News 2018 - February 2018

助企業迎接新科技機遇,HPE 創新峰會 2018 探討人工智能應用

人人都說人工智能是當今 一門重要技術,但是否人 人都懂得藉此提升企業競 爭力呢?早前由 HPE 舉辦的 Tech Summit 2018 分享企業採用人工智能 技術的心得和方案,助把 握新技術帶來的機遇。香 港城市大學電腦科學系副 教授陳漢偉於活動講解人 工智能、物聯網、區塊鏈 的「三角關係」。 [read] 

Unwire article on 2018 HPE Tech Summit

ComputerWorld HK - February 2018

HKCS Consolidates Special Interest Groups

HKCS has revealed plans to restructure to reflect the interests of its members and evolving trends in the IT industry. The organization will consolidate its existing seven special interest groups (SIGs) into four, to be focused on artificial intelligence, financial technology, cyber security and enterprise architecture respectively. The AI SIG will be convened by CityU's Dr Andy Chun. [read] 

Computerworld HK article on new HKCS specialist groups

The Atlantic - January 2018

Building Sustainable Urban Mobility

The Atlantic's The Possibility Report is a multi-part series that explores how new technologies will reframe our understanding of the world. In its urban mobility article, it mentioned that Hong Kong, Zurich, and Paris ranks highest in worldwide mobility index. Dr. Andy Chun work on AI at MTR was the main contributing factor for Hong Kong's high ranking in the world. [read] 

The Atlantic article on urban mobility