Nan Guan


 Nan Guan
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong

Email: nanguan"at"[atsign]

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I'm looking for people to work with me on cutting-edge research on embedded systems, CPS and IoT. Both theoretical and system guys are welcomed! In particular, if you have backgrounds in real-time scheduling theory, formal verification, program analysis, operating systems, deep learning, you will very likely find my on-going projects interesting to you. Do not hestitate to contact me if you have interests.

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About Me

I'm currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong. I recieved my PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden. Before joining CityU, I worked in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Northeastern University, China. My research interests include real-time systems, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems and internet-of-things. Apart form doing theoretical research, I'm also involved in some projects building cool stuffs (mostly IoT and end-device computing systems), together with my industry parteners.