Talks 2019

Hong Kong Labour Department - 9 April 2019

Is AI a Threat or Opportunity for the Workplace?

The talk is organized by the Hong Kong Labour Department and its Workplace Consultation Promotion Division and the Human Resources Managers' Clubs, which consists of close to 3,000 members from over 2,000 organizations. Prof. Andy Chun was invited to speak on recent AI developments and its potential impact to the Hong Kong workplace. [web] 

website of the HK Labour Department

TFI Technology Tuesdays Seminar - 9 April 2019

AI for Better Health and Wealth

The TFI Technology Seminar series is co-organized by City University of Hong Kong and TFI, the leading video streaming solution company in Hong Kong. This seminar is held a few times each year focusing on new technology developments in Hong Kong. Prof. Andy Chun was invited to give a talk on current AI developments and trends, and in particular how it might impact human lives in the future through better health and wealth management. [web] 

website of the TFI

HK Management Association - 12 March 2019

Leveraging AI for Innovation and Transformation

Prof. Andy Chun gave a keynote speech at HKMA's IT Management Club luncheon on current developments in AI as well as opportunities and challenges for corporations that are seeking to leverage AI for innovation and transformation. [web] 

HKMA website.

Hong Kong Pharmacy Conference 2019 - 9-10 March 2019

Unravelling the Power of AI for Pharmacy Profession

This is Hong Kong's annual major conference for the pharmacy profession, and is jointly organised by the Pharmaceutical Society of HK, the Practising Pharmacists Association of HK, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of HK, the Dept of Pharmacology and Pharmacy HKU, School of Pharmacy CUHK, Department of Health, and the Hospital Authority. Prof. Andy Chun gave a talk on the power of AI and how it is transforming the pharmacy profession as well as healthcare in general. [web] 

website of the 2018 HK Pharmacy Conference

Hospital Authority - East Cluster - 28 February 2019

Vitalizing Health with AI

Prof. Andy Chun gave a keynote speech at HA's 10th Quality & Safety Seminar. He talked about how recent developments in AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and helping citizens to vitalize and take ownership of their own health through various AI innovations. [web] 

HK Hospital Authority East Cluster website.