Talks 2018

United Nations - 10-11 April 2018

2018 Asia-Pacific Business Forum (APBF)

Organized by the United Nations' Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the theme of APBF 2018 is "Harnessing Business to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through Technology, Innovation and Financing." Dr. Andy Chun is a panellist on "The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Implications for work and society" to share his views on the impact of AI. [web] 

website of UN ESCAP website

Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council - 16 March 2018

Educating Gen AI

Dr. Andy Chun is the keynote speaker for the DSS Schools Council's Annual Meeting of school principals. Dr. Chun talks about the challenges and opportunities of educating the coming generation of AI 'natives'. [web] 

website of the DSS Schools Council website

HKBU HRMers Forum on AI and HRM - 10 March 2018

Is the Future, Human Resource or AI Resource Management?

Dr. Andy Chun talks on potential impact of AI to the Human Resource industry, and how new developments in AI might affect future HR professionals. [web] 

website of HK Baptist U - Center for HR Strategy and Development

IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things (Singapore) - 5-8 February 2018

Logistics Optimization with IoT, Digital Twin, AI and Blockchains.

The logistics and transportation sector can benefit greatly from further optimization of operations to cope with growing and dynamic needs of the new Industry 4.0 world. Dr. Chun talks about potential benefits from the convergence of several fast developing technologies, such as IoT, digital twin, artificial intelligence, and blockchains. [web] 

website of IEEE 4th World Forum on IoT

Loyalty 2018 (Bangkok) - 5-7 February 2018

How AI is Changing the Travel Industry

Dr. Andy Chun talks about how AI is being deployed in the travel industry, and its benefits to companies and customers. Dr. Chun also talked about how AI might create loyalty in the future. [web] 

2018 Loyalty conference website.

HP Enterprise Tech Summit 2018 - 31 January 2018

Business Transformation Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Andy Chun talks on how enterprises can leverage AI for business transformation as well as future trends in IoT and Digital Twins, with case studies on the use of AI for optimization. [web] 

2018 HPE website.