I am recuriting PhD students. Students with ACM programming contest experience will have priority. If you are interested and you believe you are good, please send me your CV.

You can find more details about our PhD program at http://www.sgs.cityu.edu.hk/prospective/rpg

You can also find information about Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme at http://www.sgs.cityu.edu.hk/prospective/rpg/hkphd


Algorithms Design and Analysis, Combinatorial Optimization, Scheduling, Algorithmic Mechanism Design


A full list can be found in DBLP.

According to Areas:

Algorithmic Mechanism Design:

  • Minming Li, Chenhao Wang, Mengqi Zhang, "Budgeted Facility Location Games with Strategic Facilities" (IJCAI 2020).

  • Minming Li, Pingyan Lu, Yuhao Yao, Jialin Zhang, "Strategyproof Mechanism for Two Heterogeneous Facilities with Constant Approximation Ratio" (IJCAI 2020).

  • Xinping Xu, Minming Li, Lingjie Duan, "Strategyproof Mechanisms for Activity Scheduling" (AAMAS 2020).

  • Xujin Chen, Minming Li, Chenhao Wang, "Favorite Candidate Voting for Eliminating the Least Popular Candidate in a Metric Space" (AAAI 2020).

  • Minming Li, Long Tran-Thanh, Xiaowei Wu, "Defending with Shared Resources on a Network" (AAAI 2020).

  • Minming Li, Lili Mei, Yi Xu, Guochuan Zhang, Yingchao Zhao, "Facility Location Games with Externalities" (AAMAS 2019).

  • Lingjie Duan, Bo Li, Minming Li, Xinping Xu, "Heterogeneous Two-Facility Location Games with Minimum Distance Requirement" (AAMAS 2019).

  • Xujin Chen, Minming Li, Changjun Wang, Chenhao Wang, Yingchao Zhao, "Truthful Mechanisms for Location Games of Dual-Role Facilities" (AAMAS 2019).

  • Bo Li, Minming Li, Xiaowei Wu, "Well-behaved Online Load Balancing against Strategic Agents" (AAMAS 2019).

  • Ken. C. K. Fong, Minming Li, Pinyan Lu, Taiki Todo and Makoto Yokoo, "Facility Location Games with Fractional Preference" (AAAI 2018).

  • Facility Location Games with Optional Preference" (ECAI 2016).

  • , "Network Pollution Games" (AAMAS 2016).

  • Strategy-proof Mechanism Design for Facility Location Games: Revisited (Extended Abstract)". (AAMAS 2016).

  • Minming Li, Jialin Zhang and Qiang Zhang, "Truthful Cake Cutting Mechanisms with Externalities: Do not make them care for others too much!" (IJCAI 2015).

  • Shaokun Zou, Minming Li, "Facility Location Games with Dual Preference", (AAMAS'2015).

  • Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Minming Li, Jie Zhang and Qiang Zhang, "Facility Location with Double-Peaked Preference", in Proceedings of the 29th Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2015). Journal version

  • Qiang Zhang and Minming Li, "Strategyproof Mechanism Design for Facility Location Games with Weighted Agents on a Line", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 28(4), 756-773 (2014).

  • Qiang Zhang, Weiwei Wu, Minming Li, "Resource Scheduling with Supply Constraint and Linear Cost", in Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications (COCOA'2012), 212-222.

  • Xiaotie Deng, Li-Sha Huang and Minming Li, "On Walrasian Price of CPU Time", Algorithmica, 48(2): 159-172 (2007).

  • Li-Sha Huang, Minming Li and Bo Zhang, "Approximation of Walrasian equilibrium in single-minded auctions", Theoretical Computer Science 337(1-3): 390-398 (2005).  

Energy Efficient (DVS) Schedules:

Wireless Networks:

  • Haosheng Fan, Minming Li, Xianwei Sun, Peng-Jun Wan and Yingchao Zhao, "Barrier Coverage by Sensors with Adjustable Ranges", ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 11(1), 14 (2014).

  • Yongping Xiong, Ruogu Zhou, Minming Li, Guoliang Xing, Limin Sun, Jian Ma, "ZiFi: Exploiting Cross-Technology Interference Signatures for Wireless LAN Discovery", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13(11): 2675-2688 (2014)

  • Yong Cui, Shihan Xiao, Chunpeng Liao, Ivan Stojmenovic and Minming Li, "Data Centers as Software Defined Networks: Traffic Redundancy Elimination with Wireless Cards at Routers", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 31(12), 2658-2672 (2013)

  • Yong Cui, Shihan Xiao, Xin Wang, Minming Li, Hongyi Wang, Zeqi Lai, "Performance-aware Energy Optimization on Mobile Devices in Cellular Network", IEEE INFOCOM 2014, 1123-1131.

  • Shan Chu, Xin Wang, Minming Li, "Enforcing High-Performance Operation of Multi-hop Wireless Networks With MIMO Relays", in IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'2012).

  • Xun Xiao, Minming Li, Jianping Wang and Chunming Qiao, "Optimal Resource Allocation to Defend against Deliberate Attacks in Fiber Infrastructures", IEEE INFOCOM 2012.

  • Peng-Jun Wan, Chao Ma, Zhu Wang, Boliu Xu, Minming Li and Xiaohua Jia, "Weighted Wireless Link Scheduling without Information of Positions And Interference/Communication Radii", IEEE INFOCOM 2011.

  • Peng-Jun Wan, Minming Li, Lixin Wang and Ophir Frieder, "Local Pooling Factor of Multihop Wireless Networks", IEEE INFOCOM Mini-conference 2011.

  • Peng-Jun Wan, Lixin Wang, Ai Huang, Minming Li and Frances Yao, "Approximate Capacity Subregions of Uniform Multihop Wireless Networks" IEEE INFOCOM 2010.

  • Tian Wang, Weijia Jia, Guoliang Xing and Minming Li, "Exploiting Statistical Mobility Models for Efficient WiFi Deployment", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 62(1), 360-373 (2014).

  • Minming Li, Qin Liu, Jianping Wang and Yingchao Zhao, "Dispatching design for storage-centric wireless sensor networks", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 24(4), 485-507 (2012).

  • Guoliang Xing, Minming Li, Tian Wang, Jun Huang and Weijia Jia, "Rendezvous Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Base Stations", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 11(1): 47-60 (2012). 

  • Minming Li, Peng-Jun Wan and F. Frances Yao, "Tighter Approximation Bounds for Minimum CDS in Unit Disk Graphs", Algorithmica 61(4): 1000-1021 (2011).

  • Minming Li, Shawn L. Huang, Xiaoming Sun and Xiao Huang, "Performance evaluation for energy efficient topologic control in ad hoc wireless networks", Theoretical Computer Science 326(1-3): 399-408 (2004).

Key Management:

  • Sicen Guo, Minming Li and Yingchao Zhao, "Optimal Trees for Minimizing Average Individual Updating Cost", (COCOA 2014).

  • Yu-Ki Chan, Minming Li and Weiwei Wu, "Optimal Tree Structure with Loyal Users and Batch Updates", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 22(4): 630-639 (2011).

  • Weiwei Wu, Minming Li and Enhong Chen, "Optimal tree structures for group key tree management considering insertion and deletion cost", Theoretical Computer Science 410(27-29), 2619-2631 (2009).

  • Minming Li, Ze Feng, Nan Zang, Ronald L. Graham, Frances F. Yao, "Approximately optimal trees for group key management with batch updates", Theoretical Computer Science 410(11), 1013-1021 (2009).

  • Scott C.-H. Huang, F. Frances Yao, Minming Li, Weili Wu, "Lower bounds and new constructions on secure group communication schemes", Theoretical Computer Science 407(1-3), 511-523 (2008).

  • Zhi-Zhong Chen, Ze Feng, Minming Li and Frances Yao, "Optimizing Deletion Cost for Secure Multicast Key Management", Theoretical Computer Science 401(1-3), 52-61 (2008).

  • Ronald L. Graham, Minming Li and Frances F. Yao, "Optimal Tree Structures for Group Key Management with Batch Updates," SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 21(2): 532-547 (2007).

Embedded and Realtime Systems:

  • Santiago Pagani, Heba Khdr, Waqaas Munawar, Jian-Jia Chen, Muhammad Shafique, Minming Li and Jörg Henkel, "TSP: Thermal Safe Power - Efficient power budgeting for Many-Core Systems in Dark Silicon", CODES+ISSS'2014 Best Paper Award

  • Tiantian Liu, Yingchao Zhao, Chun Jason Xue and Minming Li, "Power-ware Variable Partitioning for DSPs with Hybrid PRAM and DRAM Main Memory", IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference (DAC'2011), journal version in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.

  • Wanyong Tian, Yingchao Zhao, Liang Shi, Qingan Li, Jianhua Li, Chun Jason Xue, Minming Li and Enhong Chen, "Task Allocation on Non-Volatile Memory Based Hybrid Main Memory", IEEE Transactions on VLSI, .21(7), 1271-1284 (2014).

  • Tiantian Liu, Chun Jason Xue, Minming Li and Alex Orailoglu, "Register Allocation for Energy and Temperature", ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 13(3), 50 (2013).

  • Wanyong Tian, Chun Jason Xue, Minming Li and Enhong Chen, "Loop Fusion and Reordering for Register File Optimization on Stream Processors", Journal of Systems and Software 85(7): 1673-1681 (2012).

  • Tiantian Liu, Chun Jason Xue and Minming Li, "Joint Variable Partitioning and Bank Selection Instruction Optimization for Partitioned Memory Architectures", ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 12(3), 76 (2013).

  • Tiantian Liu, Minming Li and Chun Jason Xue, "Instruction Cache Locking for Embedded Systems using Probability Profile", Journal of Signal Processing Systems 69(2): 173-188 (2012).


Miscellaneous Topics in Algorithms:

  • Waqaas Munawar, Jian-Jia Chen, Minming Li, "Minimizing Environmental Footprints of Data Centers under Budget and Service Requirement Constraints", SMARTGREENS'2014 Best Student Paper.

  • Jingsong Lv, Victor C. S. Lee, Minming Li and Enhong Chen, “Profit-Based Scheduling and Channel Allocation for Multi-item Requests in Real-Time On-Demand Data Broadcast Systems”, Data and Knowledge Engineering 73: 23-42 (2012).

  • Weiwei Wu, Minming Li and Enhong Chen, “Single and Multiple Device DSA Problem, Complexities and Online Algorithms”, Theoretical Computer Science 420: 89-98 (2012).

  • Jianping Wang, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Qing Li, and Minming Li, “Service Sharing for Streaming Video Multicast”, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 10(7), 1393-1405 (2008).



CS2116: Computer Systems

CS2303: Data Structures for Media

CS6223: Distributed Systems

CS3402: Database Systems

CS3391: Advance Programming (for ACM contest)

I am fortunate to have the following students:

Ze Feng (with Frances Yao)

Jie Zhang (with Xiaotie Deng): Lecturer at University of Southampton https://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/people/jz5c16

Weiwei Wu: Professor at Southeast University of China http://cse.seu.edu.cn/PersonalPage/weiweiwu/main.htm

Tiantian Liu (with Jason Xue)

Jingsong Lv (with Victor Lee)

Wanyong Tian (with Jason Xue)

Xianwei Sun: Associate Professor at Wuhan University of Technology

Qiang Zhang (with Xiaotie Deng)

Shengxin Liu: Now Postdoc at NTU

Xiao Zhang (with Victor Lee): Associate Professor at South-Central University for Nationalities

Ken, Chi Kit Fong: Assistant Professor at Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Kai Wang: Now Postdoc at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chenhao Wang

Songhua Li (with Victor Lee): 2018-

Ruilong Zhang: 2018-

Xinbo Zhang: 2019-

Junjie Chen: 2020-

Houyu Zhou: 2020-

Final Year Project Quota Left:

CS: 2

CM: 0