Eight papers accepted to ACM CHI 2024. Congrats to my students and co-authors!

In 2024, I have mentored or co-authored 8 papers that have been accepted to CHI 2024.

  • “There is a Job Prepared for Me Here”: Understanding How Short Video and Live-streaming Platforms Empower Ageing Job Seekers in China by Piaohong Wang , Siying Hu , Bo Wen , and Zhicong Lu

  • Metamorpheus: Interactive, Affective, and Creative Dream Narration Through Metaphorical Visual Storytelling by Qian Wan , Xin Feng , Yining Bei , Zhiqi Gao , and Zhicong Lu

  • CoPrompt: Supporting Prompt Sharing and Referring in Collaborative Natural Language Programming by Li Feng , Hen Chen Yen , Yuzhe You , Mingming Fan , Jian Zhao , and Zhicong Lu

  • Critical Heritage Studies as a Lens to Understand Short Video Sharing of Intangible Cultural Heritage on Douyin by Huanchen Wang , Minzhu Zhao , Wanyang Hu , Yuxin Ma , and Zhicong Lu

  • PoetsOfInstagram: Navigating the Practices and Challenges of Novice Poets on Instagram by Ankolika De , and Zhicong Lu

  • Seeking Soulmate via Voice: Understanding Promises and Challenges of Online Synchronized Voice-Based Mobile Dating by Chenxinran Shen , Yan Xu , Ray LC , and Zhicong Lu

  • Wrist-bound Guanxi, Jiazu, and Kuolie: Unpacking Chinese Adolescent Smartwatch-Mediated Socialization by Lanjing Liu , Chao Zhang , and Zhicong Lu

  • Persuasion or Insulting? Unpacking Discursive Strategies of Gender Debate in Everyday Feminism in China by Yue Deng , Zheng Chen , Changyang He , Zhicong Lu, and Bo Li

I sincerely thank all the students, interns, and collaborators of these projects for their commitment to advancing HCI research!