AI Success Stories

HR Rostering:

Our AI rostering software solutions make use of an AI Rostering Engine that uses a variety of advanced AI techniques, such as constraint programming, business rules, and genetic algorithms to produce optimized staff rosters and work assignments. Our rostering technology allows businesses to ensure that their HR resources are used wisely and efficiently to produce quality products/services while satisfying all the necessary business and operational rules and constraints.

The following are some success stories of deployed AI rostering software systems using our technologies:

hk equestrian event - volunteer/staff rostering

HK Equestrian Events

Volunteer/Staff Rostering - In preparation for 2008 Beijing Games, the "Good Luck Beijing" Games were held in 2007. AI was used to schedule and assign tasks to over a thousand volunteers and staff, ensuring adequate manpower at all times to handle various logistics, venue preparation, paperwork and publicity activities. [more]

hk hospital authority - nurse rostering

HK Hospital Authority

Staff Rostering - HA has Over 40,000 staff working in shifts. AI was used to automatically produce weekly rosters based on HK and HA specific rules and constraints, as well as hospital, departmental, and ward specific requirements. [more]

hk international terminals - staff rostering

HK International Terminals

Staff Rostering - To make best use of container yard laborers and workers, AI was used to forecast, schedule and manage over a thousand staff. The system allow HIT to move from fixed-shift to a flexi-shift system, that best matches shipping schedules and work demands. [more]