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CityU :: Course Managment

Project Summary:

  • customer:  City University of Hong Kong CityU Logo
  • application:  Internet Course Management System (i-CMS)
  • technology:  workflow


CityU is dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching by streamlining course management and student communication. Taking advantage of the power of Internet, We developed an Internet-based Course Management System (i-CMS) that a thousand academic and administrative staff will use to facilitate their daily teaching need - 7 days a week.

"... an integral and critical part of the University?s daily operations - hundreds of staff use i-CMS daily to manage our 17,000 or so students! We are very pleased with the results..."

Dr. J.T. Yu, CIO, CityU

Our Client

Established in 1984, the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has grown and developed at a remarkable pace to one of the leading tertiary institutes in Hong Kong. The number of students has increased significantly to more than 13,500 while number of academic programs offered has risen to more than 90. To meet this growing demand, the University has employed more than 800 full-time academic staff devoted to teaching, research and consultancy.

Business Needs

Quality of teaching has always been an important mission for the City University of Hong Kong. Providing adequate support to teachers in managing their courses and enhancing channels of communication with students are all important issues to the University.

Academic staff need convenient ways to communicate with their class, sections of the class, particular cohorts, or with individuals. They also need a convenient means to enter coursework and examination results and grades. Previously, academic staff managed their courses with Excel and then re-typed their coursework and exam results into the centralized student registration system using an out-dated FoxPro program.

It is apparent that Web technology is a much better alternative. CityU commissioned us to tailor built the i-CMS Web application to support this mission critical need.


i-CMS is a rich client application, designed and developed using state-of-the-art Web technologies. Our i-CMS application communicates with a local Oracle database and has connectivity with the Registrar's central database for student record synchronization and uploading of results and grades.

The main features of i-CMS include e-mail communication with selective groups of students within a course, routine coursework and examination result entry, link with curriculum information, perform final grade computation, and report generation. In addition, i-CMS provides a sophisticated delegation mechanism to allow staff members to delegate some of the course management responsibilities to administrative staff or graduate teaching assistants.

Business Benefits

The i-CMS has helped the academic staff at CityU to manage their courses and to communicate with their students more efficiently ? all i-CMS features are just a "click" away. Since the system is Internet-based, staff can access i-CMS whenever and wherever needed. Our i-CMS ensures secured access with different levels of user privileges. We believe i-CMS has contributed greatly in streamlining the teaching process and in improving teacher student communication at CityU.

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