Assistant Professor
BSc, MPhil, PhD
Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong

Funded Projects

RGC General Research Fund (GRF)
  • Efficient Information Delivery Using Network Coding, HK$468K, PI
  • Broadcasting Data for Real-time Multi-item Requests in Multi-channel Environments, HK$365K, PI
  • Processing Continuous Queries with Updates in Main-memory Sensor Databases, HK$377K, PI
  • Performance Analysis of Algorithms under a New Correctness Notion for Mobile Transactions, HK$413K, PI
  • Algorithms of Broadcasting Consistent Data for Real-time Mobile Transactions, HK$387K, PI
  • Wireless Information Publication and Access, HK$414K, Co-I
  • Algorithms to Support Temporal Consistency of Sensor Data for Transaction Processing Applications in Broadcast Environments, HK$382K, Co-I
RGC Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector (Faculty Development Scheme)
  • An Automatic Student Program Assessment Framework with Tailorable and Automated Test Oracle for Computer Science Education, HK$769K, Co-I
Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund
Internal Grants (SRG, DAG, TDG, IPDA)
  • Towards Scalable Real-time Information Collection in Vehicular Network, HK$100K, PI
  • Towards Robust Infrastructure-based Data Dissemination by Exploiting Cooperative Inter-vehicle Communication, HK$100K, PI
  • Designing Apps for Social Innovation, HK$250K, Co-I
  • A Novel Debugging Aid to Promote the Implementation of OBTL in Computer Courses, HK$170K, PI
  • Data Allocation in Broadcast Schedule for Real-time Multi-item Requests, HK$180K, PI
  • A New Architecture for Data Stream Management, HK$180K, PI
  • A New Approach to Transaction Processing in Mobile Commerce Environments, HK$233K, PI
  • Optimal Discovery of Functional Dependencies Using Petri Nets, HK$97K, PI
  • Development of New Transaction Processing Mechanisms in Asymmetic Broadcast Environments, HK$87K, PI