Wing-Kwong (Ricky) Chan

BEng MPhil PhD HKU
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong


Office: Room G7309 (near lift 7, 7/f, green zone of Yeung (AC1) Building)
Phone: +852 3442 9684
Fax: +852 3442 0503
Email: wkchan  [at]


Dr. Chan worked as a software engineer and then came back to the University He is currently an associate professor. He received all his three degrees from The University of Hong Kong. His first degree was Computer Engineering, which was quite hardware oriented, and then he moved to the software side to study software engineering in his MPhil and PhD degrees.

Dr Chan's current research and teaching disciplines are software engineering, particularly the technical side of software engineering and its interface with emerging technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and GPU. He is interested in addressing technical challenges in program analysis and concurrency. Dr Chan published more than 100 papers in various venues such as TOSEM, TSE, TRel, TSC, TPDS, CACM, JSS, IST, STVR, SQJ, ICSE, ESCE/FSE, ASE, ISSTA, COMPSAC, QSIC, QRS, ICWS, AST, and WWW. He received the best paper awards from COMPSAC'04, COMPSAC'08, COMPSAC'10, QSIC'11, QRS'16, and ISET'18. He was one of the awardees of the CityU President's Awards 2017. His published work can be found at his CityU Scholar page or his Google Schoalr page. Preprints of articles can also be found on his website or obtained from him on request.

Dr Chan is on the editorial board of Journal of Systems and Software, Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, Array, and International Journal of Creative Computing. He is serving or had served as PC members of some conferences such as ICSE, ESEC/FSE, ISSTA, ASE, COMPSAC, QRS, AST, ICWS, and ICSOC. Dr Chan is involved in the following two conferences as program chairs: COMPSAC 2020 and QRS 2020. Owing to COVID-19, he will serve as the program chair of COMPSAC 2021.

Research Interests: software engineering (SE), SE side of deep learning, SE side of blockchain systems, program analysis, and program testing

I am looking for one self-motivating PhD student to join in 2022. If you are interested in, put down my name in the CityU PhD application form and contact me for matching.


MSc in E-Commerce (MSEC) is a master progremme jointly offered by CS Department and IS Department of City University of Hong Kong. I am the program leader from the CS Department. You may find more information about MSEC programme from our departmental homepage, and here is a leaflet which summarizes the key structure of the programme.

His current PhD students are shown below:


Latest research papers.

  1. CONQUER (MM 2021, oral) by Zhijian Hou, Chong-Wah Ngo, and W.K. Chan
  2. Plum (DSA 2021) by Hao Zhang and W.K. Chan
  3. Orchid (DSA 2021) by Haipeng Wang and W.K. Chan
  4. FAR (IEEE Access 2021) by Xiupei Mei, . Imran Ashraf, Xiaoxue Ma, Hao Zhang, Zhengyuan Wei, Haipeng Wang, and W.K. Chan
  5. DeepEutaxy (IEEE TRel 2021) by Hao Zhang and W.K. Chan
  6. RegionTrack (ACM TOSEM 2021) by Xiaoxue Ma, Shangru Wu, Ernest Pobee, Xiupei Mei, Hao Zhang, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  7. CUDAsmith (COMPSAC 2020) by Bo Jiang, Xiaoyan Wang, W.K. Chan, T. H. Tse, Na Li, Yongfeng Yin, and Zhenyu Zhang.
  8. Artemis (DSA 2020) by Anqi Wang, Hao Wang, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  9. EOSFuzzer (Internetware 2020) by Yuhe Huang, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  10. SBFL with Historical Structural Inference (IEEE TRel 2020) by Long Zhang, Zijie Li, Yang Feng, Zhenyu Zhang, W.K. Chan, Jian Zhang, and Yuming Zhou.
  11. BlockRace (AST 2020) by Xiupei Mei, Zhengyuan Wei, Hao Zhang, and W.K. Chan
  12. GasFuzzer (IEEE Access 2020) by Imran Ashraf, Xiaoxue Ma, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  13. Apricot (ASE 2019) by Hao Zhang and W.K. Chan
  14. TPlay (ASE 2019) by Ernest Bota, Xiupei Mei, and W.K. Chan
  15. AggrePlay (ESEC/FSE 2019) by Ernest Bota and W.K. Chan
  16. Fuzzing Android GUI (IEEE TRel 2019) by Bo Jiang, Yaoyue Zhang, W.K. Chan, and Zhenyu Zhang
  17. Fuse (poster) by Xiupei Mei, Imran, Ashraf, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  18. ContractFuzzer (ASE 2018) by Bo Jiang, Ye Liu, and W.K. Chan
  19. ConRS (COMPSAC 2018) by B. Zhu, R. Meng, B. Jiang, and W.K. Chan
  20. Sifter (IEEE TSC journal paper) by Chunyang Ye, S.C. Cheung, and W.K. Chan

His ORCid is

You can also found his published work at DBLP [Part 1, Part 2]

His research projects funded by various schemes can be found from his CityU Scholar page. The following summarizes the grants for ease of references.