI benefits. It cited Dr. Andy Chun's AI work on engineering scheduling as an example of how AI can improve efficiencies. [read] 

LinkedIn Pulse - article on AEC industry and AI

GovInsider - 12 June 2017

Four Things You Need to Know About Neural Networks

GovInsider interviewed Dr. Andy Chun on the current trend in neural networks and deep learning. What is it? Why is this important? How does it affect government? What is happening in this region? [read] 

GovInsider - article on neural networks and deep learning

Yibada - 5 May 2017

Tencent to Knock Out Rival Amazon with Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seattle

This is an article on Tencent and its new AI Lab in Seattle to compete with Amazon. The lab will be led by former Microsoft scientist Yu Dong. The article quotes Dr. Andy Chun on his comment on WeChat. [read] 

Yibada - article on Tencent and its new office in Seattle

ActuIA (France) - 4 May 2017

Tencent, le Géant Chinois Méconnu de la Course à l’Intelligence Artificielle

A French article on Tencent's AI development included a quote from Dr. Andy Chun that provided his perspective of the situation: "WeChat est beaucoup plus enraciné dans la vie quotidienne moyenne des citoyens chinois qu’Alibaba ou Baidu. Amazon et Google n’ont rien de comparable." [read] 

ActuIA - article on Tencent and AI (in French)

Quartz - 3 May 2017

China's Tencent is a Sleeping Giant in the Global Artificial Intelligence Race - 中国巨头腾讯是 AI 领域 "沉睡的巨人"

Insightful Quartz article on Tencent and how it is leveraging its WeChat platform for AI development. Dr. Andy Chun offered some of his personal opinion on the AI potentials. [read]  [环球网]  [财经网] 

Quartz - article on Tencent and AI

Il Post (Italy) - 27 April 2017

Dove ci Porta l'Intelligenza Artificiale

This article discusses how AI might impact the future of various transportation modes. For rail transportation, the article cites Dr. Andy Chun's work with the MTR as an example of notable AI innovation: "La gestione degli orari dei treni sulle diverse linee e la manutenzione notturna sono tutte gestite da una sala controllo centrale in cui un sistema di AI progettato da Andy Chun della Hong Kong's City University risolve i problemi della rete metropolitana." [read] 

Il Post - article on AI in rail industry - l'AI su rotaia

HK Economic Journal 信報 - StartUp Beat - 14 April 2017

Human Intelligence, AI, and Cyborg - 智商升呢迎AI挑戰 人機合一防智能叛變

This online video series of HK Economic Journal's StartUp Beat explores the future of AI, Elon Musk's neuron lace, cyborg, and other futuristic topics. Dr. Andy Chun was a guest speaker to share his thoughts on these fascinating topices. [read]  [video] 

Dr. Andy Chun talks about future of AI, neural lace, technological singularity, and cyborgs

Ming Pao 明報 - Sunday Magazine - 9 April 2017

Connecting Human with AI; No Longer a Fantasy - 機械腦與人腦結合 不是天方夜譚

The Sunday magazine cover story is about AI and future of humanity. Dr. Andy Chun explained the current state-of-the-art in AI and how it relates to the neural lace proposed by Elon Musk, as well as the technological singularity in 2045. [read]  [image] 

Dr. Andy Chun talks about future of AI, neural lace, technological singularity, and cyborgs

Asia Pacific Rail 2017 - 21 March 2017

Deploying AI to Manage Complex Maintenance Schedules

Mr. Terry Wong, GM Infrastructure Maintenance at MTR Corp, gave a talk on how MTR used AI, developed by Dr. Andy Chun, to manage complex maintenance schedules. According to Mr. Wong: "With the introduction of the AI program, MTR was able to save two days a week in scheduling and have more time in carrying out their engineering works, which saved the company $800,000 a year." [read] 

talk on AI and maintenance scheduling in railways using AI developed by Dr. Andy Chun

TVB - 6 February 2017

The Pearl Report - Robot / Age of AI

This special TV episode of The Pearl Report focuses on the development of Artificial in Hong Kong. Dr. Andy Chun was invited to share his views on AI and future trends. [video] 

video of Dr. Andy Chun explains AI developments in Hong Kong

搜狐科技 - 1 February 2017

AI领袖发声 -全球808名专家,1980名业界领袖联署AI 23 条军规

Article on AI practitioners signing the Asilomar AI Principles of AI ethics and values. Dr. Andy Chun is one of the signatory. [read] 

Sohu article - - The Asilomar AI Principles