Artificial Intelligence - Success Stories
Dr. Andy Chun

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For over two decades, we have been involved with the design and development of numerous Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in Hong Kong. These expert systems deal with AI scheduling, optimization, rostering, machine learning, etc. This site contains success stories of various AI systems developed for a wide variety of industries in Hong Kong, such as transportation, government, health, and food.

The types of AI systems we have developed include mission critical applications for:

These operations research (OR) related problems are solved using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms and techniques combined with robust and scalable fault-tolerant architectures.

Many large corporations in Hong Kong depend on our AI technology to streamline their day-to-day operations and maximize their productivity and quality of service/product - companies like the MTR, Immigration Department, Hospital Authority, etc.

Video on MTR AI Scheduling (cantonese):

Watch how MTR uses AI, developed by Dr. Chun, to schedule the precious "golden 2 hours" for the critical RailGen 2.0 project.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Slide presentation on our AI scheduling systems development work.
powerpoint presentation - AI success stories - Dr Andy Chun