Qingfu Zhang

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Research Interests

  • Evolutionary Computation

  • Metaheuristics

  • Mathematical Programming

  • Multiobjective Optimization

  • Machine Learning

PhD Student/RA Positions

I am recruiting PhD students and RAs/RFs. Those who are interested can contact with me.

PhD Entrance Requirements:

  • English: TOEFL>=550 (paper-based) or >=213 (computer-based) or >=79 (internet-based), IELTS >=6.5, or English Test Band 6 >=490.

  • MSc/BSc in EE, computer science, control engineering, applied math or any other related subjects. Average MSc Score>=85 (0r 80 for some top universities).

  • Good knowledge of at least one main computer language such as Matlab, C and Java.

  • Knowledge of evolutionary computation and machine learning is desirable but not necessary.
    CityU CS is ranked 22nd worldwide according to 2017 Shanghai Ranking. For more details about the CityU PhD program, please visit here, or Hong Kong PhD fellowship scheme from here