AI Success Stories

Logistic Timetabling/Dispatch:

Producing an optimized timetable/dispatch schedule to match business needs as well as operational and market constraints is not easy. Rules and constraints are highly intertwined and difficult to resolve. Our AI Timetabling Engine makes use of a variety of advanced AI techniques, such as constraint programming, business rules, and genetic algorithms to intelligently produce optimized timetables that matches target demands while satisfying all rules and constraints. Our timetabling technology allows businesses to ensure that adequate resources are made available at the right time/frequency to provide quality service to its customers.

The following are some success stories of deployed AI timetabling/dispatching systems using our technologies:

KMB - bus timetabling

Kowloon Motor Bus Company

Bus Timetabling - KMB experimented with AI to automatically generate bus timetables that satisfies service needs as well as maximize the productivity of their vehicles. The challenge is to be able to perform timetabling together with duty assignment. [more]

hk mtrc - train timetabling / dispatching


Train Timetabling/Dispatching - To enhance customer service, MTRC needed to increase train frequency during its peak rush hours. Using AI to capture knowledge of train movements within the depot area, our algorithms automatically generates a plan that allows additional trains to be dispatched in the tightly congested depot interlocking area. [more]

swire travel - airport limousine dispatching

Swire Travel

Airport Limousine Dispatching - Swire's Airport Limousine Services needed to expand business. However, it lacks skilled planners and controllers. AI was used to create an automated scheduling system that takes travel time, flight time, vehicle location, etc. to suggest the best vehicle to service each order. In addition, AI uses Real-time flight info and exit gate info to support scheduling. [more]