Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Year's Winners

It was not easy to decide this year. Many entries were very good. I would like to first congratulate everyone who joined. Everyone did a great job. Unfortunately, we can only have a few winners. After shortlisting candidates and running tests, we decided to award 2 categories - "Excellent Award" and regular "Award". The winners are:
"Excellent Award" winners:
    • Anthony, Lau Wai Ho
    • Chris, Lam Jung Yu
    • Alfred Sung
    • Karl Mok
    • Winson Li
"Award" winners:
    • Simon Lau
    • Victor Mok
    • AU Yam Shek, Roy
You can read the detailed breakdown of the judging process.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Contest Rules

This is the 4th year we are holding this contest. Like previous years, all winners will get a nice award certificate from the Department of Computer Science as well as a small prize. Being a winner will of course be a great recognition on your Web design skills.


The objective of this contest is to encourage students to use a balance of well-proven Web engineering principles coupled with good Web design guidelines to produce high quality Websites that follows Web standards and good usability/accessibility best practices.


  • All full-time/part-time students at CityU

  • Any major/department


  • Maximum 2 eligible members per team

  • Each person can only join one team

  • Each team may submit only one entry

  • Team members names and academic departments must be clearly listed in website entry


  • Contest End Time: 14 Nov 2008 - noon

  • Search Keywords: "CityU Web Hacker" Dogs Cats

  • Design Theme: dogs/cats


The following are the general rules for the contest:
  1. Good Content
    To participate in this contest, you will need to design at least one page with content and design related to this year's theme. (To join, you might only need to spend a few hours of work.)

  2. Follow Web Standards
    All websites must be W3C validated for XHTML and CSS to qualify for this contest.

  3. Good Search Engine Optimization
    At the specified contest end time, the combined top 15 search results from both Google and Yahoo will be considered as the finalist of this contest. The search will be performed using the specified set of keywords.

  4. Good Usability/Accessibility
    From the list of finalists, usability and accessibility will be assessed either manually or with tools. These scores will be combined with other usability/accessibility guidelines to determine the quality of the overall design. The top resulting scores will be used to determine the winning entries.
    In order to test your accessibility skills, you page must contain a data table very similar to the one below:

    In addition, you must have a form like the following:

    Both the table and form must of course be designed to be accessible.

  5. Web 2.0 Visual Aesthetics
    I know "Web 2.0" is not about aesthetics, but "Web 2.0" applications have created a unique visual style. For your web page, you will need to design it so that it "looks" like "Web 2.0".


  • Entry will be disqualified if it used spamming to improve its page ranking.

Judging Panel

The contest judging panel will consist of CityU academic staff members. The decision of the judging panel is final. The judging panel may at their own discretion award less than or more than 10 award winners.

How To Participate

Just create your website and make sure it is accessible from search engines. All contest participants must add the following statement in their website:

This website was created as an entry to CityU's "eXtreme Web Designer Award" contest. The authors of this website agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of this contest as specified in:

Use of Entries

By participating in this contest, the participant agrees that CityU may use screen images and/or source code of the participant's entry website as well as use and publish the participant's name and entry in any type of media. Entrants further agree that their submitted statements are expressions of their personal belief and opinion.