GTD Tiddly Wiki is a GettingThingsDone adaptation by NathanBowers of JeremyRuston's Open Source TiddlyWiki

The purpose of GTD Tiddly Wiki is to give users a single repository for their GTD lists and support materials so they can create/edit lists, and then print directly to 3x5 cards for use with the HipsterPDA.

!Get started:\nStart by saving GTDTiddlyWiki to your computer (right click on [[this link|#]] and select 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...').\n \nYou can edit entries, or "Tidders", by clicking "edit" or double clicking anywhere on the Tiddler. When you click "done" or press [ctrl+enter] your changes are saved.\n\nThanks to JeremyRuston for creating such a great Open Source project!\n----\nTiddlyWiki and GTD Tiddly Wiki are published under an OpenSourceLicense and carry NoWarranty.\n \nCurrent Version: 1.0.6 Sept 3rd, 2005
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* [[Java 2 (5.0) API |]]\n
* From [[w3schools]] [[XHTML 1.0 Reference|]]\n* From [[zvon]] [[XHTML 1.0 Reference |]]\n* From w3scools [[CSS2 Reference |]]\n* From zvon [[CSS2 Reference |]]\n* From zvon [[CSS1 Reference |]]\n\n
! Overview\n* AAAI - [[Constraints|]]\n* [[On-line Guide to Constraint Programming |]]\n* [[Finite Domain Constraint Programming in Oz |]]\n* [[Constraints Archive |]]\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[ECLiPSe |]] (Prolog)\n* [[Mozart |]] (Oz)\n* [[Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) |]] (Prolog)\n* Interval Arithmetic Constraint Solver - [[IAsolver |]] (Java)\n* [[Cream |]] (Java)\n* [[Java Constraint Kit |]] (Java)\n* [[Java Constraint Library |]] (Java)\n* [[Tudor Hulubei's CSP Library|]] (C++)\n\n\n! Commercial Tools\n* [[Koalog |]] (Java)\n* [[ILOG JSolver |]] (Java)\n\n\n! Free OR Tools\n* [[COIN |]] (C++)\n\n\n! Research Groups\n* [[University of Essex |]] (Constraint Programming and Optimization Group)\n* [[University of Washington |]] (Constraint-Based System Group)\n\n\n! Random CSP Generators\n* [[RandomCSP |]] (C++)\n* [[Random Non-Binary Finite CSP Generator |]]\n* [[Random Uniform CSP Generators |]]\n* [[What is Random CSP Generators |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Directory - Constraints |]]\n* [[Open Directory - Constraints |]]\n* [[Yahoo Directory - Constraints |]]\n\n\n! Resources/Links\n* [[Informs Resources |]]\n \n
! Free Books\n* Eric Raymond - [[The Art of Unix Programming |]]\n\n
* [[FOLDOC |]] (Free On-line Dictionary of Computing)\n* [[IBM Terms |]] (used in "C for AIX")\n* [[CS Glossary |]] (by Dominique Fournier)\n* [[Glossarist |]] (computer glossaries and computer dictionaries)\n* [[Computer Science Illuminated |]] (by Nell Dale and John Lewis)\n\n
! Free Books\n* [[Java Books |]](free books from SUN)\n* Bruce Eckel - [[Thinking in Java |]] Prentice Hall, 2002\n* Patrick Winston and Sundar Narasimhan - \n[[On To Java 2 |]] Addison-Wesley, 2001\n* [[Intro to Programming Using Java |]]\n* [[The Java Developers Almanac 1.4 |]]\n* [[The Design Patterns Java Companion |]] (download whole book with source!)\n\n\n! In Depth Tutorials\n* [[The Java Tutorials |]] (from SUN)\n* [[The J2EE Tutorial |]] (from SUN) \n* [[Java Blueprints |]] (from SUN)\n* [[IBM Java Tutorials |]]\n* [[Java Tutorials |]](from\n* [[Beginner's Java Tutorials |,_Help,_and_Tutorials/Tutorials/Beginner_Level/]] (from The Open Directory)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming Books]]\n\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry on [[Software Testing |]]\n* [[Software Assurance Guidebook and Standard |]] (from NASA)\n* [[Software QA/Test Resource Center</a> |]]\n* [[ |]] \n\n\n! Sample Documents\n* [[US Dept of Energy |]] (click on Document Samples)\n* [[Lawrence Livermore National Lab |]]\n* [[University of Melbourne |]]\n* more [[University of Melbourne |]](with sample SQAP)\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Alexa |]](from\n* [[Google Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo! Directory |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Software Testing and Quality Assurance |]]\n* [[Software QA Resources |]] (from\n* [[Software Engineering Resources |]](from the Pressman SE website)\n* [[The Software Quality Page |]]\n* [[Software Engineering Resources |]] (from Chang Liu, a graduate student at UC Irvine)\n* [[Software QA Resources |]] (from Niwot Ridge)\n* [[Software QA Links |]] (from ATS Inc)\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[SPA |]]\n\n\n! Example SPA\n* Examples from [[TrimPath |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[TrimPath |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AJAX]]\n
! Free Books\n* [[Programming Ruby |]]\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[XAML |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AFLAX]]\n
! Types of Methodologies\n* [[Agile Processes]]\n* [[eXtremeProgramming]]\n\n\n! Methodologies\n* [[Prince 2 Methodology |]]\n\n\n! Project Management\n* [[Software Project Management |]] (course website from Columbia)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Software Engineering]]\n\n
! Overview\n* WikiWikiWeb entry [[Agile Processes |]]\n* WikiWikiWeb entry [[Unified Lightweight Methodology |]]\n* [[The Agile Alliance |]]\n* [[Manifesto for Agile Software Development |]]\n* [[Agile Modeling|]]\n\n \n! See Also\n* [[eXtremeProgramming]]\n* [[Methodologies]]\n\n\n
! Overview\n* [[Extreme Programming: A gentle intro |]]\n* [[An Introduction to Extreme Programming|]] by chromatic\n\n\n! FAQ\n* WikiWikiWeb entry [[XP FAQ |]]\n \n\n! Resources\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Yahoo! Directory on XP |]]\n* [[Open Directory on XP |]]\n* [[Google Directory on XP |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Agile Processes]]\n* [[Methodologies]]\n\n
! Overview\n* [[Douglas Schmidt's Pattern Page |]]\n* [[Hillside Group Online Patterns Library |]]\n* [[Vince Huston's Design Patterns Page |]] (C++/Java source and resources)\n* [[J2EE Patterns Catalog |]] (Sun)\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Design Patterns Tutorial |]]\n* [[Design Patterns Tutorial |]] (from data & object factory)\n* [[Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology |]]\n\n\n! Books\n* [[Design Patterns Java Companion |]] (free book from James Cooper)\n\n
! Overview\n* [[The WWW Virtual Library: The Z Notation |]]\n* [[Z - LaTeX Reference Card |]]\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Strategic Planning |]]\n* Wikipedia entry [[Management Information System |]]\n* [[QuickMBA |]]\n* [[NetMBA |]]\n* [[Value Based Management |]]\n* [[Marketing Teacher |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Strategic Planning Models |]]\n* [[The Path of Development of Strategic Information Systems Theory |]]\n\n\n! Techniques/Frameworks\n* Porter 5 Forces Analysis\n** [[Wikipedia article |]]\n** [[QuickMBA article |]]\n** [[Value Based Management article |]]\n\n* Porter Generic Strategies:\n** [[Wikipedia article |]]\n\n* Porter Value Chain:\n** [[NetMBA article |]]\n** [[Wikipedia article |]]\n** [[Value Based Management article |]]\n\n* McFarlan Strategic Grid:\n** [[Survial Strategies |]]\n\n* Strategic Alignment Process:\n** [[Value Based Management article |]]\n\n \n! Whitepapers\n* [[Strategic Planning don'ts (and do's) |]] (from CIO magazine)\n* [[A Generic Framework for Developing an IS Strategyy |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Internet Directory |]]\n
! Why?\n* [[Why Should I Take Notes in Class? |]]\n* [[Effective Notetaking Improves your GPA |]]\n\n\n! How?\n* [[How to Take Lecture Notes |]]\n* [[How to Take Notes in College|]]\n* [[How to Take Notes on a Paper |]]\n\n\n! Cornell Note-taking System\n* [[The Cornell Note-taking System |]]\n* [[Cornell Notetaking System |]]\n* [[Cornell 6-R Notetaking Method |]]\n* [[Active Notetaking|]]\n\n\n! Video on Note-taking\n* CityU [[Notetaking |mms://]] (WMV format)\n* CityU [[Notetaking |]] (RM format)\n\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[UML |]]\n* [[The UML Specifications |]] OMG\n* [[Rational Software |]] (creator of UML)\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[OO Tips |]]\n* [[ObjectMentor UML Tutorials |]]\n\n\n! Modelers\n* [[ Object by Design |]] (list of modelers)\n* [[ArgoUML |]] (Java open source UML modeler)\n* [[Poseidon for UML |]] (based on ArgoUML)\n* [[Visual UML |]] (with sample UML diagrams)\n* [[Borland - Together |]] (used to be TogetherSoft)\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Directory on UML |]]\n* [[Yahoo! Directory on UML |]]\n* [[The Open Directory on UML |]]\n* [[Cetus Links - UML |]] (>18,000 links)\n* [[Embarcadero UML Central |]] (lots of links to UML + tutorial)\n* [[SmartDraw UML Center |]] (lots of links to UML + tutorial)\n\n \n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Visual Basic |]]\n* [[Visual Studio Homepage |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials/Books\n* [[Visual Basic .NET For Kids |]] (download)\n** or purchase it from their [[website |]]\n* [[MS One Page Tutorial |]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[ |]] (a Visual Basic online community)\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[SharpDevelop |]] (free IDE)\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory |]]\n \n
! Overview\n* [[Object-Oriented Programming Concepts |]] (a Java tutorial)\n* Wikipedia - [[Glossary of Object-Oriented Programming |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Rational Software |]]\n* [[Extreme Programming |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google OO Directory |]]\n* [[More Google OO |]]\n* [[Yahoo Methodologies |]]\n
! Resources\n* MS [[DHTML |]]\n* [[Dynamic Drive |]] (DHTML scripts)\n\n
* [[ActiveState Python Reference Manual |]]\n* [[Python Reference Manual|]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Python Tutorial (by Guido van Rossum)|]]\n* [[Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python (by Josh Gogliati)|]]\n* [[Python Tutorial (by martin) |]]\n\n
! Overview\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Linux]]\n* [[Apache]]\n* [[MySQL]]\n* [[Perl]]\n* [[PHP]]\n* [[Python]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Perl Manuals]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[O'Reilly Perl Resource Center |]]\n* [[O'Reilly |]]\n* [[CPAN |]] (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)\n* [[Matt's Script Archive |]]\n \n
! Overview\n* [[So You Want To Be a Pixel Artist? |]]\n* [[Tools & Tutorials |]] (for pixel art from Pixelation)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Game]]\n\n
! Whitepapers\n* [[Fast Inverse Square Root |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Game]]\n\n
* [[The Library |]]\n
\n\n! Tools\n* [[Ultra Monkey |]]\n* [[InLab |]]\n\n\n! Products\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Bridge-Path vs Route-Path Server Load Balancing |]]\n* [[Load Balancing Web Applications |]]\n* [[Load Balancing Your Web Site |]]\n* [[How Network Load Balancing Works |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview\n* [[e-Business Parts List |]]\n* [[How to Create an E-Commerce Web Site |]] (pdf from Verisign)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview\n* [[client/server architecture |]]\n* [[Internet Architectures |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! How to Write a Paper\n* [[How to get Your Paper Accepted at OOPSLA |]] 1991\n* [[How to get Your Paper Accepted at OOPSLA |]] 1993\n* [[A Research Guide for Students |]]\n* [[How to Write a Paper in Scientific Journal Style and Format |]]\n* [[How Theses Get Written |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! Writing Resources\n* [[Writing Resources |]] Indiana University\n\n\n! How To Cite References\n* [[IEEE Style |]] - University of Melbourne\n* [[IEEE Style |]] - Murdoch University\n\n\n! How to Give a Presentation\n* [[Making Business Presentations Work |]]\n* [[Hints for a Great Classroom Presentation |]]\n* [[How to Give an Academic Talk |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! Graduate Student Guides\n* [[Graduate Student Survival Guide |]] Stanford\n* [[How to Be a Good Graduate Student |]]\n* [[Getting Good Grades |]]\n\n\n! Graduate Student Resources\n* [[Grad Links (a HowTo Page) |]]\n* [[Advice on Research and Writing |]]\n\n\n! Just for Fun\n* [[PhD Comics |]]\n \n
! Top 10\n* [[Top 10 Things To Know And Do in User-Centered Design |]]\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[Introduction to usability and user-centred design |]] - dey alexander\n* [[User-Centered Design: From Thought to Product |]]\n* [[User-centred design: a case study of the redesign of the Monash University website |]] - dey alexander\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n
! Online Glossaries/Dictionaries\n* [[Usability Glossary |]] - Usability First\n\n\n! In-depth Topics\n* Click-Through Prototype\n* Conceptual Model\n* Sitemap\n* Paper Prototype\n* User Flow\n* User Personas\n* User Scenarios\n* Wireframe\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[PostgreSQL |]]\n* [[PostgreSQL Homepage |]]\n* [[PostgreSQL Manual |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]
! Overview\n* [[eXist Homepage |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[MySQL |]]\n* [[MySQL Homepage |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[phpMyAdmin |]]\n* [[MySQL Administrator |]]\n* [[MySQL Query Browser |]]\n* [[DB Admin Tools]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n
! Tools\n* [[DbVisualizer |]]\n* [[GTKSQL |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Derby Homepage |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n* [[DB Admin Tools]]\n\n
! Overview \n* [[Firebird Homepage |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[HSQLDB |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Using HSQL and DbVisualizer |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n* [[SharpHSQL]]\n
! Overview\n* [[SharpHSQL Homepage |]] - C# port of HSQL\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Why do all embedded databases suck??? |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n* [[HSQL]]\n\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[AFLAX |]]\n* [[Comparison |]] between AFLAX and AJAX\n\n\n! Technologies\n* [[AJAX]]\n* [[Flash]]\n* [[XAML]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[XAMLON |]]\n* [[OpenLaszlo |]]\n\n\n! Commercial Frameworks\n* [[Backbase |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AJAX]]\n\n
! Overview\n* [[Enterprise PHP |]]\n* [[PHP Manuals]]\n\n\n! Frameworks\n* [[pear |]] - libraries\n* [[smarty |]] - template\n* [[prado |]] - similar to ASP.NET\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[O'Reilly PHP DevCenter |]]\n* [[Code Gallery |]] (from Zend - the php Company)\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[The PHP Scalability Myth |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n* [[Programming]]\n
! Whitepaper\n* [[Aspect-Oriented Programming |]] (pdf) - Xerox PARC\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]\n\n
! Overview\n* Glossary [[competitive analysis |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[How to conduct a Web site competitive analysis |]] (ibm)\n\n\n! Sample Analysis Report\n* [[Competitive Analysis on the Web sites of the Departments of Instruction at MSU |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! See Also\n[[Web Usability]]\n
! Tutorials\n* [[Learn JavaScript in 21 Minutes |]]\n* [[JavaScript tutorial |]] (from\n* [[quirksmode tutorial |]]\n* [[Event Handlers and Callback Functions |]] (w3future)\n* [[Higher Order Programming |]] (w3future)\n\n\n! More Tutorials\n* [[How to Create A JavaScript Windows Interface |]]\n\n\n! OO Tutorials\n* From JavaScript Kit:\n** [[The prototype object |]] \n** [[Creating custom objects |]]\n** [[JavaScript and OOP |]] \n** [[Sending objects from 1 page to another |]]\n* [[JavaScript Closures |]]\n* [[Private Members in JavaScript |]] (crockford)\n* [[Private Static Members in Javascript |]]\n* [[Classical Inheritance in JavaScript |]] (crockford)\n* [[Encapsulate Your JavaScript: Keep Private Methods Private |]]\n* [[JavaScript Inheritance |]] \n* [[Writing Object-Oriented JavaScript |]] (The Code Project)\n\n\n! Coding Best Practices\n* [[Efficient JavaScript Code |]] (UserJS)\n* [[Clear and readable code |]] (UserJS)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[JavaScript]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Content Delivery Network |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Best Practices in Digital Media Delivery |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Web Caching |]]\n\n\n! Commercial Companies\n* [[Akamai |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[ASP.NET |]]\n* [[.NET Manuals]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[ASP.NET |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Projects\n* [[Mono |]]\n* [[DotGnu |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[W3schools ASP.NET Tutorial |]]\n* [[ASP.NET Tutorial |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google ASP.NET Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo ASP Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory - ASP.NET |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[#develop |]] (free .NET IDE)\n* [[ASP.NET Web Matrix |]] (free ASP.NET IDE)\n\n\n! More Tools\n* [[Tools from |]]\n\n\n! Frameworks\n* [[MyGeneration |]] (free Code Generator and O/R Mapping Tool)\n* [[.net nuke |]] - free CMS\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Intro to Mono - ASP.NET with XSP and Apache |]] - Code Project\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
* [[ActiveState Perl Manual|]]\n* [[Perl Manual |]]\n* [[ Manual|]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Robert's Perl Tutorial|]]\n* [[Perl 5 by Example (by David Medinets)|]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n
* [[Unix Manual |]]\n* [[Unix/Linux Manual (from foldoc) |]]\n* [[Linux Manual |"]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Reference Manuals]]
! Book Chapters\n* [[CGI Programming 101: Learn CGI Today! |]] (first 6 chapters are free!)\n* [[Web Application Basics |]]\n** from [[Building Web Applications with UML|]] - Jim Conallen\n* [[Internet Programming 2: CGI |]]\n** from [[Beginning Linux Programming |]] - Neil Matthew, Richard Stones, Alan Cox\n* [[Introduction to CGI|]]\n** from [[Beginning Perl |]] - Simon Cozens (free online book)\n* [[Working with CGI Scripts |]]\n* [[Introducing CGI and mod_perl |]]\n** from [[Practical mod_perl |]] - Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet (free online book)\n* [[Web Programming with CGI |]]\n** from [[C++ How to Program |]] - Deitel\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[.Net | "]]\n* [[Microsoft .NET Intro |]]\n** [[Microsoft .NET Architecture |]]\n** [[Microsoft .NET Framework |]]\n** [[Technology Roadmap |]] (in 1 page)\n* [[gotdontnet intro |]]\n* [[.NET Manuals]]\n* [[.NET Books]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[ASP.NET]]\n* [[C#]]\n* [[VB.NET]]\n* [[.NET Tools]]\n\n\n! Communities/Blogs\n* [[.NET Community |]]\n* [[O'Reilly |]] (a .NET community)\n* [[4 Guys from |]]\n* [[dotnetjunkies |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Projects\n* [[Mono |]]\n** Wikipedia entry [[Mono |]]\n* [[DotGnu |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[W3schools .NET Intro |]]\n* [[.NET Tutorial |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Books\n* [[Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[MS and .NET books for free |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[.NET Manuals]]\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n\n
! Overview\n* [[Microsoft C# Intro |]]\n* [[.NET Manuals]]\n* [[.NET Books]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[C# Tutorial (from SoftSteel) |]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[C# Corner |]] (a C# Community)\n* [[C# Help |]] (a C# Community)\n* [[C# Station |]] (a C# Community)\n\n\n! Coding Styles\n* [[Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers |]] (from Microsoft)\n* [[Coding Standard: C# |]] (pdf from Philips)\n* [[C# Coding Standard |]] (from IDesign)\n* [[C# Coding Style Guide |]] (pdf from #develop)\n* [[C# Coding Style Guide |]] (from C# Friends) \n\n\n! Documentation\n* [[XML Documentation |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[C# Blue |]] - C# compiler written in C#\n\n\n! Interviews\n* [[Generics in C#, Java and C++ |]] - Anders Hejlberg\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google C# Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo C# Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory - C# |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]\n
! Books\n* [[The Original Hacker's Dictionary |]]\n* [[The New Hacker's Dictionary |]]\n\n\n
! Free Books\n* [[Web Style Guide, 2nd ed |]] - free book\n\n\n! Free Chapters\n* [[The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web |]]\n** [[Free Diagram |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Design]]\n
! Overview\n* [[One$DB Homepage |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n\n
! Whitepaper\n* [[300 images from 1800 sites |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Design]]\n
* Michael and Ronda Hauben - [[Netizens: On the History and Impact of the Net|]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n
! Free Book Chapters\n* [[What is XSLT? |]] - O'Reilly\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n
! Technology Blogs/Magazines\n* [[A List Apart |]]\n* [[Generic Geek |]]\n\n\n! Technology Blogs\n* [[Don Box |]]\n* [[Eric Meyer's Blog |]]\n* [[Lutz Roeder's Weblog |]]\n* [[Martin Fowler's Bliki |]]\n* [[Schobleizer |]]\n\n
! Local Technology Blogs\n* [[Jacky's Blog |]]\n
! Topics\n* [[Game Gems]]\n* [[Game Tutorials]]\n* [[Graphics API]]\n* [[Pixel Art]]\n\n\n! Awards\n* [[AIAS Hall of Fame |]]\n* [[AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards |]]\n\n\n! Source Codes\n* [[Counter Strike |]] (1.5)\n* [[Half Life |]] (SDK 2.2) \n* [[Quake III |]] (id Software)\n* [[DOOM |]] (id Software)\n\n\n! People\n* Wikipedia entry [[John Carmack |]]\n\n
! Game Programming Tutorials\n* [[Full 1 player game in c/c++ |]]\n\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Game]]
! Overview\n* [[JSP Documentation |]]\n* [[JSP: A Developer's Perspective |]]\n* [[JSP Best Practices |]]\n* [[More JSP Best Practices |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Servlets and JSP 1.0 : A Tutorial |]] - Marty Hall\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[J2EE]]\n* [[Java]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Design Museum |]] - London\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Overview\n* [[art optics |]] - webexhibits\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Color Vision & Art |]] - web exhibits\n* [[Pigments in paintings |]] - web exhibits\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Random Stuff\n* [[Things I Learned as a Kid |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Free Books]]\n
! Wiki\n* [[Backpack |]]\n\n\n! Blog\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview \n* [[Calendars through the Ages |]] - web exhibit\n
! Courses\n* [[Physics and Art |]] - HK University\n\n\n! See Also \n* [[Art]]\n
! Intro\n* [[Harold Cohen |]] \n* [[bio |]]\n* [[self and (other) self |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[The robot as an artist |]]\n* [[Harold Cohen on artist programmers |]]\n\n\n! Software\n* [[Kurzweil CyberArt Technologies |]] (free download)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Artists\n* Leonel Moura - [[Voronoi Painting |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[VisMath |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]
! Intro\n* [[Tierra |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Overview\n* [[soundtoys |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Topics\n* [[AI and Art]]\n* [[Color and Art]]\n* [[Design and Art]]\n* [[Flash and Art]]\n* [[Math and Art]]\n* [[Optics and Art]]\n* [[Physics and Art]]\n* [[Sound and Art]]\n\n\n! Interesting Stuff\n* [[Van Gogh's Letters |]] - web exhibit\n\n\n! Museums\n* [[Tate |]]\n* [[Whitney artport |]]\n\n\n! Dictionaries\n* [[Art & Architecture |]] - Getty\n\n\n\n
! Intro\n* [[A possible future for image generation|]]\n\n\n! Software\n* [[Gliftic |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Cool Flash Artists\n* [[joshua davis |]]\n* [[presstube |]]\n* [[yugop |]]\n\n\n! Cool Examples\n* [[course website |]] - Bouldin Brandon\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Books\n* [[A Book About Design |]] - great book\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Notes on visual and interactive design |]]\n* [[Quick Tips in Design |]] -\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[The Designer's Jumpola |]]\n* [[Production - How to write it, produce it, and get it printed |]] - The Idea Book\n* [[Design - Step by step design ideas |]] - The Idea Book\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Colors]] \n* [[Fonts]]\n* [[Layout]]\n
! Whitepapers\n* [[Knowlege Management: Big Challenges, Big Rewards |]] - \n* [[What is knowledge management? |]] - knowledge praxis\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Blog]]\n* [[Wiki]]\n\n\n\n
! Overview\n* [[Blogging 101 |]]\n\n\n! Corporate Blogs\n* [[Sun Blogs |]]\n\n\n! Blog Lists\n* [[A List of Business Blogs |]]\n* [[Corporate Blogs |]] -\n* [[Product Blogs |]] -\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Wiki]]\n
! General\n* [[CS Glossaries]]\n* [[CS Tools]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Calendars]]\n\n\n! People\n* [[Alan Turing]]\n* [[Pierre Bezier]]\n\n\n! Free Books/Manuals\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n\n\n! Cool Sites\n* [[ |]] - News for Nerds\n* [[Google Code |]]\n\n\n! Fun Papers\n* [[Satan Comes to Dinner |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Computer Science Resources |]] (HKUST Library)\n* [[A Reading List for Computer Scientists |]]\n\n\n! Geek Supplies\n* [[ |]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Pierre Bezier |]]\n* [[bio |]]\n* [[Société des Ingénieurs Arts et Métiers |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[la nouvelle Renaissance |]]\n* [[digital sculpture |]]\n\n\n! Art\n* [[Bezier flower |]]\n* [[inspired by Bezier |]]\n\n\n! Fun Stuff\n* [[Bez-ee-ay Bending Machine |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[links |]] - tomdukich\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Computer Science]]\n
! Types of Tests\n* Automated Testing\n** [[Standards Testing]]\n** [[Website Analyzer]] (includes testing)\n** [[Spell Checking]]\n* [[Usability Testing]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Analytics]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Web Analytics |]]\n* [[What is Web Analytics |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[StatCounter |]] (free)\n* [[Urchin |]] (commercial)\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Web Analytics - More Than Just Numbers |]] - Stephen Oachs\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n** [[Web Metrics]]\n
! Overview\n\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[SiteScore |]] - Silktide\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n** [[Web Analytics]]
! Overview\n* [[The Color Association |]]\n* [[Color Forecast |]] - fashion trendsetter\n* [[Color Forecast |]] - Adam Polselli\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Colors]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Can Color-Blind Users See Your Site? |]] - Microsoft\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Color Vision, Color Deficiency |]] - Fire Lily\n* [[Explaining Color Deficiency |]] - hidden talents\n* [[Acquired Colour Vision Deficiencies |]] - U of Calgary \n\n\n! Guidelines\n* [[Effective Color Contrast |]] - lighthouse international\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[Color Deficient Vision |]] - Visibone charts\n\n\n! Accessibility Testing\n* [[color contrast analyser |]] (web accessibility testing)\n* [[color contrast analyser 1.0 |]] - NILS\n* [[colorblind web page filter |]]\n* [[Vischeck |]] - website for colorblind accessibility\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Topics in Usability - Color Blindness |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Colors]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Website Production Management Techniques |]] (from macromedia)\n* [[Web ReDesign |]] (from gotomedia)\n* [[IBM Web Design Guidelines |]]\n* [[User-Centered Design |]]\n\n\n! Other Methodologies\n* [[Web Development Methodology |]] (John December)\n* [[Design Process Methodology |]] - Boston Computing Network\n* [[Web Site Design Methodology |]] - Tallin Interactive\n* [[Successful Web Development Methodologies |]] - Sitepoint\n\n\n! Book Website\n* [[Web ReDesign |]]\n\n\n! Whitepaper\n* [[One Process Fits All |]] (summary of Core Process)\n* [[How to Write a Website Brief |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Templates\n* [[Usability Tools and Templates |]] -\n* [[Templates for Redesign |]]\n\n\n! Examples of Web Project Website\n* [[Deakin University's DOMS project |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n
! Subtopics\n* [[Color Accessibility]]\n* [[Color Forecast]]\n* [[Color Psychology]]\n* [[Color Tools]]\n\n\n! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[color theory |]]\n* [[Wheel of Color |]] - Robert Hess (Microsoft)\n* [[intro to color theory |]] - tiger color\n* [[what is color? |]] -\n* [[color theory |]] -\n* [[color theory basics |]] - color-wheel-pro\n** [[examples |]]\n** [[mixing wheels |]]\n* [[color theory |]] - Roger Mayer (Brown University)\n* [[color theory overview |]] -\n* [[advanced color theory |]] - color cube\n* [[Color, Contrast & Dimension |]] -\n\n\n! Glossary\n* [[color glossary |]] - color wheel pro\n* [[color glossary |]] - color cube\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Color Matters |]]\n* [[Color |]] - Newark1 Web Design Guide & Portfolio\n* [[color theory & mixing |]] - art school online\n* [[color theory |]] - notes on visual and interactive design\n* [[color vision and art |]] - web exhibits\n* [[Quick Tips in Design - Part 1: Using Value |]] -\n* [[Quick Tips in Design - Part 2: Using Color |]]\n* [[Quick Tips in Design - Part 6: Color Science |]]\n* [[color models |]] - color cube\n\n\n! Guidelines\n* [[Scheming in Color |]] - Rober Hess (Microsoft)\n\n\n! Biolology of Color\n* [[The Human Eye |]] \n* [[Bases of Colour Vision |]] - U of Calgary\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[color schemes |]]\n* [[CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB) |]]\n* [[who owns hues? |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[ |]] - Pantone\n* [[colors |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[resources |]] - tiger color\n\n\n! Courses\n* [[MIT 6.837 - Intro to Computer Graphics |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Design]]\n* [[CSS]]\n\n
! Meaning of Colors\n* Wikipedia entry [[color psychology |]]\n* [[color meaning |]] - color-wheel-pro\n* [[The Luscher Color Test |]]\n* [[Pigments in paintings |]] - web exhibits\n* [[using colors to connect |]]\n* [[The Psychology of Color |]] -\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Colors]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Dr. Watson |]]\n* [[ |]] (warns you if your website is down)\n* [[ |]] (warns you if website error)\n* [[Doctor HTML |]]\n\n\n! Other Tests\n* [[Vischeck |]] website for colorblind accessibility\n* [[W3C Link Checker |]] (checks broken links)\n* [[ |]] (checks for compatibility)\n* [[sitescore |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Check Your Work |]]\n* [[Validators |]]\n* [[Free Website Tune-up |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Top 10 Critical Web Site Analysis Report |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! See Also \n* [[Web Testing]]\n
! Tools\n* [[colour lovers |]]\n* [[color synthaxis |]] (cool flash color mixer)\n* [[color guide |]]\n* [[color simulator |]]\n* [[color blender |]] - Eric Meyer\n* [[color mixer |]]\n* [[color scheme generator 2 |]]\n* [[color schemer online v2 |]]\n* [[color harmonies |]]\n* [[where did you get that color scheme? |]] - adam polselli\n* [[I like your colors |]] - owen winkler ([[red alt |]])\n* [[color combos |]]\n* [[ |]]\n* [[color wizard |]] - colors on the web\n* [[color lab |]] - visibone\n* [[safety palette color picker |]] - Microsoft\n** [[tutorial|]]\n* [[ColorMatch 5K |]] \n* [[WebColor-Kit |]] - with CSS generator\n* [[real color wheel |]] - for artists\n\n\n! List of Tools\n* [[Color Pickers, Tools and Theory|]] -\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Colors]]\n
! CSS Layout\n* [[CSS Layout Techniques: For Fun and Profit |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Form Design |]] - LukeW\n** [[expanded |]]\n* [[Basic Web Page Layout & Design |]] - University at Albany Libraries\n* [[Order |]] - Newark1 Web Design Guide & Portfolio\n* [[Form |]] - Newark1 Web Design Guide & Portfolio\n* [[layout is not a dirty word |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[layouts - why bother? |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[Design and Layout |]] - Website Tips\n\n\n! Tools\n\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Layout and Design |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[Layout and Design |]] - University of Maryland\n* [[Design and Layout |]] - Website Tips\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Design]]\n\n
! Intro\n* [[ArtSBot |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Intro\n* [[bio |]]\n\n\n! Papers\n* [[On the Implicit and on the Artificial - Morphogenesis and Emergent Aesthetics in Autonomous Collective Systems |]]\n* [[Self-Organizing the Abstract: Canvas as a Swarm Habitat for Collective Memory, Perception and Cooperative Distributed Creativity |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Swarm Paintings Non-human art |]] - aLife Art Architecture Lab\n* [[TEOAAWKI |]]\n* [[ArtSBot |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[A new kind of art: the painting robots|]]\n\n\n! Books\n* [[Man + Robots : Symbiotic Art |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]\n
! Intro\n* [[bio |]]\n* [[MicroImage |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI and Art]]
! Overview\n* [[AI Topics - Art |]] - AAAI\n* [[ |]]\n* [[ |]]\n* [[ |]]\n* [[gratin |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Ghost in the Machine - the marriage of software & art |]]\n\n\n! Artists\n* Traditional Rule-base Algorithms\n** [[Harold Cohen]] - AARON\n* Swarm Algorithms\n** [[Vitorino Ramos]] \n** [[Leonel Moura]]\n** [[Henrique Garcia Pereira]]\n** [[C.E.B Reas]]\n* Artificial Life/Genetic Algorithm\n** [[Tom Ray]]\n** [[Ransen]]\n* Artificial Neural Networks\n** [[mattias fagerlund]]\n* Genetic Programming \n** [[David McAllister]]\n* Algorists\n** [[Roman Verostko]]\n** [[Peter Beyls]]\n** [[Hans Dehlinger]]\n** [[Jean Pierre Hebert]]\n** [[Mark Wilson]]\n** [[Helaman Ferguson]]\n** [[Ken Musgrave]]\n** [[Vera Molnar]]\n* Other Robots\n** [[DrawBot |]]\n* Others\n** [[Rusell Kirsch |]]\n\n\n! Papers/Thesis\n* [[AI research as art |]]\n* [[Readymades, Artificial Art, New Media |]] - Remko Scha\n* [[Artificial Art |]] - Remko Scha\n* [[Interactive Drama, Art and AI |]] (pdf) - Michael Mateas (CMU PhD thesis)\n\n\n! Courses\n* [[Algorithmic Art and AI |]] - IAAA\n* [[Intro to Computing in the Arts | Introduction to Computing in the Arts ]] - UCSD\n* [[Genetics and Culture: From Molecular Music to Transgenic Art |]]\n\n\n! Schools\n* [[Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam |]] - IAAA \n\n\n! Resources\n* [[practioners, etc |]] - Ruth West\n* [[Leonel Moura's links |]]\n* [[cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and Alife |]]\n* [[cyberdelia |]]\n* [[research algorithmic art |]]\n* [[runme - AI |]]\n* [[plotter artists |]]\n\n\n! Museums\n* [[Whitney artport |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Art]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[HTTP Cookie |]]\n* [[Cookies and Privacy |]] - NN/LN\n* [[Use of Cookies in Online Services | Use of Cookies in Online Services]] - Australian Government\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Cross site scripting XSS |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n
! Tutorials\n* [[Converting HTML documents to XHTML |]] - bee and nee\n\n\n! How To\n* [[iFrame in detail |]] - Sami\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[The Elements of Meaningful XHTML |]] (s5) - Tantek Celik\n\n\n! Hacks\n* [[Declarations |]] - htmldog on application/xhtml+xml \n* [[Image Maps |]] - no browser support in XHTML 1.1\n\n\n! See Also \n* [[Web Standards]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry for [[DOM |]]\n* [[DOM Books]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[DOM Inspector |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* from [[scottandrew]]\n** [[Scripting For The 6.0 Browsers|]]\n** [[Dynamic Content with DOM-2 (Part I of II) |]]\n** [[Dynamic Content with DOM-2 (Part II of II) |]]\n** [[Crossbrowser DOM Scripting: Event Handlers |]]\n\n\n! References\n* [[W3C DOM |]]\n* [[DOM Core Specification|]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AJAX]]\n\n\n
! Free Books Chapters\n* JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (4th Ed), \n[[Chapter 17: The Document Object Model |]]\n* JavaScript Bible (John Wiley)\nPart III: [[DOM+JavaScript |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[JavaScript Books]]\n* [[Programming Books]]\n\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Document Management System |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Customer Relationship Management |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Enterprise Application Integration |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Topics\n* [[BI]] - Business Intelligence\n* [[CMS]] - Content Management Systems\n* [[CRM]] - Customer Relationship Management \n* [[DMS]] - Document Management System\n* [[EAI]] - Enterprise Application Integration\n* [[ERP]] - Enterprise Resource Planning\n* [[HRMS]] - Human Resource Management System\n* [[KMS]] - Knowledge Management System\n* [[SCM]] - Supply Chain Management\n* [[WFM]] - Workflow Management\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Enterprise Resource Planning |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Supply Chain Management |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Workflow |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Business Intelligence |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Human Resource Management Systems |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Overview\n* From [[Apple Developer Connection]] - [[Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) |]]\n* [[XMLHttpRequest |]] - MozillaZine\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* Drew McLellan - [[Very Dynamic Web Interfaces|]]\n\n\n
! Manuals\n* [[Mozilla AJAX References |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n
* [[ECMAScript 262 Language Specification (version 3)|]]\n* [[Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide|]]\n* [[The "revived" Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference |]]\n* [[The "lost" Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference |]]\n** They became "lost" after AOL pulled the plug on \n\n* [[Another online JavaScript manual|]]\n* [[JScript Language Reference |]]\n\n\n! JavaScript 1.3 Manuals\n* [[Client-Side JavaScript Guide |]]\n* [[Client-Side JavaScript Reference |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[JavaScript Tutorial (from w3schools)|]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Web Services |]]\n** Wikipedia entry [[REST |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Apache axis |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[A RESTful approach to Web Services |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview\n* [[C/C++ Manuals]]\n\n\n! Toolkits/Frameworks\n* [[wxWidgets |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]\n
! General\n* [[Unix timeline |]] - Éric Lévénez\n* [[non-Unix timeline |]] - Patrick Mulvany \n\n\n! Unix\n* [[Unix Books]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Computer Science]]\n
! Other Topics\n* [[Anti-Spam]]\n
! email\n* [[Anti-Spam Email Links |]] - Andrew Gregory\n* [[Enkoder |]]\n
! Whitepapers\n* [[smooth scrolling |]] - sitepoint\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n\n\n
! Validators\n* HTML - [[WDG HTML Validation |]] (validates entire site)\n* [[W3C QA Toolbox |]]\n** XHTML - [[The W3C Markup Validation Service |]]\n** CSS - [[The W3C CSS Validation Service |]]\n* WAI - [[Watchfire WebXACT |]]\n* Atom/RSS - [[Feed Validator |]]\n* [[Web Accessibility Toolbar |]] - NILS\n* [[Accessibility Audit |]] - OCAWA\n\n\n! Browser Testing\n* [[Acid2 |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Standards]]\n* [[Web Testing]]\n
! English Usage\n* [[The Elements of Style |]] (classic by William Strunk, Jr.)\n* [[The American Heritage Book of English Usage |]]\n* [[Guide to Grammar and Style |]] (a free online book by Jack Lynch)\n\n\n! How to Reference Others\n* [[IEEE Reference Guide |]]\n\n\n! More Manuals of Style\n* [[W3C Manual of Style |]]\n* [[IEEE Standards Style Manual |]]\n\n\n! Common Errors\n* [[Common Errors in English |]] (free online book by Paul Brians)\n\n\n! Dictionaries\n* [[The hyperdictionary |]]\n* [[OneLook Dictonary Search |]]\n* [[YourDictonary |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[The Library Spot |]] (a list of online grammar and style guides)\n* [[Bartleby |]] (classic books/dictionaries all free online)\n
! Whitepapers\n* [[MSIE Hacks |]] - Andrew Gregory\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Explorer Tree |]] - Andrew Gregory\n* [[Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu |]]\n\n\n! Examples\n* [[Collapsible topic tree for PATENT concept map |]] - Andrew Lee\n** [[Static topic tree for PATENT concept map |]] - Andrew Lee\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Tutorials\n* [[Writing Applet |]] - The Java Tutorial\n* [[How to Make Applets |]] - The Java Tutorial - Swing\n* [[Writing Applet |]] - The Java Tutorial\n* [[Applet Tutorial |]] -\n* [[Applet Tutorial |]] -\n* [[Applet Tutorial |]] - Michael McGuffin (U of Toronto)\n* [[Your First Applet |]] - Diana Luckevich\n* [[Applet Tutorial |]] - NetBeans\n\n\n! Free Applets\n* [[thin file |]]\n* [[lake, pool, snow |]] - samisite\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Java]]\n* [[J2EE]]\n
! Tools\n* [[FCKeditor |]]\n* [[TinyMCE |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]
! Tools\n* [[DHTML/JavaScript Calendar |]] -\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]
! Overview\n* [[homepage |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entries:\n** [[Direct3D |]]\n** [[OpenGL |]]\n** [[GTK |]]\n** [[Qt |]]\n* [[GTK+ Homepage |]]\n* [[gtkmm |]] (GTK+ for C++)\n* [[Qt Homepage |]]\n* [[OpenGL Homepage |]]\n* [[Mesa 3D Homepage |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Open Source Java Game Utilities: LWJGL 0.98 and Game Gardens |]] - Java Boutique\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Open Source Java Graphic API |]] - manageability\n* [[Open Source Java Visualization API |]] - manageability\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Game]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Lex and Yacc]]\n* [[List of open source software packages |]] - Wikipedia\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Computer Science]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Hypergraph |]] Java \n* [[GINY |]] Java \n* [[JUNG |]] Java \n* [[Piccolo |]] Java/C#\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia on [[WAI |]]\n*\n* [[Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 |]]\n** [[Priority Levels |]]\n** [[Summary |]]\n\n\n! Related Pages\n* [[Standards Testing]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Typeface |]]\n* Wikipedia entry [[TrueType |]]\n* [[TrueType |]] - Microsoft\n* Wikipedia entry [[OpenType |]]\n* [[ClearType |]] - Microsoft\n* [[CoolTYpe |]] - Adobe\n* [[ClearType, CoolType: The Eyes Have It |]] - James Felici\n\n\n! Manuals\n* [[TrueType Reference Manual |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Anatomy |]] - thinking with type\n* [[A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary: For the Amusement & Edification of People Beginning a Love Affair with Fonts |]]\n* [[Web-Safe Fonts for Your Site |]]\n* [[The language of type |]] - meaning of symbols\n* [[UsableType Tutorial |]]\n* [[Selecting and Formatting Fonts |]] -\n* [[Fonts |]] - Web AIM\n\n\n! Free Fonts\n* [[pixel fonts |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[python robot |]] - fonts designed by robots\n* [[Fontscape |]] organized in categories\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[STC fontBrowser 2.0 |]]\n* [[TypeTester |]]\n \n\n! Presentations\n* [[letter lecture |]] - thinking with type\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Alien Typography |]]\n* [[The World of Fonts |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[microsoft typography |]]\n* [[thinking with type |]]\n* [[TrueType Typography |]]\n* [[fonts |]] - web page design for designers\n* [[Typophile |]]\n* [[Typographi |]]\n\n\n! Commercial\n* [[MyFonts |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Design]]\n* [[Graphic Design]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[W3C |]]\n* [[WASP |]]\n** [[What are web standards and why should I use them?|]]\n** [[Why Adopt W3C Web Standards? |]]\n\n\n! Bodies\n* [[W3C |]]\n* [[ECMA |]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[The Web Standards Project |]]\n* [[Web Standards Group |]]\n\n\n! Standards/Guidelines\n* [[XML]]\n* [[XHTML]]\n* [[CSS]]\n* [[DOM]]\n* [[ECMAScript]]\n* [[SVG]]\n* [[Web Accessibility]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Developing with Web Standards |]] - Roger Johansson\n* [[Basic Webstandards Workshop |]] - Max Design\n** [[A Web Standards Checklist |]] - Max Design\n* [[The Kit |]] - MACCAWS\n* [[Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages |]] - Mozilla\n* [[ About Web Standards |]] - Web Standards Group\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[Understanding Web Standards |]] (S5) - Daniel Frommelt\n** watch [[video |]]\n* [[The Value of Standards for Web Design |]] (S5) - Steven Champeon \n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[The Business Value of Web Standards |]] - Jeffrey Veen\n* [[Network Performance Effects of HTTP/1.1, CSS1, and PNG |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[About Web Standards |]] - University of Wisconsin - Platteville\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Standards Testing]]\n
! Tutorials\n* [[web design from scratch |]]\n* [[Warren Kramer Design Seminars |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Web Design Books]]\n* [[Graphic Design]]\n** [[Colors]]\n** [[Fonts]]\n** [[Layout]]\n** [[Icons]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n\n! Guidelines\n* [[Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines |]]\n** [[More guidelines from |]]\n* [[NICS Guidelines for Accessibility |]] - Northern Ireland\n* [[Design Tips |]] - Grantastic Designs\n* [[Design guidelines |]] - IBM\n* [[Tips |]] - Newark1 Web Design Guide & Portfolio\n* [[cool homepages |]]\n* [[Web Design Tips |]] - Entheos\n* [[Web Design Practices |]]\n* [[Web Design Patterns |]] - welie\n* [[empowering users through user-centered web design |]]\n* [[Australian Government Web Best Practices |]]\n* [[72 Usability Guidelines |]] - Allegrezza\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[Usability and human factors |]] - dey alexander\n* [[Principles of Web Design |]] -\n* [[Management of Web Projects |]] -\n* [[web design course |]]\n\n\n! Blogs\n* [[Veerle's Blog |]]\n\n\n! Sample Style Guides\n* [[MIT Graphic Identity |]]\n* [[New York Public Library |]]\n* [[Yale Web Style Guide |]]\n* [[Manchester Metropolitan University |]]\n* [[The University of Queensland, Australia |]]\n* [[National University of Singapore |]]\n\n\n! Design Tools\n* [[The Breadcrumb Trail |]] - (Javascript and PHP) - University College London\n\n\n! Design Templates\n* [[Free Site Templates |]]\n* [[AllwebcoDesign |]] (commercial)\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Using Prototypes |]]\n* [[Creating Good Websites |]]\n* [[web design from scratch |]]\n* [[web design tutorial |]] - december\n\n\n! Misc Tools\n* [[FavIcon from Pics |]]\n\n\n! References\n* WebReference articles on [[Design |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* Jesse James Garrett - [[The Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams|]]\n* [[Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign |]] - A List Apart\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[web page design for designers |]]\n* [[Navigation & Labeling |]] - U of Minnesota Duluth\n* [[tutorials |]] - webreference\n* [[Web Design Plaza |]]\n* [[Web Design Library |]]\n* [[HTML DOG |]]\n* [[SAP Design Guild Resources |]] \n\n\n! Courses\n* [[Dynamic Web |]] - UCLA\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n
! Tools\n\n\n! Commercial Tools\n* [[html code cleaner |]]\n* [[w3 compiler |\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Developing Your Site for Performance\nPrinciples and Techniques of Cost-Effective Web Site Acceleration |]]\n* [[CSS Optimization |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Rich Internet Application |]]\n* [[Macromedia |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[RIA - the MX Vision |]] - benorama\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AFLAX]]\n* [[AJAX]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Do Not ZZZ |]] - Fun intro\n\n\n! Zen Stories\n* [[101 Zen Stories |]]\n** [[Zen Koans |]]\n* [[Zen Stories |]] - renegade zen\n* [[Koans, stories & words |]] - Zen Guide\n\n\n! Zen Texts\n* [[Primary Zen Texts |]]\n\n\n! podcast\n* [[Zencast |]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Open Text Summarizer |]]\n* [[Classifier4J |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Tools\n* [[Rome |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Homepage\n* [[Apache Forest |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Apache]]\n
! Homepage\n* [[Apache Cocoon |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[CMS]]\n* [[Apache]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry for [[JavaScript |]]\n* Wikipedia entry for [[ECMAScript |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[JavaScript Manuals]]\n* [[JavaScript Books]]\n* [[JavaScript Databases]]\n* [[JavaScript Server-Side]]\n* [[JavaScript Tutorials]]\n* [[JavaScript Tools/Frameworks/Libraries]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! Blogs\n* SZOJ - [[The Strange Zen of JavaScript |]] \n* [[Another practical use for JavaScript closures |]]\n\n\n! Best Practices\n* [[JavaScript Best Practices |]] - Matt Kruse\n* [[Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005 |]] - Bobby von der Sluis\n\n\n! Personal JavaScript Websites\n* [[Doglas Crockford's JavaScript Page |]]\n* [[Sventofte |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* Douglas Crockford - [[JavaScript: The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language |]]\n* [[JavaScript Closures |]] - Richard Cornford\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[JavaScript - The Last Piece of the Puzzle |]] - Web Standards Group\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[JavaScript Kit |]]\n* [[ |]]\n* [[arve bersvendsen |]]\n* [[JavaScript Toolbox |]] - Matt Kruse\n\n\n! References\n* WebReference [[JavaScript Articles |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[DHTML]]\n* [[AJAX]]\n* [[Java]]\n\n
! Open Source Databases\n* [[AMASS |]] - ajax database\n** [[TrimQuery |]] - javascript SQL\n** [[demo with TrimPath |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Database Middleware\n* [[JSDB |]] - server-side middleware \n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n* [[AJAX]]\n* [[JavaScript]]\n* [[JavaScript Tools/Frameworks/Libraries]]
! JavaScript Downloads\n* [[SpiderMonkey |]] (JavaScript in C)\n* [[Rhino |]] (JavaScript in Java)\n** [[rhinola |]] - mod_gcj - server-side JavaScript\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Seppia |]]\n* [[WhiteBeam |]]\n\n\n! Related Technologies\n* [[DWR |]] - Direct Web Remoting\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[The Return of Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* JavaScript\n* [[JavaScript Databases]]\n\n
! Welcome to Andy's Bookmarks\n\nI created this [[Wiki]] page to help students find useful information for their classes.\n\n* The whole "Andy's Bookmarks" site is in one single [[HTML]] file. If you like, you can save this file to your computer and add your own favorite links!\n\n* However, if you find other interesting links, the best thing is to send me an email and I'll add the link to this page so that other students can benefit as well.\n\n* This site is an example of a Single Page Application ([[SPA]]) as the entire Wiki program is embedded in the HTML file. The Wiki I used is [[GTDTiddlyWiki |]]\n\n''NOTE:'' I'm in the process of porting all my bookmarks to Wiki, so not all the content is up to date yet...\n\nHave Fun!\n\n[[Andy Chun|]]\n//City University of Hong Kong//\n
Andy's Bookmarks\n
! Build Tools\n* [[CruiseControl |]]\n* [[Draco.NET |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Open Source Build Systems in C# |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Software Engineering]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Software Engineering |]]\n* [[Software Engineering Institute |]]\n* [[IBM Rational Software |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Methodologies]]\n* [[Configuration Management]]\n* [[Design Patterns]]\n* [[UML]]\n* MDA\n* [[Open Source]]\n* [[Project Management]]\n* [[Software Quality]]\n* [[Z Notation]]\n\n\n! Just For Fun\n* [[Software Engineering Proverbs |]]\n* [[Bug Bash |]] comic\n\n\n! Resources\n* WWW Virtual Library - [[Software Engineering |]]\n* [[Software Engineering Association |]]\n* [[Software Engineering Archives |]]\n* [[Useful Software Engineering Links |]] School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Victoria University, New Zealand.\n* [[Software Process Resource Collection |]] University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo! Directory |]]\n\n
! Licences\n* [[Creative Commons |]]\n** [[choose license |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Exploiting "Light-weight" Protocols and Open Source Tools to Implement Digital Library Collections and Services |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Software Engineering]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Content Management |]]\n* Wikipedia entry - [[Enterprise Content Management |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Technologies\n* [[phpWebSite |]] - Appalachian State University\n* [[OSCOM - Open Source Content Management |]]\n* [[OpenCMS |]]\n* [[Apache Forest]]\n* [[Apache Cocoon]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Enterprise Systems]]\n
! Tools for Websites\n* - [[Spelling Checker|]]\n* [[ |]]\n* [[W3C Spell Checker |]]\n\n\n! Non Web Tools\n* [[APSC Spell Checker |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Frameworks\n* [[GNU Aspell |]]\n** [[ |]]\n* [[Jazzy |]]\n* [[ispell |]]\n\n\n! Dictionaries\n* [[Maltese |]]\n* [[WordNet |]]\n\n\n! Sound Alike Algorithms\n* [[Lawrence Philips' Metaphone Algorithm |]] - Aspell\n* [[Can't Beat Jazzy |]] - IBM\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Tame the Beast by Matching Similar Strings |]]\n* [[ Matching Strings and Algorithms |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Testing]]\n
! Tools\n* [[10 Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now |]]\n** [[NUnit |]]\n** [[NDoc |]]\n** [[NAnt |]]\n** [[CodeSmith |]]\n** [[FxCop |]]\n** [[Regulator |]]\n** [[Reflector |]]\n* [[#develop |]] (free .NET IDE)\n* [[ASP.NET Web Matrix |]] (free ASP.NET IDE)\n* [[Dotfuscator |]]\n* [[XSD Object Code Generator |]] (XSD to C#/VB.NET)\n\n\n! More Tools\n* [[Tools from |]]\n* [[Tools from CSharp-Source.Net |]]\n\n\n! Commercial Tools\n* [[ComponentArt |]] ( components)\n* [[telerik |]] ( components)\n* [[obout |]] (ASP components from Brooklyn)\n* [[.net Charting |]] \n* [[Dundas Data Visualization |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[.NET]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Search Engine |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[A short and easy search engine tutorial |]]\n* [[Bare Bones 101: A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web |]]\n* [[Search Engine Features |]] - SearchEngineWatch\n\n\n! SEO Optimization \n* [[Notes on helping search engines index your Web site |]] - W3C\n* [[SEO Tutorial |]] - Words in a Row\n* [[10 Steps to Higher Search Engine Positioning |]]\n* [[SEO Tutorial |]] - ABAKUS\n* [[Search Engine Placement Tips |]] - SearchEngineWatch\n* [[SEO Techniques |]] - seocompany\n\n\n! More Info\n* [[Robotx.txt Tutorial |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[ |]] (submit your site to hundreds of search engines)\n* [[Tools |]] - search engine world\n\n\n! Indexing Tools\n* [[Swish-e |]]\n\n\n! Open Source\n* [[Lucene |]]\n** [[tutorial: Lucene: Add Indexing and Search to Your Web Apps |]]\n* [[Open Source Search Engines in Java |]]\n** [[more open source |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Google Blogoscoped |]]\n* [[GoogleFor |]] - just for fun\n* [[YahooFor |]] - just for fun\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Peeking Into Google |]]\n\n\n! Commercial\n* [[Suntek |]] - Chinese search\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Usability]]
! Open Source Engines\n* [[Open Source Rule Engines Written In Java |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AI]]
! Overview\n* [[PMI |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[XPlanner |]]\n* [[Apache Maven |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Software Project Management Links |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Software Engineering]]\n
! Overview\n* [[A Java Servlet FAQ |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Fundamentals of Java Servlets |]]\n* [[Java Servlet Technology |]] - The J2EE Tutorial\n* [[Servlets and JSP 1.0 : A Tutorial |]] - Marty Hall\n* [[Servlets Essentials |]] - Stefan Zeiger\n* [[An Intro to Java Servlets |]] - Hans Bergsten\n* [[First Servlets |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Apache Tomcat |]]\n* [[Jetty |]] - HTTP Server + Servlet\n* [[Jakarta Tapestry |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[J2EE]]\n** [[JSP]]\n* [[Java]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[J2EE |]]\n* [[J2EE architecture |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Java Servlet]]\n* [[JSP]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[JBoss |]]\n* [[JOnAS |]]\n* [[Apache Geronimo |]]\n\n \n! See Also\n* [[Java]]\n
! Overview\n* [[JavaSoft |]] (\n* [[Java Manuals]]\n* [[Java Books]]\n* [[Java Tools/Frameworkds/Libraries]]\n\n\n! Topics \n* [[Java Applet]]\n\n\n! Coding Styles\n* [[Java Code Conventions |]] (style guidelines from SUN)\n* [[Google Directory on Java Style |]]\n\n\n! Cool Sites\n* [[The Java IAQ |]] (by Peter Norvig)\n* [[The Java FAQ |]]\n\n\n! Communities\n* O'Reilly [[ |]]\n* [[JavaLobby |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* O'Reilly [[Java Resource Center |]]\n* [[Cetus Links - Java |]] (>18,000 links)\n* [[Association of C & C++ Users |]]\n* [[open source Java graphing tools |]]\n* [[Meerkat Place |]]\n\n\n! Glossary\n* [[Java Glossary |]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Java Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo Java Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[J2EE]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Apache architecture |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Apache Cocoon]]\n* [[Apache Derby]]\n* [[Apache Forest]]\n\n\n! mods\n* [[mod_perl |]]\n* [[mod_gcj |]] - native Java\n** [[rhinola |]] - server-side JavaScript\n* [[mod_mono |]] - ASP.NET\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Presentations\n* [[W3C Semantic Web presentation |]]\n\n\n! Technologies\n* [[RDF]]\n* [[OWL |]]\n* [[SWRL: A Semantic Web Rule Language Combining OWL and RuleML |]]\n** [[RuleML |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Cerebra |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview\n* W3C [[RDF |]] homepage\n** [[RDF Primer |]]\n* Wikipedia entry [[RDF |]]\n* [[Introduction to the RDF Model |]] - XUL Planet\n* [[What is RDF? |]] - o'Reilly\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[RDF |]] - w3schools tutorial\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Semantic Web]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[XML |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[XML |]] - w3schools tutorial\n* [[XSL COncepts and Practical Use |]] - Paul Grosso, Norman Walsh (very detailed)\n\n\n! Open Source XML Editors\n* [[Bitflux |]] - JavaScript\n* [[Jaxe |]] - [[Java]]\n\n\n! Commerical XML Editors\n* [[Altova |]]\n* [[oxygen |]]\n* [[Xopus |]]\n* [[XML Pro |]] - free for students\n* [[...list of editors |]] - O'Reilly\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[What kind of language is XSLT?|]]\n* [[Does XML Suck? |]]\n* [[XSLT Roundup |]] - Kevin Hale\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview \n* Wikipedia entry [[Wiki |]]\n* [[The First Wiki |]]\n\n\n! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Confluence |]]\n\n\n\n
! How to Teach\n* [[Teaching Tips for TAs |]] (from University of California, Santa Barbara)\n* [[Learning Styles |]] (from Georgia State University)\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Directory |]]\n* [[The Open Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo! Directory |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[SurveyMonkey |]]\n
! Skills for Learning\n* [[English]]\n* [[Research]]\n* [[Note Taking]]\n\n\n! Skills for Teaching\n* [[Teaching]]\n\n\n! Quotes\n* [[Learning and Living |]] - LineZine\n* [[Education Quotes |]] - English Teachers Network\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[CGI |]]\n* [[Introduction to CGI |]] - National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)\n* [[Perl Manuals]]\n* [[CGI Books]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[How to write HTML Forms |]]\n* [[Tags for Creating Forms in HTML |]] - Mike Smith\n* [[CGI Scripts | ttp://]] - Mike Smith\n* [[CGI Programming 101 |]]\n* [[CGI Made Really Easy |]] - James Marshall\n* [[CGI Tutorial |]]\n* [[CGI in Python |]]\n* [[CGI in Ruby |]]\n\n! Presentations\n* Deitel [[How to Program |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Internet]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Ruby |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[Ruby on Rails |]]\n** [[how-to videos |]]\n\n\n! Whitepaper\n* [[Challenging Java |]] -\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]\n\n
! Free Books\n* [[JavaScript Manual of Style |]]\n* [[Server-side JavaScript |]]\n\n\n! Free Book Chapters\n* JavaScript Bible (John Wiley)\nPart III: [[DOM+JavaScript |]] \n\n\n! List of Free Books/Chapters\n* [[AJAX Matters |]]\n* [[List of free book chapters |]] - webreference\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[DOM Books]]\n* [[Programming Books]]\n
! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[codehaus |]] \n* [[aspectj |]]\n* [[JoSQL |]] - SQL for Java Objects \n* [[JxPath |]] - XPath on Java objects\n* [[JXTA |]] - P2P\n* [[JSR 166 (concurrent) backport to 1.4.2 |]]\n\n\n! Data \n* [[Castor and JDO |]] (source data binding framework)\n* [[Hibernate]]\n\n\n! Java Browsers\n* [[JRex |]] - Java browser\n* [[Mozilla WebClient |]] - Java browser\n\n\n! Compilers/IDEs\n* [[gcj |]] - gcc native Java compiler\n* [[Sun Java Studio |]]\n** [[NetBeans |]]\n* [[Eclipse |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Java]]\n* [[JavaScript]]\n* [[JavaScript Tools/Frameworks/Libraries]]\n
! Overview\n* [[Hibernate |]] (open source object/relational persistence and query service)\n* [[Hibernate Mapping Cheat Sheet |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Intro to Hibernate |]]\n* [[Hibernate Tutorial |]] -
! Free Books\n* [[Green Tea Press |]]\n- free books on Python, C++, Java, Perl, Semaphores\n- [[How to Think Like a Computer Scientist |]]\n* Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt, and Shriram Krishnamurthi\n- [[How to Design Programs |]] MIT Press, 2003\n* Bruce Eckel - [[Thinking in C++ |]] Prentice Hall, 2000\n** Other [[Thinking in |]] by Bruce Eckel\n* [[Web Based Programming Tutorials |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n** [[Java Books]]\n** [[Ruby Books]]\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n\n
! Manuals\n* [[ActiveState PHP Manual |]]\n* [[PHP Manual |]]\n* [[PHP Manual (Chinese and other...) |]]\n* [[PHP Function List |]]\n* [[php-editors|]]\n** contains PHP, PEAR, PHP-GTK, Smarty, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache 2 manuals\n\n\n! Free Books\n* [[A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0|]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Absolute Beginners (from zend) |]]\n* [[PHP Tutorial (from w3schools) |]]\n* [[A Simple Tutorial |]]\n* [[PHP Tutorial |]]\n
! Architectures\n* [[Software Architectures]]\n** [[.NET]]\n** [[LAMP]]\n*** [[Apache]]\n** J2EE\n* More Architectures\n** [[AJAX]]\n** [[SOA]]\n** [[Web 2.0]]\n\n\n! Technologies\n* [[CGI]]\n* [[XHTML]]\n* [[DHTML]]\n* [[CSS]]\n* [[DOM]]\n* JavaScript\n* [[XML]]\n\n\n! Scripting Languages\n* JavaScript\n* [[Perl]]\n* [[PHP]]\n* [[Python]]\n* [[Ruby]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Collaboration]]\n* [[Content Delivery]]\n* [[e-Commerce]]\n* [[Load Balancing]]\n* [[Search Engines]]\n* [[Semantic Web]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[O'Reilly Web Resource Center |]]\n* [[webmonkey |]]\n\n\n! General\n* [[Internet Books]]\n\n\n! Directories\n* [[Google Internet Directory |]]\n* [[Yahoo Internet Directory |]]\n\n\n\n\n
! Tools\n* [[JSD |]] (Venkman JavaScript Debugger)\n** [[Learning Venkman |]]\n* [[JsUnit |]]\n* [[ECMAUnit |]] - OSCM (Kupu)\n* [[JsDoc |]] - Perl (GPL)\n* [[jsdoc.js |]] - JavaScript (NPL)\n* [[JsLint |]]\n* Code Condenser\n** [[JsMin |]] (C)\n** [[Jazmin |]] (C#)\n* Wikipedia entry [[E4X |]]\n\n\n! More Tools\n* [[JSAN |]]\n* [[JSON |]]\n* JavaScript STL\n** [[Part 1 |]], [[Part 2 |]], [[Part 3 |]]\n* [[MochiKit |]]\n* [[Sarissa |]] - Cross-platform XML\n* [[banteng |]] Visual JavaScript\n* [[Lightbox JS |]]\n\n\n! Neat Hacks\n* [[Curried JavaScript Functions |]]\n** [[Beyond JS |]]\n\n\n! Tools Not to Use\n* [[Windows Script Encoder |]]\n\n\n! Frameworks\n* See more frameworks in [[AJAX]]\n\n\n! Libraries\n* [[Free Libraries |]] (from\n\n\n! Server-Side JavaScript\n* [[Helma Framework |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[JavaScript]]\n* [[JavaScript Databases]]\n
! Overview\n* [[What is Web 2.0 |]] - Tim O'Reilly\n* Wikipedia on [[Web 2.0 |]]\n* [[The Long Tail |]]\n* [[Web 2.0 |]] - Paul Graham\n\n\n! Companies/Technologies\n* [[Web 2.0 Logos |]] - flickr\n* [[Logos of Web 2.0 |]]\n* [[The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 |]]\n* [[Best of Web 2.0 |]]\n* [[Web 2.0 APIs |]] - programmableweb (with mashup)\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Web 2.0: A Pattern Library |]]\n\n\n! Blogs\n* [[Planet Web 2.0 |]]\n* [[The Long Tail Blog |]]\n\n\n! Web 2.0 Conference\n* [[Relax, Everything is Deeply Intertwingled |]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Web 2.0 References |]] - programmableweb\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia on [[Web Accessibility|]]\n* [[Microsoft Accessibility |]]\n\n\n! Standards\n* [[WAI]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Dive Into Accessibility |]] - 30 days to a more accessible web site\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[Web Accessibility for All |]]\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[Web Standards and Accessibility |]] - Matt Merrill\n\n\n! Techniques\n* YFT - [[The Yellow Fade Technique |]] - 37signals\n* FAT - [[Fade Anything Technique |]] - axentric\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Accessibility in the User-Centered Design Process: Overview |]] - ITTATC\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Accessibility Resource Center |]] - Macromedia\n* [[Accessible Web Development Tools and References |]] - NILS\n\n\n! Info on Disabilities\n* [[A-Z to Deafblindness |]]\n* [[Hong Kong Blind Union |]]\n\n\n! Equipment for Disabled\n* [[Equipment, and Suppliers for Blind and Deaf People |]]\n* [[JAWS (screen reader) |]]\n\n\n! Related Links\n* [[Web Care Award |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Standards]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n* [[Standards Testing]]\n
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! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Database Management System |]]\n\n\n! SQL Tutorials\n* Wikipedia entry [[SQL |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Databases\n* [[Apache Derby]] (IBM's Java RDBMS)\n* [[Firebird]] (Borland's RDBMS)\n* [[HSQL]] (Java RDBMS)\n* [[One$DB]] (Java RDMS)\n* [[MySQL]] (RDBMS)\n* [[PostgreSQL]] (ORDBMS)\n* [[SharpHSQL]] (C# RDBMS)\n* [[eXist]] (Java XML DB)\n* [[Berkeley DB |]]\n\n\n! Special Topics\n* [[JavaScript Databases]]\n* [[XML Databases]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[MOM Resources |]]\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[DB Admin Tools]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Persistence]]
! Open Source Databases\n* [[Berkeley DB XML | Berkeley DB XML 2.2]]\n* [[eXist |]] \n* [[dbXML |]]\n* [[Ashpool |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Database]]\n
! Free Tools\n* [[Suckerfish Dropdowns |]] - AListApart\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[CSS Navigation Techniques|]]\n* [[Menus|]] - Andrew Gregory\n* [[Listamatic|]] \n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Hacking]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[CSS |]]\n* w3school on [[Learn CSS |]]\n* [[CSS Zen Garden |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Learn CSS and Web Standards |]] - WESTCIV\n* [[CSS Cheatsheet |]]\n* [[IE CSS Bugs |]]\n* [[maxdesign|]]\n\n\n! Hacks/Tricks\n* [[CSS & Web Design WOrkshop|]] -\n* [[Screts of Style |]] - Mandarin Design\n\n\n! Tools \n* [[CSS SSC (Server Side Constants) |]]\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[CSS Optimization |]]\n* [[Modular CSS |]] - content with style\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Standards]]\n* [[Colors]]\n
! Overview \n* [[A Brief History of AI|]] (Digital Deli)\n* [[Single Page History of AI|]] (USA Today)\n* [[History of AI|]] (Thinkquest)\n* [[Brief History of AI|]] (from Computing History)\n* [[AI History|]] (Stottler Henke)\n* [[AI History|]] (Ai Research)\n\n\n! Important Documents\n* [[Dartmouth Summer Research Project|]]\n
! Overview Papers\n* [[What is AI?|]] by John McCarthy\n* [[Artificial Intelligence: Realizing the Ultimate Promises of Computing AI|]] by David Waltz\n* [[A Brief History of AI|]] (Digital Deli)\n\n\n\n
! Overview \n* Wikipedia entry [[AI |]]\n* [[American Association of Artificial Intelligence |]] (AAAI)\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[AI History]]\n* [[AI Readings]]\n* [[Constraint Programming]]\n* [[Expert Systems]]\n* [[Rule Engines]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Intro to Artificial Intelligence|]] (Thinkquest)\n* [[Generation 5|]] (Thinkquest)\n* [[Class Notes on AI|]] (Graham Kendall - U of Nottingham)\n\n\n! Demos\n* [[AI Demos |]]\n\n\n! Portals\n* [[AI Topics|]] (from AAAI)\n* [[Portal:Artificial Intelligence|]] (Wikipedia)\n* [[AI Index|]]\n\n\n! Resources/Links\n* [[General AI Info |]] (from AAAI)\n* [[AI on the Web |]]\n* [[AI Links|]] (Stottler Henke)\n\n\n! Misc\n* [[AI the Movie |]]\n* [[AI Quotations|]] (Stottler Henke)\n* [[AI Glossary|]] (Stottler Henke)\n* [[The Machine That Changed the World|]]\n\n\n! Directories:\n* [[Yahoo AI Directory|]]\n* [[Google AI Directory |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n\n\n
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! Overview\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[ActionScript Manuals]]
! Tutorials\n[[Flash Mx 2004 Tutorials|]]\n\n
! General\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n* [[Programming Books]]\n* [[The Great Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks|]]\n* [[Object Technology]]\n* [[language timeline |]] - Éric Lévénez\n\n\n! Programming Languages\n* [[C/C++]]\n* [[C#]]\n** Other Microsoft Languages\n*** [[F# |]]\n*** [[Spec# |]]\n*** [[Comega |]]\n* [[Java]]\n* [[VB.NET]]\n\n\n! Scripting Languages\n* [[Groovy]]\n* JavaScript\n** [[JavaScript Server-Side]]\n** [[ActionScript]]\n* [[Perl]]\n* [[PHP]]\n* [[Python]]\n* [[Ruby]]\n\n\n! Environments\n* [[Flash]]\n\n\n! Programming Paradigms\n* [[Aspect-Oriented Programming]]\n* [[Attribute-Oriented Programming]]\n* [[Annotation-Oriented Programming]]\n\n
! Adobe Manuals\n*[[ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference|]]\n* [[ActionScript 3.0 Language Specification|]]\n\n\n
! Whitepapers\n* [[Card sorting |]]\n* [[What is Card Sorting |]]\n* [[card storming |]] - alex poole\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Card sorting|]] (dey alexander consulting)\n* [[Card sorting|]] (usability & user experience)\n* [[Card sorting: a definitive guide|]] (boxes and arrows)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Information Architecture]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Usability Testing |]]\n* [[Conducting and Using Usability Tests |]] -\n\n\n! Methodologies\n* [[Ready, set, go: Usability Testing |]] - Macromedia\n* [[Kelly Goto's Approach |]] (pdf)\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[Web Usability Testing |]] - Dey Alexander\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[Guide to Planning and Conducting Usability Tests|]]\n* [[Usability testing at OCLC|]]\n* [[Usability Testing|]] (commercial)\n* [[Eye Tracking|]] (commercial) \n\n\n! Tools\n* [[Usability Toolkit |]]\n* [[Checklist on Usability Testing for Accessibility |]] - ITTATC\n* [[Usability Test Data Logger |]] - UserFocus - Excel spreadsheet\n\n\n! Sample Reports/Forms\n* [[Usability Tools and Templates |]] -\n* [[Usability Test Reports |]] - DialogDesign\n* [[Usability Testing Report |]] - Classic System Solutions\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* [[Checkpoints for reviewing usability test reports |]] - UserFocus\n* [[7 Common Usability Testing Mistakes |]] - User Interface Engineering\n* [[90% of All Usability Testing is Useless |]] - Adaptive Path\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Usability testing |]] - dey alexander\n* [[Test Methods and Tools |]] - University of Maryland\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Web Testing]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n
! Overview\n* Wikipedia entry [[Information Architecture |]] (includes design template)\n* [[The Information Architecture Institute |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[IA Tutorial |]]\n* [[IA Wiki |]]\n* [[An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design|]] - Ryan Singer\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[The Information Architecture of Everyday Things |]] - Jesse James Garrett\n* [[IA: Blueprints for the Web |]] - Christina Wodtke & Tom Wailes - Yahoo!\n* [[Presentation Library |]] (from The IA Institute)\n\n\n! Tools for Sitemap\n* [[A visual vocabulary for describing information architecture and interaction design |]] - Jesse James Garrett\n* [[Wireframe and sitemap stencils |]] from the book - Information Architecture for Designers\n* [[OmniGraffle GUI Design Palette |]]\n* [[IA Stencils for OmniGraffle |]]\n* [[Visio Wireframe Stencil |]]\n* [[Free Visio IA Stencil |]] - YourTotalSite\n* [[Visio Stencils for IA |]] - Nick Finck\n* [[IA Stencils |]] - Simian Design\n* [[More Stencils from MS |]]\n* [[Sitemap Generator|]]\n\n\n! Other Tools/Templates\n* [[Workshop Downloads |]] from Adaptive Path\n* [[Tools |]] - The Information Architecture Institute\n\n\n! Papers\n* [[Information Architecture 2.0|]] (Dan Brown)\n* [[What is Information Architecture|]] (Iain Barker)\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[IA Resources |]] - Jesse James Garrett\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Card Sorting]]\n* [[Web Usability]]\n\n
! Topics\n* [[CGI Books]]\n* [[DOM Books]]\n* [[Internet Books]]\n* [[Java Books]]\n* [[JavaScript Books]]\n* [[.NET Books]]\n* [[C/C++ Books]]\n* [[Programming Books]]\n* [[Ruby Books]]\n* [[Unix Books]]\n* [[Web Design Books]]\n* [[XML Books]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Tech books for free |]]\n* [[Free books in the net |]] (by H. Hernán Moraldo)\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Reference Manuals]]\n
! Books\n* [[C++ Annotations|]]\n* [[Thinking in C++|]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Free C/C++ Programming Books|]]\n* [[Free books on C and C Plus Plus|]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[C/C++ Manuals]]\n* [[Free CS Books]]\n\n
* [[.NET Class Library |]]\n* [[Microsoft C# Language Manual |]]\n* [[Mono Documentation |]]\n** includes C#, VB, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, etc.\n* [[Portable.NET Documentation |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[.NET Books]]\n
* [[C/C++ Reference (by Nate Kohl) |]]\n* [[gcc Documentation |]]\n* [[C Programming Reference (includes C++, by Martin Leslie) |]]\n* [[C Library Reference Guide (by Eric Huss) |]]\n* [[C Reference Card (ANSI) (pdf) |]]\n* [[ANSI C Standard Library |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems (from Cambridge) |]]\n* [[Thinking in C++ (by Bruce Eckel) |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[C/C++ Books]]\n\n
! Tools/Frameworks\n* [[Google AJAXSLT |]]\n* [[Rico |]] - Sabre Airlines\n** [[Simple AJAX with Open Rico |]]\n* [[MS Atlas |]]\n* [[Ajax.NET |]]\n* check out list in [[AJAX Matters |]]\n* [[product comparison |]] between WebORB, DWR, Ajax.NET and Sajax\n* [[Ajax Pages |]]\n* [[Prototype JavaScript Framework |]]\n* [[Nevow |]] - Ajax with [[Python]] server\n* [[Simple AJAX with MochiKit and JSON |]]\n* [[Ajax Toolbox |]] - Matt Kruse\n* [[libXMLRequest.js |]] - ibXm\n* [[DWR |]] - Direct Web Remoting\n* [[AjaxTags |]]\n* [[Symfony |]] PHP5\n* [[ |]] \n* [[File Uploader |]]\n\n\n! Applications\n* Besides Google applications...\n* ''Word Processing''\n** [[Writely |]]\n** [[ajaxWrite |]]\n* [[Apple Dashboard |]]\n** [[dotWidget for Windows |]] - Dashboard clone - VBScript\n\n\n! Demos\n* [[Rico |]] - JavaScript for Rich Internet Applications\n* [[Clearnova |]] - Basic AJAX Examples\n* [[Tom Riddle's Magical Diary |]]\n* [[Japanese Handwriting Recognition |]]\n* [[Netvibes |]]\n\n\n! Hacks\n* [[Ajax Contact Form |]]\n* [[AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons |]]\n\n\n! Open Source Applications\n* [[Zimbra |]] - contains AJAX framework, also Flash explanation of AJAX\n\n\n! Commercial Tools\n* [[ActiveWidgets |]]\n* [[Bindows |]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[AJAX]]\n* [[JavaScript]]\n* [[JavaScript Tools/Frameworks/Libraries]]\n* [[JavaScript Databases]]
! Overview\n* [[ |]]\n* [[Python Manuals]]\n\n\n! Compilers\n* [[Python |]]\n* [[IronPython |]] - .net\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[The Python Tutorial |]]\n* [[Non-Programmers Tutorial for Python |]]\n* [[CGI in Python |]]\n* [[Learn Python in 10 minutes |]]\n* [[Learn Python CGI in 5 mintues |]]\n* [[The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python |]]\n* [[Instant Python |]]\n* [[Python Tutorials |]]\n\n\n! AJAX Frameworks\n* [[SAJAX |]] \n* [[Pyjamas |]] \n* [[Django |]]\n\n\n! Frameworks\n* [[Twisted |]]\n* [[Tools from Divmod |]] - includes Axiom (db), Mantissa, Nevow, Quotient, Reverend, Shtoom, and Xapwrap\n\n\n! Tools\n* [[PxXML |]] XML parser\n* [[Redfoot |]] RDF parser (on top of PxXML)\n* [[Cog |]] - code generation for any language\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[Programming]]
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! Overview\n* Wikipedia on [[AJAX|]]\n* Jesse James Garrett's paper [[Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications|]]\n* [[AJAX Manuals]]\n* [[AJAX Tools]]\n* related technology - [[MS Live |]]\n\n\n! Tutorials\n* [[AJAX: Getting Started |]]\n\n\n! Blogs\n* [[Mark McLaren's Weblog |]]\n* [[XMLHttpRequest with <script> and PHP |]]\n\n\n! Technologies\n* [[XHTML]] + [[CSS]]\n* JavaScript\n** [[JavaScript Tools/Frameworks/Libraries]]\n* [[DOM]]\n* XMLHttpRequest\n\n\n! Communities\n* [[AJAX Matters |]]\n* [[Ajax info |]]\n* [[Ajaxian |]]\n\n\n! Best Practices\n* [[Ajax Mistakes |]]\n\n\n! Books\n* [[AJAX Patterns |]]\n** [[Demos |]]\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[What is AJAX? |]] (ppt)\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[AJAX Resource Center|]] (Deitel)\n\n\n! Whitepapers\n* dev2dev - [[An Intro to AJAX |]]\n* [[Top 10 Ajax Applications |]]\n* [[Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications|]]\n\n\n! See Also\n* [[SPA]]\n* [[AFLAX]]\n* [[RIA]]\n\n\n
! Overview\n* [[UsabilityNet |]]\n* [[Usability Professional Association |]]\n* [[Usability Basics |]] -\n* [[Usability and the Web: An Overview |]] - Library and Archives - Canada\n* [[ |]] - Jakob Nielsen\n* [[World Usability Day |]]\n* [[OK/Cancel |]]\n\n\n! Topics\n* [[Cookies]]\n* [[Information Architecture]]\n** [[Card Sorting]]\n* [[Search Engines]]\n* [[User Centered Design]]\n* [[Usability Best Practices]]\n* [[Web Accessibility]]\n* [[Web Analytics]]\n* [[Web Competitive Analysis]]\n* [[Web Design]]\n* [[Web Design Methodology]]\n* [[Web Metrics]]\n* [[Web Standards]]\n* [[Web Testing]]\n** [[Usability Testing]]\n\n\n! Top 10\n* [[Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design |]] - Jakob Nielsen\n* [[Top Ten Usability Heuristics |]] - Jakob Nielsen\n* [[Top 10 Lessons Learned from Usability Tests |]] - Thomas Tullis\n* [[Top 10 Usability Tips |]] - Web Critica\n* [[Top 10 usability blunders of the big players |]] - webcredible\n* [[Top 10 usability myths |]] -\n* [[Top 10 Books on Web Design and Usability |]] - BookFellas\n* [[The Biggest Web Mistakes of 2004|]]\n\n\n! Resources\n* [[Ease of Use |]] - IBM\n* [[Web Development Basics |]] (Project Cool)\n* [[Web Developer's Handbook |]]\n* [[Usability Resources |]] - Usability and User Experience\n* [[Usability Resources |]] - Information & Design\n* [[Downloads from Adaptive Path |]]\n* [[Tools |]] - The Information Architecture Institute\n* [[Usability Resources |]] - UserFocus\n* [[Usable Web |]] - 970 links about web usability\n* [[ |]]\n* [[Web workshops |]] - Monash University\n* [[Usernomics |]]\n* [[UserFocus |]]\n* [[Usability @ MIT |]]\n* [[Web Usability and Accessibility Guide |]] - NSW Dept of Commerce\n\n\n! Blogs\n* [[Bug Resort |]]\n* [[ |]]\n\n\n! Humour\n* [[Jokes, Cartoons, Stories|]] (Usability by Design)\n* [[OK/Cancel|]]\n* [[Human Factor Cartoons|]] (Human Factors International)\n\n\n! Glossaries/Dictionaries\n* [[Usability Glossary]]\n\n\n! Presentations\n* [[dey alexander's presentations |]] \n\n\n
! Readings\n* [[How to Convince a Client their Site Doesn't Need Music|]]\n* [[How to Convince a Client They Don't Need a Splash Page|]]