News 2019

Arirang TV - 3 February 2019

The Global State of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Arirang TV is a global English-language television network based in Seoul, South Korea. In a recent episode on the global state of the 4th industrial revolution, Prof. Andy Chun was interviewed on the current state of AI development in China and its potential global impact. [video] 

Arirang TV episode on global state of 4th industrial revolution

Recruit - 2 February 2019


Prof. Andy Chun's article on current AI talent development in Hong Kong. The article mentions Hong Kong Government's $50 billion investment in high-tech areas such as biotechnology, ICT, AI, big data, and fintech. Prof. Chun also highlighted Hong Kong's AI successes. [read] 

Prof. Chun's article on HK AI talent development

東方日報 - 22 January 2019


Article on the explosion of co-working spaces in Hong Kong. Prof. Andy Chun was interviewed on the value of co-working spaces to support Hong Kong innovation and startup development, as well as winning strategies for companies offering co-working spaces. [pdf] 

Article on HK co-working space

東方日報 - 22 January 2019


Article on how Hong Kong is nurturing AI talent as well as the local AI job market. Prof. Andy Chun was interviewed on how universities in Hong Kong are creating new courses and curricula to satisfy the demand for AI talents. [read]  [pdf]  [東方日報] 

Article on HK AI market and talent development