People in China are becoming more and more concerned about air quality. PM2.5 is a typical parameter to indicate the quality of air as well as the influence of the air on human health. However, people are often not aware of the air quality of the environment they live, like their home or workplace.

Our projects manufactured 500 personal air quality monitors and developed mobile app and website for users to share data and share their experience about improving air quality.

Many interesting phenomenon of users are spotted during the experiment.

Some users are quite interested in experiment with the device, for example, lighting the cigarette and watching the changes of color of the device. The device changes color accurately, which make the user more confident about the data. They even share their photo of color changing on Weibo. And users' interaction on Weibo surely boost their interest in using the monitor.

Another method we used is self-documenting. Users were asked to self-report their behavior when the data changes dramatically. This help them find ways to improve air quality or prevent air pollution.