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Cafe de Coral Logo Café de Coral: Production Scheduling

cafe de coral - food production scheduling

Project Summary:

  • client: Cafe de Coral
  • application: food order processing, production scheduling
  • AI technology:  search algorithms


Maintaining customer satisfaction with business growth is essential in this competitive business environment. Taking advantage of the advanced IT, we automated our client's school lunchbox order processing needs. Our system processes over 10,000 orders weekly and produces precise production and delivery schedules and instructions to match customer needs.

Using our School Lunchbox Processing System, Cafe de Coral is now able to provide an efficient and effective daily food delivery services to their customers, handling over 10,000 orders weekly.

Our Client

Established in 1969, Cafe de Coral (CDC) is one of the largest and most diverse food and beverage groups in Hong Kong. The CDC Group currently has six key business units in operation with close to 150 branches offering different types of food services to the general public. Being a market leader in Hong Kong, their corporate motto: "A Hundred Points of Excellence"; reflects their commitment to strive for quality and service excellence.

Business Needs

Asia Pacific Catering (APC) is one of the six business units within the CDC Group. Launched in 1990, Asia Pacific Catering aims at providing contractual catering services to a variety of public and private institutions and companies.

In 1998, they continued to expand their catering business and began to offer lunchbox production and delivery services to schools in Hong Kong. Target at serving over 10,000 students daily scattered at different locations, the management of APC quickly realized they need computer automation to help manage and schedule production of lunchboxes and the delivery of lunchboxes to schools. In order to optimize and streamline their operation, APC commissioned us to design and implement an intelligent order processing system that can solve this critical issue.

AI Technology

We designed a School Lunchbox Order Processing System with maximal flexibility to cater to our client's growing business needs. Students at participating schools are given multiple-choice forms to select their weekly/monthly meal choices. These forms then go through optical mark reading (OMR) scanners to automatically recognize and extract meal selections. These data are stored into our database for further processing. From the scanned data, our system automatically produces schedules for production, schedules and instructions for delivery, and reports for management and finance.

Business Benefits

Our School Lunchbox Order Processing System has become a crucial part of CDC's day-to-day operation and in maintaining customer satisfaction by providing accurate, reliable, and on-time food delivery to tens of thousands of students daily.