BVH Motion Capture Data Animated

Group 12 Members

CHAN Ka Chun

CHEUNG Pan Yeung

LI Chengqing

ZHENG Weicheng Vincent

LO Terence

Apply motion capture data for 3D model

In order to let the model (mesh) move in the same position of the bone (armature), we need to reposition the armature in the original position by:

0: Original position  
1: Step 1
2: Step 2
3: Step 3   The mesh need to adjust (translate, rotate, resize may needed) so that to match the position of the armature, and then make parent
4: Step 4

Mesh can reuse if another armature need to be animate. If the armature having same structure and naming, we can use 4 simple manually steps the make the animation

This can omit the most time consuming part ˇ§vertices assigningˇ¨

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