AI Success Stories

Knowledge Management:

Our AI Knowledge Management software solutions make use of advanced techniques in business intelligence, data mining, expert systems, and machine learning to produce solutions that encapsulates corporate knowledge for reuse in various mission critical applications.

The following are some success stories of deployed AI knowledge management software systems using our technologies:

hk immigration department - intelligent e-government decision support

HK Immigration Department

Intelligent e-Government Decision Support - Immigration receives millions of application forms for travel documents, identity cards, visas, permits, certificates, etc. each year. AI is used to streamline approval and decision making processes, by encoding knowledge of laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as learn from human case officers. [more]

hk environmental protection department - intelligent text-mining/information retrieval

HK Environmental Protection Department

Intelligent Text-Mining/Information Retrieval - AI was used to create a customized text-mining/info retrieval system that knows environment- and EPD-specific English/Chinese terms. This AI system assists with background research in preparation for Legislative Council meetings. [more]